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How to Use Rephraser to Remove Plagiarism?

As a writer, sometimes you may get fed up with writing lengthy blogs on the same topic multiple times. The reason is that your mind may get stuck at some point and stop generating unique ideas about the same topic.

There are high chances that you may start using the same lines in the content and making the content plagiarized.

Another situation is that you may have to write content on a topic on which you don’t have much information. So, here you will start reading other authors and start using the ideas of those writers in your content. Again there are high chances of plagiarism in the content that will lead to disturbing the quality of the content.

To come over this problem, you can get help from an online paraphrasing tool that offers a lot of features and let you recreate unlimited articles from a single content and all of them will have different wording.


The reason is that this tool has a huge synonym database and an AI-Powered algorithm to recreate the text structure keepingthe intent as same as before.

We are going to talk in detail that how online paraphraser can help in removing plagiarism from the content and giving it a unique look. But before that, we will give you a brief view of the online paraphrasing tool.

    What Is Online Paraphrasing Tool?

    An online paraphrasing tool is an AI tool that allows changing the structure of the content by replacing the words with their synonyms and giving it a unique look.

    When you upload the content in this online tool, it reads the lines deeply and makes changes at the points where possible, and gives it a different look from the original one.

    Moreover, the tool also ensures to preserve the actual intent of the article and avoids changing the direction of the content. There are a number of online paraphrasing tool’s available online but here we’ll discuss one of the top paraphrasing tool’s as that will surely remove the plagiarism by 100%.

    How Online Paraphraser Can Help in Removing Plagiarism from The Content?

    The top element that will help in eliminating the plagiarism factor from the content is its AI-Powered algorithm which deeply understand the NLP and transform the text by keeping grammar, structure and other quality parameters in line. It is the main factor that lets you rewrite the blogs and give them a unique look.

    Let’s have a discussion on that how it can help you in creating a unique article from the plagiarized content.

    • Open the rephraser and paste the content that you are looking to rephrase.
    • When you will upload the content in the online rephraser, it will read the lines thoroughly and look for the words that could be suitable alternatives.
    • Hit the paraphrase button and the tool will start paraphrasing the content by replacing the suitable synonyms and alternative text structures.
    • In a few seconds, you will check a new version of the content that will be 100% unique from the original one.
    • To check the uniqueness of the content, copy the rephrased text from the tool and upload it to a plagiarism checker. The new lines will be different from the original piece of content and you can also see it on the plagiarism checker.
    • After confirmation of the uniqueness of the content, hit the export button. You can select the format in which you want to download the new file. You can export the newly written content in multiple formats like Doc, PDF, and Txt.

    You can see how the online paraphrasing tool can easily change the content structure and give it a new look. You just have to upload the article here and give the command of paraphrasing the lines.

    All the amazing benefits that you can get from the rephraser online are discussed here and told you how you can improve the content quality. Now we will tell you some further features that can be availed in the rephrasing tool and make the working process even easier.

    Other Benefits of Online Paraphraser

    In the above section, we have talked all about the paraphrasing tool in detail and how it can keep the content away from plagiarism. Yet there are some other amazing advantages that you can avail of in this online tool.

    Here we are going to discuss those benefits in detail so you can further get improvement in the lines and make it interesting to read.

    User-friendly interface

    The interface of the online paraphrasing tool is quite simple. There is no need to learn the features and their working. Even new users can easily understand all the features offered by this online tool as it is quite easy to use.

    Don’t lose the actual intent

    While you rephrase the content manually, there are chances that you may lose the actual intent of the article and use lines that are not relevant to the topic. But online paraphrasing tool ensures preserves the original intent of the article.

    When you upload the content in a paraphraser online, it replaces the words with their synonyms and gives it a unique look without changing the actual meaning of the article.

    Fast content creation

    The working online paraphrasing tool is very fast. You don’t have to wait long for getting the new version of the article. Just upload the article and click on the paraphrasing button. You will get paraphrased content in a few seconds.

    Improve the quality of the text

    If you are worried about the quality of the content and want to make it easily readable, this online tool will again be a handy option. While paraphrasing the content, the tool ensures to maintain the quality of the text.

    Cost friendly

    All the features offered by this online paraphrasing tool are free for limited words. That means you can rephrase the content here up to the provided limit.

    If you are looking to increase the limit and want to rephrase lengthy blogs, you can go for the premium version. By doing this, you can paraphrase unlimited words at once.

    Useable for everyone

    This tool is not specific to a particular group. People from any department and age can get help from an online paraphrasing tool. Whether you are a student, teacher, writer, journalist, or something else, this tool will be valuable for you.

    Who Can Use an Online Paraphrasing Tool?

    Online paraphrasers are not designed for a particular community. Instead, everyone can take advantage of this tool to recreate the content and make it unique from the original one.

    Students can use this online tool to rewrite the assignments and give them a different look from the project of other fellows.

    Teachers often have to create lectures on the same topics. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for them to get creativity in the lines. So, here they can benefit from this online tool and give a new look to the lecture.

    If you are a journalist, again this online tool can be helpful for you to give a new shape to the news or articles to make it interesting for the audience.

    For the writers and bloggers, this online tool is again helpful as they can recreate the already written blogs.

    So, we can say that paraphrasing tool is the need of everyone. People from every field can use this online tool and make alternation in the content.

    Final Thoughts

    Removing plagiarism from your article can be a little tricky. You need to be very attentive while going through the lines and replacing the words with their synonyms. And it may also happen that you miss some words from there that are copied from other authors. It will lead to making the content plagiarized.

    To escape this issue, an online rephraser is a handy option as it replaces the words with their synonyms and makes them unique from the original one. So, the plagiarism factor in the content becomes null with the help of an online paraphrasing tool.

    In this blog, we have talked about the online rephraser and detail and discussed its work by which you can easily make the content free of duplication.

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