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10 Ways Technology Will Keep You Safe

The greatest invention that we, as humans, have encountered over the years is- Technology. With each passing day, the impact of technology has only been increasing. We very well know and even come across articles and blogs on how data theft has emerged with technology. So, what concerns us is the security of our data and information.


It is of greatest importance to safeguard data security. Although, with the advancement in technology things have become easier, the question remains unanswered, is using technology safe? Is every important information stored on an electronic device is safe from unauthorized access? To answer these questions here are a few points to show how technology will ensure your safety,

1. Track and lock a lost device

Storing important files, documents, passwords, bank details, etc. on a laptop or mobile phone is common these days. In the past, or even if you think a few years back, losing a mobile phone or a computer meant that your entire data stored within it is stolen. But with advancements in technology, you can now lock your stolen device through another authorized phone or via the internet on another device. This will keep your valuable information safe. Apps like Prey and LoJack helps you to work in the aforementioned direction. You can even track your device and find it using GPS.

2. Banking

Online banking facility is a boon to customers. Not only it is easy and convenient, but it is also safe to use it. Beforehand you can choose a device for logging in to your bank account for future use. This enables your bank to know of fraud if your bank account is accessed via another unauthorized device. You can further enhance the security by using facial recognition or fingerprint scanning to lock the decreed device marked as safe by you. This way hacking your bank account will be a tough nut to crack.

3. Use of SSL certificates

The new and booming trend of the internet these days are SSL certificates. You should always browse sites that are protected through an SSL certificate. If you are the owner of a website or blogger make sure that you buy an SSL certificate. We recommend to go with reputed certificate authorities that offer discounted SSL cert like low priced RapidSSL certificate, Comodo SSL cert, Cheap QuickSSL Premium, GlobalSign SSL certificate, etc.

SSL certificates encrypt the communicated data between the browser and the server. This encryption type uses a session key to decrypt the data. So, even if a hacker intrudes into the site and tries to hack your personal information, he will only see a mix of alphabets and numbers which are difficult to decipher.

4. Passwords to replace fingerprints and facial recognition

These days mobile phones, computers, and even laptops are equipped with the feature to scan face and fingerprints. A hacker can easily crack your password but replicating your fingerprints is not easy. To make things even more secure you can opt for facial recognition. In this, the device memorizes the mathematical structure of the face and it becomes almost impossible to hack such details. Apart, from providing a high level of security from intruders, fingerprints and facial recognitions remove the hassle of remembering long and complicated passwords.

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5. GPS tracking

GPS technologies are much more than just finding the route between two locations. They can be used in multiple ways. One can track a lost pet through GPS technology, provided the pet has a microchip installed. You can track your pet and find where it is. You can even keep track of where your child is when he goes out. If he/she goes beyond your set limit you can get alert and prevent all sorts of mishaps. To add to the list, you can even know about an accident or danger that has occurred on the route you are heading to. It will also provide you with an alternative route to your destination and help save you from danger.

6. Use mobile to unlock laptops

A double lock is always more secured. Be it your laptop or your house security is important. To tighten up the security of your confidential files and documents stored on an electronic device, double down the security. By using a proper app you can set a pattern to unlock your one device, laptop or computer, through another device, probably your mobile phone. Here your mobile phone will act as a “key" to unlock your laptops, hence, providing additional security.

7. Lock your doors and other systems remotely

What can be more pleasing than accessing your house systems remotely! Halfway through your workplace, and your head pings that the house door and security system are not locked! Now all you need to do is take out your phone and make sure that the door is closed. Even for an unexpected friend or babysitter, you can open your front door and enable security systems remotely with just a click. The entry to your front door can also be operated using apps.

8. Get alerts of unauthorized access in the house

Intruders can be stopped from breaking into the house with the use of technology. The clients' safety and comfort are always prioritized in apartments for rent in Glendale, CA. As soon as, unauthorized access to your front door or house happens, you will immediately get an alert through the ADT home automation technology. You can instantly look for the necessary precautions and take action accordingly.

9. Stop intruder to enter the car

Car theft has also become common these days. And to make things easy for us, an app can ensure the security of our cars as well. Facial recognition and fingerprint locking and unlocking systems within cars are in progress. This will alert you as and when an unexpected guest wants to break into your car.

10. Wireless charging

It is quite an easy way for hackers to hack into a mobile phone or laptop when charged on a common wired connection. The concept of wireless charging technology is introduced to make sure that the data remains secure and no third party access is there. The process of electricity-sharing capabilities of metal coils is used to implement wireless charging systems on storefronts and business sites. This in-progress technology is planned to be implemented all through the world.


The quick emergence of technology has taken the internet by storm. The interactive and collaborative era that we are currently prevailing in, has so much to offer us. Access to the most troublesome things has become easy with technology. Just a click and you can access the most far away things. Most significantly, we need to be assured that technology has made us four-folds more secure and safe. Also you can write for us.

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