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Benefits of Group Calendar in Teams for Ecommerce

According to research, remote teams have been more productive than full-time office workers when they use the right tools to manage the teams such as scheduling and monitoring tasks, events, and tracking all activities. An online group calendar in teams plays a vital role in increasing productivity and promoting easy workflows.

Apart from these, there are many more benefits of team group calendars. If you have been contemplating whether to use them or not, the benefits we are about to share will compel you to start using them.


Collaborations for Teams

The main goal of creating group calendars in teams is to collaborate. They are typically used by teams that work remotely in an ecommerce company or any other. You need to add multiple calendars to teams and give them appropriate permissions to edit, view only, or enjoy full delegate rights.

These permissions and rights allow collaboration at different levels. For instance, team leaders have delegate rights and can edit, delete, or handle calendars in any other way.

Assigning of Tasks and Events

Just to be specific, one of the easiest way easiest ways teams can collaborate is through assigning tasks and booking events. A group calendar in teams comes in handy here. Anyone with permissions can book an event or assign a task to the teams, which they will see and start working on.

In ecommerce, booked events and tasks include delivery of orders, following up with clients for marketing purposes, and a lot more. In case you are wondering whether or not this is a good tool, now you know.

Team Management

Remote teams require well-organized management. Fortunately, using a group calendar in teams can help you know what tasks and events are assigned to each team member and view the progress in real-time. That is why team leaders should have access to all calendars created by any team member.

Research shows that a calendar for teams is vital in creating a successful workforce. It should be online so that everyone can access then from any part of the world.

Enjoy Integrations

You can add a calendar to teams from SharePoint, Outlook, or any other source, and then integrate it with each other. The level of flexibility here is not only amazing but very effective in teams.

You need an integrated group calendar in teams to avoid a lot of time wastage through unnecessary navigations from one tab to another when working on the tasks. Luckily, the steps for integrations are very simple to follow.

Affordability of Group Calendars

Most companies that aim at using professional group calendars in teams rely on Outlook 365 or SharePoint. Both of these apps are paid for, but they are very affordable. The good thing with using premium calendar services is to unlock all the premium features your team needs to perform well.

These are more than enough benefits for a group calendar in teams. We hope they compel you to buy this solution for your ecommerce business.

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