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OT Mail - What Is OT Mail and Features Of OT Mail?

    OT is one of the most commonly used email systems for both personal and professional reasons. OT is an application that is mainly used to send and receive emails and also used to manage various types of personal data. Via OT application, you can also handle personal data like calendar appointments and similar entries, tasks, contacts, and notes. There are several distinct benefits of choosing OT mail for personal and professional use. The various features of outlook allow users to get the most out of sending and receiving emails. Here is some useful information about OT mail that you need to know.

    What is OT mail?

    OT mail you organize email to focus on the most messages. By using OT mail, you can share and manage your calendar to schedule meetings with ease. OT mail has also been designed to operate as an independent personal information manager, Internet mail client, and task management. It also allows the user to share files from the cloud and stay connected and productive wherever you are. With OT mail, you can send and receive email messages, handle your calendar, store names and perform various tasks.

    OT mail

    It helps you share details using public folders, forms, and internet connectivity. OT mail also enables you to create and view information using a consistent interface and easily find information with shortcuts. In OT mail, you can also find a document based on creation date and name and lets you arrange information any way you want to see it.

    Features of OT mail

    OT mail has grown to meet people’s requirements with new features and unique updates every year. You can always find new interesting things to learn about it with the regular updates. Here are some top features that save you the most time and energy.

    Email scheduler

    The email scheduler feature allows the user to schedule emails to go out ahead of time, which comes in handy every week. This feature allows you to compose an email while the topic is fresh in your head and ensure it arrives in your recipients’ inbox at the perfect time. The email scheduler feature is a total game-changer. OT mail offers the users the ability to schedule emails. An OT mail enables the user to set a specific date and time when delivering a new email message. The email scheduler feature is useful for sending emails to clients in other countries and time zones.

    Once you are done with your email content, click on the option (Delay Delivery) and tick the box that reads do no deliver before and enter the date and time you preferred. Finally, send your email, and it won’t be delivered before your specific time.

    Flagging and categorizing tools

    If you have a wave of emails coming into your inbox daily, then flagging and categorizing features will be useful. OT mail can categorize messages and let you flag an email for follow-up on a specific date. You can flag emails that you need to revisit or follow up on, and this feature helps you prioritize your emails. Even you can set up your inbox to only show flagged emails. Flagging and categorizing features helps you to save time, and also, you no need to go searching through your inbox for some important messages. On OT mail, you can even make custom color-coded categories, which will help organize your inbox.

    Calendar sharing

    OT mail also enables the user to share the calendar with their co-workers. By scheduling meetings, you can save a lot of time and can just take a peek at their calendar. Instead of going back and forth trying to figure out the availability via email, you can check to see if your co-worker is most likely in their office before the walk down the hallway. Every time adds up, so make use of OT mail to save your time to perform various activities.

    Mailbox rules

    OT mail enables the users to set mailbox rules that automatically sort emails. Based on your requirement, you can specify whether every email from a certain sender to be in a special folder or an email forms a particular sender to go and other required rules.

    Summing it up

    OT mail is great, and you have lots to do with it. With the advanced features of OT mail, you can save time and energy that you can put towards other important tasks.

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