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Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Microsoft Outlook Files are Damaged

We know what you are thinking, your Outlook data files (.pst) need to be handled with care and why sometimes they get corrupt or damaged. However, there are many reasons that cause outlook file corruption,

Microsoft Outlook

Here we have compiled the list of top 5 reasons why you’re Outlook Data Files Get Corrupt or Damaged & its solutions for you to recover data from corrupted PST File.

1. Virus Attack:

Viruses can damage your email files or sometimes they directly infect them without permission. There are certain viruses that delete whole content after infiltrating inside your system and thus make it inaccessible for further use. Some viruses stay in a single folder only and the user doesn't know about their presence because they don't show visible symptoms.

2. Improper System Shutdown:

If you abruptly turn off your system or laptop while Outlook is still running, then it may damage your .pst files. This can happen when you are in the process of creating a new file, moving files etc. when suddenly the system shut down due to power failure or some other reasons.

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3. File Corruption During Conversion to Outlook 2010/2007/2003 Format:

Sometimes during the conversion of file format from an earlier version (.pst) to new (.ost), there might be possibilities that there are errors that lead to PST corruption resulting in inaccessibility of your data files.

4. Data Entry Errors:

You must have accidentally deleted all emails or contacts in Outlook by making an error while entering the data. Thus, this causes damage to your Outlook Data Files (.pst) and you can't recover them.

5. Inaccessible Outlook Data File:

In some cases, you may be getting errors like your PST file is password protected or its size has been exceeded 2GB, etc., which makes it inaccessible for further use.

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Here are some common reasons of .PST corruption along with solutions that help in getting out all the emails and other items back:

1.) Corrupt Header:

A header holds all the information about your .pst file, such as your file name, its location, etc. without header files recovery is not possible because all this information gets removed along with the header corruption. In order to get back your emails from a corrupt Outlook (.pst) File, you have to repair the .pst Header first by using a third-party email recovery tool i.e. Kernel for Outlook PST Repair which is capable of repairing corrupt or damaged header structure and allows user to recover their data in just a few minutes time span.

2.) Corrupt File Structure:

In some cases, if your .pst file becomes inaccessible due to an error during conversion from an earlier version (.pst) format to a newer version (.ost), then it may lead to corruption of the entire file structure as well. In order to repair such kind of corrupt .pst File Structure, you have to use Kernel for Outlook PST Repair which is one of the most powerful third-party software that has been developed exclusively by using advanced algorithms and techniques so as to recover data from inaccessible Outlook data file (.pst). It easily recovers .pst file structure along with complete emails and other items in just a few minute's time spans.

3.) Password Protected Files:

In some cases, if your Outlook Data files get password-protected due to the chance of sharing the folders, then it becomes very difficult for users to open them or access their content thus making their emails inaccessible. If you also face such a situation then there is nothing need to worry about because Kernel for Outlook PST Repair has been equipped with advanced technology that quickly recovers your data from password-protected Outlook data files in just a few seconds.

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4.) File Size Issue:

Outlook Data Files (.pst) takes a lot of time and system resources to get accessed or opened, thus sometimes users may face size issue messages while trying to open the files due to their oversize. In order to get rid of such a situation, you have to use Kernel for Outlook PST Repair which is one such tool that easily repairs oversized outlook .pst files and allows users to access their emails within no time span. All these factors make it clear that using third-party software like Kernel for Outlook PST Repair has become inevitable because it holds all the power that helps users in getting back their emails from inaccessible outlook .pst files.


All above mentioned are some most common reasons of .pst file corruption, with the solutions that help in getting back all your emails and other items back. Remember, Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is the only trusted solution you can rely on which has been developed by using advanced technology that easily recovers data from inaccessible outlook .pst files in just a few minutes time span.

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