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7 Working Twitter Marketing Tactics for Growth in 2022

While some marketers are still confused about how to leverage Twitter for marketing, many brands have now exploited the marketing features that come with Twitter to power their marketing strategy.

Even though building a loyal following on Twitter can be overwhelming, Twitter comes with tons of benefits that you can leverage to unlock more opportunities for your business. Today, at least 67% of B2B businesses are now using Twitter as a digital marketing tool.

With over 200 million daily active users, Twitter is ranked among the most powerful social media platforms in the world. Whether you are a brand looking for new customers or a celebrity struggling to penetrate a competitive market, Twitter comes with great features that you can exploit to grow your network.

Just like any other social media platform, effective marketing requires experience. This means if you don't understand the ropes, you may not achieve much with your Twitter handle. In this article,we explore effective Twitter marketing strategies that you can roll out to improve growth.


    Collect Customer Insights

    Understanding who and what your customers like goes a long way in running a successful marketing campaign for your brand. For example,you not only need to target the right audience but also share content that resonates with the target market.

    Once you understand what your customers want, you will be able to roll out your marketing campaigns from an informed point of view.In the long run,you not only stand a chance to spur growth but also reduce the cost of marketing.

    Twitter's customer insights feature helps you stay ahead of the trends and inspire your next idea. This allows your voice to be heard and influence the future of your marketing campaigns.

    Collect Customer Feedback

    Collecting customer feedback is another important trick that you can use to inspire your Twitter marketing strategy. Many businesses now leverage customer feedback to understand what customers want and improve service delivery.

    So far, Twitter makes it easy for brands to reach out to their customers and collect important information they need. Similar to other social media platforms like Facebook, you can easily tell what people want and make improvements where necessary.

    Engage With The Community

    Engaging with the target audience gives the brand a human face.This not only builds trust with the target audience but also enhances the relationship with the target market. Once people trust you, they are likely to refer you to their friends and purchase your products.

    Therefore if you are unable to achieve success through Twitter its high time you consider engaging with the audience. That way,you not only stand a chance to get more loyal followers but also build strong relationships with the target market.

    Additionally, when you engage with the audience, you tend to understand what they want and improve where necessary.In the long run, you are likely to come out as a credible brand and build a positive brand reputation.

    Alternatively,you can leverage influencers to showcase your products in front of their followers. If you get the right influencer, they can change the fate of your brand overnight. While getting the right influencer may be challenging, they play a critical role if you want to reach out to new customers outside your network.

    The bottom line is that you should take your time to research the right influencers before you partner with them. All you need is sort out the profiles of influencers within your niche, check out their posts, types of brands they are collaborating with, and ascertain whether whatever content they are sharing resonates with yours.

    If someone seems to be a perfect fit to partner with, you can first give them a try to see their performance before going full-blown with them.This reduces uncertainty and the risk of partnering with the wrong influencers.

    Use Automation Tools

    Automation tools offer a powerful option that you can use to improve your Twitter marketing strategy. A social media automation tool makes it easy to manage and schedule your posts.This will ensure you post consistently at the right time.

    This not only keeps people glued to your content but also makes it easy for you to track your posts on multiple platforms. That way,you not only save time but also improve the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

    However,it is important to first ascertain when your followers are active online. When you post at the right time, many people are likely to see your content and improve the potential of generating sales. As such, scheduling tools come with dozens of benefits for Twitter marketers.

    Focus More On Video Content

    Video content is powerful when it comes to helping people know about your brand or products.94% of marketers indicate that the use of videos in marketing plays a significant role in helping people understand your products.

    Using videos in marketing works since it helps convey emotions and communicate a brand story to the target market effectively. Besides positively impacting marketing, video content is effective in generating leads.

    Generally,the visual element of video content helps businesses explain to people the features and how people can benefit from a product being promoted. While some people think creating videos is expensive, there are tons of technology available in the market that you can use to create marketing videos.

    Therefore if you haven't thought about integrating video content into your marketing strategy then it's high time you give it a try.

    Run Polls

    Polls are a perfect strategy that you can use to help people interact with your brand. People love interacting with polls hence they will easily share their thoughts and opinions about a product.

    Conducting polls is likely to spark engagement on your Twitter profile and attract new customers. The more people engage with your polls the more they are likely to convert.

    Include CTAs

    Twitter is an ideal platform that you can use to execute creative marketing strategies for your brand. The aim of marketing on Twitter is to generate more sales, improve engagement and boost clicks.

    To achieve success with your marketing strategy,it is important to invest time in creating compelling and high-quality content. In this regard, including CTAs on tweets is one of the quickest tricks you can use to boost engagement.

    In that case,you should use effective actions like Follow us, Learn more, shop now or visit our site. Whichever you put it, it has to be able to grab the attention of readers. The same can apply on videos, images and other types of content that you intend to use for your marketing strategy.


    If you are looking for effective marketing tactics to grow your brand on Twitter then this article offers important insights that you can try out. Whether you have an established Twitter handle or just created a new one, the tricks outlined in this article can give positive results if done properly.

    As many brands now turn to social media to tap into the growing number of internet users, there's a need to roll out an effective marketing strategy to stay ahead of the park. That way,you not only stand a chance to generate more conversions for your business but also improve Return on Investment (ROI).

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