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ManakOnline - All Details of ManakOnline Portal and Steps to Login to Portal

    Today, union minister for consumer affairs, food, and public distribution virtually launched the online platforms for the recognition and renewal of Assaying and Hallmarking Centers and the registration and renewal of jewellers. Through the Manakonline Portal, one can access this process. On June 1st, 2021, precious metal hallmarking started. Jewellers can now use this online gateway to submit their applications, relevant paperwork, and licence application fees by using an online application process, a jeweller would claim their registration as soon as they raised the required funds. They will receive a mail and SMS notification with the registration number, and they may then use the registration number to obtain and print the certificate of registration. Here you can see all the details about the Manakonline Portal:

    How to Register in the BIS Web Portal ManakOnline?

    If you are already a licensee or applicant with BIS web portal Manakonline, kindly get credentials from your relevant branch office. Use the login information provided by the appropriate branch to log in and enter the necessary information. A verification link will be issued to your registered email address to validate your account. Click the link to access the online services and create an account.


    If this is your first time applying, please click the new user link and complete the registration form. A verification link will be issued to your registered email address to validate your account. Click the link to access the online services and create an account for Manakonline portal.

    What to Do if You Forget Your Password?

    This is required for software authentication. To reset your password, click the link. The customer has the option to report any problems or issues they are having at any time. You can now update the password to make the needed modifications.

    A registered user is given access to all information on their activities, such as a user profile, new application link, submitted applications link, saved applications link, etc., when they login to the site and select the product certification tile.

    What Tasks May an Applicant or Licensee Carry Out on Their Dashboard?

    A User has the following options:

    1. Request a licence to use a standard mark.
    2. Apply for licence renewal.
    3. Submit an application to broaden the scope of an existing licence.
    4. Make payments online at the appropriate stages.
    5. Speak with BIS about further operational difficulties

    How to Submit the Online Application for Certification?

    Log in using the portal's registered credentials. Click applies for a new licence after selecting the Product Certification Tile. Be aware that completing the organisation profile is a prerequisite to using. Click the following button after entering all the necessary information. At the following stage, the user must upload the essential papers. Paying the required funds to submit the application is the final step.

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    What to Do if You Do Not Receive the Verification Link?

    Contact your concerned branch to have the verification link resent if, after submitting the form, the user does not receive the activation link on your email. You can also send an email.

    Actions to Take if Your Account is Blocked

    The user's account will be disabled if they enter an incorrect password five times in a row. In this scenario, the user will get an email with a link to unblock the account. To unblock the account, click the link supplied to the registered email address. If your problem is still not resolved, kindly ask the branch office in question to unblock the account.

    Unable to Locate Your Earlier-saved Application

    In the saved application, there was an applicant dashboard menu it displayed all saved applications. Open the main menu to view the draught application, click here. Clicking the edit button will allow you to choose the proper application ID. You can now apply to make the necessary adjustments. All applications saved here are in the draught stage.

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    Your Filed Application is Nowhere to be Found

    Through the applicant dashboard menu, you may access all submitted applications. Open the main menu to view the submitted application, click here. Choose the right program. You will see a list of all the applications you have submitted, along with information on their status. The user can monitor the progress of the filed application, accept inspection dates, make the required fees, or take other necessary actions in relation to the activity before the licence is granted.

    How to Get a Copy of Your Payment Receipt?

    All saved applications are accessible using the registered Manakonline portal credentials in the saved application login. To access operative licences or submitted applications, click the product certification tile depending on your situation. To make a payment for the appropriate licence or application, use the make payment option. Your prior payments are documented with digital copies of your receipts under the tab fee details.

    How to Apply for Renewal?

    Use the Manakonline portal login information that has been registered. View operative licencing by clicking on the product certification tile after that. The user will have access to the apply for renewal option following the validity. To submit your renewal application, click the link, fill out the necessary information, and make the required payments. Additionally, the user might need to upload the necessary documents.

    How to Apply for the Inclusion of Variety?

    Log in using the Manakonline portal's registered credentials. To examine operative licences, click on the product certification tile. Select apply for inclusion, fill out the necessary information and make the payments required to submit your renewal application. The user might additionally need to upload the necessary documents.

    After Receiving the Relevant Branch's User ID and Password, What Should You Do?

    Please log in using the provided information. The user must complete a registration form to log in for the first time. The registration form will not show for subsequent logins, and this is only a one-time exercise when the user logs in. Users are urged to enter their email addresses accurately because they cannot be changed later.

    Final Thoughts

    Thus the above listed are about the Manakonline Portal. This online portal module will make doing business easier for jewellers and entrepreneurs who have already established Assaying and Hallmarking Centers or intend to do so. Here the customer can report any problems they are having at any time.

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