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ekart Partner – How to Become ekart Courier Partner

    Courier business is one of the businesses chosen by so many entrepreneurs so that their business will be over lasting and bring good results in the future. Whether among individuals, warehousing, corporate sectors and various types of business, it is very demanding in the market as with the time changes, people are becoming more attached to their shopping by an online portal for ordering food online, online deliveries and many more things like sharing any document by using online portal due to the convenience of their homes as well as to cover a considerable cost.


    Today in this article, we are going to tell you about ekart Partner, which is one of the excellent logistic franchises that give various pickup and fast delivery facilities. We required a franchisee of excellent and reputed companies to start our courier company quickly.

    About ekart Partner

    It is one of the largest companies or service providers of the supply chain, and its official website is which was founded in 2009, and its founder is Flipkart. It is a type of transportation, logistic and storage company and its headquarter is in Bengaluru East, Karnataka, and its registered office is also in Karnataka, India. It is the largest company which delivers more than 10 million courier deliveries or shipments in a month within so many pin codes. It is a specialist in various fields like supply chain, machine learning, ecommerce and many more. They provide us with outstanding services with on-time deliveries to keep their customer happy and satisfied. To become ekart Partner and to have its franchise, one should have a good area of space for its office area as well as for its parking area, which should be around 800sqft to 1000sqft which may differ from business to business as it depends on you to start your courier business by taking franchise on whatever level you want to create. There is no membership fee for the same, as they don’t ask for any kind of fee or commission for taking a franchise.

    How to become an ekart Courier Partner and get their Franchise?

    There are specific steps in the process to become ekart Partner or to take their franchise which are as given below:
    • Firstly we have to search for the location before applying to take a courier franchise and make sure that there is no same courier franchise near your area and that you have a vacant pin code.
    • Now do research and choose the best company according to your opinion of which you want to take their franchise.
    • You can visit their official website to apply for the franchise. Within a week or less or more, the area manager may contact you regarding a franchise-related matter to talk about. If they don’t reply, then you can also visit their company's office, which is near to you and can take the area manager’s number to talk to them, or you can meet them and can discuss everything.
    • Now, if everything goes well and they will find that your pin code of your and the location is suitable, then they may give you the franchise by discussing all the terms and conditions.
    • After all the discussion and conversation about the franchise and terms and conditions, they will ask for some security money which may depend upon the pin codes you have selected to prove your delivery services.
    • In this process, within a week or more, the manager will provide you with training for this in the existing franchise, and after completing it, you can get an approval letter from them.
    • Now you can become an ekart partner quickly and start the work successfully according to the instructions and guidelines are given by the manager of that area.

    Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for becoming ekart Partner

    For becoming an ekart Partner, there are some eligibility criteria as well as some requirements which are as given below:

    • You should have 21 years of minimum age and qualification of 10th and 12th class, and there should be no criminal cases against you.
    • You should have an area or space for the office as well as the parking area and an experience in business services in the courier sector.
    • It would be best if you also had a Godown area to provide services and your commercial vehicle and to provide services to the customer.
    • Some workers are required for delivery, such as an accountant, load and unload person, salesperson and many others.
    • There should be some basic infrastructure and things like desktops, CCTV, tables and chairs, high-speed internet connection and some more things which are required for working which may differ to the business scale and its place.
    • There should be proper packaging material and electricity.

    Documents Required for ekart Partner

    • You should have proper identity proof like an adhar card or pan card and registration of your shop or office from the local authority to become an ekart Partner.
    • There is some GST as well as business type registration such as sole proprietorship or private limited or some other.
    • You should have your exact qualification certificates and experience.
    • There is some proper address proof of the property like a ration card or electricity bill and documents regarding your suitable or shop.
    • You should have your past six month’s bank statement, ITI return and a few more things.

    Cost of becoming ekart Partner

    To become ekart Partner or to have its Franchise, you have to make some investment which depends upon your business size and the number of pin codes you are taking for doing business.

    • If you are starting up your business by taking their franchise, then you should have 4 to 5 lakh of rupees, and it may vary according to the scale and type of your business.
    • You also have to pay some security amount which may be 1 lakh or 2 lakh of rupees according to the number of pin codes you have chosen.
    • Need some cost for office, infrastructure, godown and for purchasing some equipment required.
    • As you have to deliver your products and for that, you need some vehicle which may be a motorbike or cycle or any other thing which depends on you.

    Profit Margin of ekart Partner

    Becoming an ekart Partner can be very profitable for you as it depends on the size, category and product price of the parcels but telling the exact amount of the profit is a difficult task. At the time of the starting of the business, the income level may be low, but after a specific time, it starts to grow. If you can deliver 80% of the total parcels given in a month, you will get an extra amount of money per parcel, and you quickly get 26 rupees per parcel.


    People have started using online methods and portals for purchasing anything over the inter-as. It is very beneficial and gives us convenience. This may increase in the future due to busy lifestyles as they don’t have much time left to go out and purchase anything by directly going to the market so they will choose an online method. Hence due to this, the courier industry will start overgrowing, and there are very many chances of getting a high profit by becoming an ekart Partner.

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