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Smytten – Truth Behind Free Products Online

    In this whole article, we are going to discuss Smitten company with its overview, technical details, features, and many more things so that you come to know almost everything regarding this.

    If you are interested in the same thing and want to have information related to this company, then you are at the perfect place to have all the data and to know more things; you may continue reading this following article.


    Overview of Smytten

    Smytten was founded in the year 2015, and it is a discovery platform online for premium services and products. Before buying any of the personal care products or premium beauty, products allows users to try them before actually buying them. This company is based in Gurgaon, India and raised a total of $20 million, among which $12 million is from last year.

    Smytten Company Details

    Their headquarters is in sector 25 Gurgaon, Akashneem marg DLF Phase 2 ANM -39, 122002. Their official website is, and their financial status is venture capital-backed. It works on the B2B2C type of business model, having hundreds of employees. Their total funding is around 3 million.

    About Smytten App

    Smytten app is one of the most significant discovery platforms of luxury in India, where one can interact with the best premium services and products of impressive brands and try and purchase them. According to your likes and preferences or as per your love towards any of the brands according to your interest and likes, you can make a choice.

    Some of the Silent Features of Smytten App

    Here are a few of the critical features of their app given below:

    • There, you will find various products from different brands, and you can choose as per your interests and likes.
    • You will have a rich experience while shopping with this.
    • Trials are offered by them for free.
    • You will have excellent and genuine products for sure.

    Wrapping it up

    Smitten is an online company, or we can say a discovery platform, offering premium products and services where one can try many products and premium beauty before actually buying them, and for sure, you will have a rich experience with them. We hope that this article will be handy for you all and with this you will get most of the knowledge and if you have any doubts left, then you may ask us so that they can be clarified.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    When was Smytten Company founded, and where is its headquarters?

    This company was founded in 2015, and its headquarters is in Gurgaon, India.

    How much amount has been raised by Smytten company to date?

    Around $20 million is raised by them.

    Who invested in the company Smytten?

    Roots ventures, fireside ventures, waao partners. Sharp Ventures, survey partners and six more are the investors in this company.

    Who are the competitors of Smyttem company?

    Some of their competitors are Nblik, Triyit, Downtown Club, MoEngage, OUWT, WebEngage, blingg and a few others.

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