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Poshan Tracker App – Know Everything in Details

    In this article, we will discuss an amazing app launched with the motive of women and child development by the government of India, whose reason is to overlook the activities of Anganwadi and to work for different sections of society like women and children. It works in a great manner and is very beneficial for people. Today we will be giving you all the detailed information about Poshan Tracker App regarding its features, usage, download, how it works, benefits, how to update it, how to log on to it, if there is any problem with the App, then how to report it, and many more other things.

    If you want to get all these details, this article will be very useful for you all, and thus you may continue reading the following article about Poshan Tracker App.

    Poshan Tracker App

    What is the Poshan Tracker App?

    The Poshan tracker app is amazing, or we can say that a fabulous tool launched by the government of india and by the ministry of women and child development on 1st March 2021. The main motive of this Poshan tracker app is to provide an overall view of all the activities in the Anganwadi and about all the management for children under years of age, pregnant women, lactating mothers, adolescents and others so that they can have good nutrition and development. It is more like monitoring them through the Poshan tracker app.

    We can easily download this application on our android mobile phones and devices, or we can say it is only available for Android versions, and there are no more requirements than this. It is easily available on the google play store, from where we can easily download it. As per the information, this App has more than five lakhs of downloads within the country.

    How to Download Poshan Tracker App?

    We can easily download the Poshan tracker app in just a few easy steps, which are as given below for you:

    • Firstly you have to open the google play store on your android mobile phone, and in the search bar, type Poshan Tracker App.
    • Now search for the Poshan Tracker app.
    • After this, you will see that an app will appear on your mobile screen, showing its name.
    • Click on the option showing the installation of that application, and you will see that within some time, their application will be installed on your mobile phone.
    • Now you can easily open that application on your device and can, register yourself and can use it accordingly.

    Major Features of the Poshan Tracker App

    Following are some of the main features of this app:

    • Through Poshan Tracker App, we can have monitoring, track and record in real time all the activities of Anganvadies and defined indicators.
    • There is all the management for adolescent girls and boys, children below six years of age, pregnant womens and lactating mothers.
    • Provides various services like hot cooked meals, take-home ratings, vaccination and many more things to the people.
    • As per the standards of the world health organization, it provides timely growth measurement and monitoring of the children by measuring various indicators.
    • Regular nutrition and checkups of the health of the people.

    How do get Register our self on the Poshan Tracker App?

    This application is mainly for the centre and Anganwadi workers and for tracking all the details they have to register themselves. For the registration process, you simply have to follow the simple steps which are as provided below:

    1. Firstly you have to follow the above steps of downloading the Poshan Tracker App, and after completing the downloading process, you have to click on the app and open it.
    2. When the app opens on your screen, it will ask you to provide your mobile number, which was registered by you as an Anganwadi worker.
    3. When you provide them with that number, they will send you an OTP on the registered mobile number within some time.
    4. Now just put that OTP there, and here the registration process ends and currently, you are registered on the Poshan Tracker App.

    If there is any Issue on the Poshan Tracker App, how do I Report it?

    If someone is finding any issue on the Poshaan Tracker App, then they can do the following things to solve those problems:

    • After opening the Poshan Tracker App, they will ask you to provide your mobile number, which you have to give them.
    • There are several other options on this app which are given below, showing don’t have an account registered here and more.
    • Below those options, you will see an option showing an issue on which you have to click, and within some time, you will see that a form will open, known as an issue form.
    • Now here on this form, you can write any issue of your regarding this app and then can simply click on the submit button.

    How to Update our Poshan Tracker App?

    To update our Poshan Tracker App, we have to follow the given steps below, and you will see that your app will be updated in just a few time:

    • Open the Google play store on your android mobile phone and type Poshan Tracker App in the search bar and search for it.
    • Now a page will open on your mobile screen showing an update option for the App.
    • You have to click on the Update option and wait for some time so that the app will complete its downloading to the latest version.
    • You can easily open your updated app within seconds without any problem or issue.

    Indicators of Poshan Calculator of Poshan Tracker App

    It is designed to measure growth and various other prospects of children and womens, which was defined by the World Health Organisation. To use this Poshan calendar, we have to follow the following steps:

    1. Firstly select your gender.
    2. Now put your date of birth here.
    3. Now give your height in centimetres.
    4. Now put your weight in kilograms.
    5. Now you can click on the show result button to know the result.


    In this article, we have given you all the detailed information regarding Poshan Tracker App. It provides us with monitoring and management facilities. We hope this article will be very useful for you all, and after reading this article, you came to know all the information about Poshan Tracker App.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Which state is first in Poshan Abhiyan, and which has stopped it?

    Gujarat is the state in which Poshan Abhiyan was launched first to remove the problem of malnutrition by providing an appropriate amount of nutritious food in 2018. At the same time, the Maharashtra state is the one that has topped in the implantation of this program.

    How to contact to Poshan Tracker team?

    Anyone can easily contact the Poshan Tracker team by emailing You can also have the facility of video conferencing by them every day from 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM.

    What are the requirements for downloading Poshan Tracker App on your mobile phone?

    For downloading the Poshan Tracker App, one should have an android mobile phone as it is a must for downloading it and not an IOS iPhone. Besides this, we should only have a good internet connection for installing it on our mobile phones, and excepting this, there are no more requirements.

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