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Artificial Intelligence - Pros and Cons

Artificial Intelligence

With computers expanding their capabilities, learning from different stimuli, and exhibiting human-like characteristics now, like never before, it seems like anything in excess can be dangerous. Look around, and you can rarely find things that don't project artificial intelligence features. One might not notice this, but AI has widely taken over the world from its feet. Doing even basic household chores without the involvement of artificial intelligence causes distress. Necessity is the mother of invention, so it is with the invention of artificial intelligence and robotics. Humans know what they want and project and transform those needs into reality. But, whether AI is a blessing in disguise or a curse is a controversial and subjective topic.

    Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

    Here is a list of things that contributes to making a remarkable improvement in our lives with the introduction of artificial intelligence:

    • Fewer chances of human error: A slight margin of error is always expected in any task that humans perform. You cannot achieve absolute perfection in anything because of the inherent limitation of humans. In comparison, it's not the case with machines where they are correctly programmed, and it leads to a reduction in chances of errors and more precise and accurate decision-making.
    • Takes risks, unlike humans: We can overcome many risks associated with humans by creating Artificial intelligence robots that can do the risky job on our behalf. Be it defusing a bomb, exploring the depths of the oceans, or testing dangerous products, it is widely used to deal with any natural or man-made disaster.
    • 24x7 availability: To keep up with both their professional and personal lives, the human body is designed to take a periodical break to freshen up and prepare for the next day. In contradiction to the former, machines can work without breaks, and they don't get tired as humans do, and they don't need to sleep, eat, or bathe.
    • Helping in Repetitive Jobs: Humans are bound to be bored easily by performing the same task repeatedly. With artificial intelligence, we can assign these mundane tasks to put our human resources to more productive and creative use. To pursue this goal, there are many courses, such as Great Learning's course on artificial intelligence, available online, which can help you.
    • Digital Assistance: Many highly advanced organizations use digital assistants to interact with users, saving the organization's resources. However, some chatbots have been so well designed that it's become difficult to discern whether we're chatting with a machine or a person. This system is useful for dissecting core and non-core issues at an initial level and dealing accordingly.
    • Faster Decisions: In conjunction with other technologies, artificial intelligence allows gadgets to make decisions and take action faster than humans. Humans analyze many factors emotionally and technically during decision-making, but AI-powered machines work according to what they are programmed to do and deliver results more quickly.
    • Rational Decision Making: With AI-based decision making, data is quantified to make better predictions and more accurate decisions by using a platform, rather than a human, to analyze trends and suggest a course of action. Artificial intelligence works on logic and not emotions.
    • Unbiased: Human judgment is a diverse aspect that differs from person to person, whereas artificial intelligence draws conclusions and results based on data and instructions provided to it by its user.

    Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

    With so many benefits to a thing, there are always a few cons attached:

    • High Costs of Creation: AI is constantly being updated, so both the hardware and software need to be updated with time to keep up. The cost of repairing and maintaining machines is considerable. Inventing AI machinery is not an easy task, and it involves a lot of costs and is a highly complex procedure.
    • Making Humans Lazy: The application of artificial intelligence automates most of the work, making humans lazy. Humans can become addicted to these inventions, adversely impacting future generations. Thus when a person starts seeing technology not as a tool but as an escape, things go downhill and lethargic.
    • Contributes to Unemployment: Artificial intelligence is replacing mundane tasks with robots, which can cause major shifts in employment standards, and can put a serious strain on society. Organizations seek artificial intelligence robots to do similar work more efficiently than minimum qualified employees.
    • Incapable of Emotions: The ability to form a bond with humans is an essential attribute for team management since machines are much more efficient than humans at working efficiently. Machines, however, cannot replace human interaction and the ties that bind a team together, including bonds of cooperation and understanding.
    • Lack of creativity: Machines can only do what they are designed or programmed to do; anything beyond that causes them to crash or produce irrelevant results, which can be problematic. We as humans thrive on creativity, and this is also an aspect where artificial intelligence has not been able to defeat us.
    • No improvements with experience: In comparison to AI machines, human beings use their brains, thinking abilities, and memory, while AI machines rely on the information they are given. Whereas we as humans learn from our mistakes, have skills and intelligent ideas, and improve with practice and experience.


    In conclusion, AI has both benefits and setbacks. Every radical invention or breakthrough has both, but as humans, we should focus on the positive front to help make the world a better place. Although artificial intelligence has massive potential benefits, one side of the people claims that it can destroy human civilization if it gets into the hands of the wrong people. However, no AI application created at that scale will be able to replace humans completely.

    Taking advantage of any opportunity requires making an informed choice. People willing to grasp the secrets of this revolting technology can seek institutes in India and worldwide that offer courses such as artificial intelligence courses online. Corporates nowadays are looking for people with knowledge and skills in dealing with artificial intelligence as this is the new future.

    The pros and cons of artificial intelligence are up to the users and their viewpoints. Artificial intelligence and robotics will improve our thinking and help in exploring new horizons. Future developments will take place so quickly that we will see significant changes and innovations in more years to come. Check out Great Learning for its extensive AI courses.

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