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3 Strategies to Integrate Real-Time Chat Into Your Business Communications

In 2022, the demand for real-time chat communication channels is rising among customers. According to Statista, live chat is one of the most popular ways of reaching out to businesses.

But how can you efficiently integrate live chat into their business communications?

The easiest way is to harness the services of chat API providers. They let you benefit from an existing backend infrastructure and make it easy to integrate live chat into your business’ mobile and web app. Plus, some providers, like QuickBlox, also offer other real-time communication channels, such as video chat and group video conferencing.

    Integrate Real-Time Chat

    Here’s how to harness live chat via chat API to integrate it effectively into your business communications.

    Add a Button to Your Sales Page

    As a first step, add a live chat button to your sales page.

    Frequently, potential customers have lingering questions or doubt, even after all the information your copy offers about your products and services.

    By adding a live chat button, you provide a direct channel for them to get the information they need to make the buying decision.

    Over 3 billion people use real-time messaging apps in their daily lives. Consequently, sending a quick message to a business is a low threshold to overcome in order to gain more details about a product they’re interested in - especially if the button to let them do so is right there.

    Ultimately, this will help you increase customer engagement, allow your agents to build rapport, and increase your conversions.

    Offer a Chat Option in Your Contact Details for Customer Support

    Another crucial step is to integrate live chat into your contact page.

    If a customer is facing difficulties with one of your products or services, you will want to make it as easy as possible to reach out to you for support. Especially younger customers prefer to chat rather than to call.

    Add live chat as a prominent option beside voice calls and emails.

    Plus, live chat also satisfies an expectation that two thirds of buyers have of businesses nowadays - to receive a response to their query within ten minutes of sending it.

    Harness Analytics

    Once you’ve set up live chat options and have gathered some data, you need to focus on taking advantage of the analytics options that most chat API providers offer.

    By deploying machine learning algorithms, you’ll be able to uncover patterns of customer communication behaviour, and evaluate the performance of your agents.

    As a result, you’ll be able to make improvements and give a serious boost to your team members’ productivity and your overall customer satisfaction.


    In 2022, real-time chat is a crucial channel for customer communication - one that many people have come to expect, especially Millennials and members of Gen Z.

    By investing in a chat API and following the strategies above to efficiently integrate live chat into your business’ mobile and web app, you’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction, drive conversions, and boost your business’ success.

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