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Swasthya Sathi – What is This Scheme and How to Apply for Swasthya Sathi Card?

    Today in this article, we will be telling you about a scheme named Swasthya Sathy, a very popular technique that offers many features and advantages to several people. If you want information about this scheme, you are at the right place, and you may continue reading the article below.

    What is Swasthya Sathi?

    Swasthya Sathi scheme was launched by the chief minister of West Bengal on 30th December 2016. It was announced on 17th February 2016 in a cabinet no 2625 and got a notification by the finance department on 25th February. To give the best hospitality, medical and health benefits to its citizens, this scheme was launched in west Bengal, offering upto five lacks of health packages per annum for every family.

    Swasthya Sathi Scheme

    Swasthya Sathi scheme was not for those people who already had health insurance through schemes or government jobs, but this scheme was for those who couldn’t afford to have this kind of insurance due to lack of money and were beneficial or needy once. After registration, you can simply get a card, and you can also log in to their website. This scheme offers so many benefits and features to the citizen of west Bengal, like they can have good treatment of them in the best hospitals without any money and all the hospital transactions will be cashless, transportation allowances and many more.

    About Swasthya Sathi App

    To provide quick features and facilities to the citizen of west Bengal Swasthya Sathi mobile app is also available so that they can also use this to know more about this scheme and to get all the benefits related to this scheme. By using this website, citizens can get all the benefits of this scheme by just using their mobile phones. For downloading the Swasthya Sathi app, you can search it easily on the search bar of the play store and can download it in few times.

    Some Key Features of the Swasthya Sathi Scheme

    This scheme offers so many features to the citizens of west Bengal, which are as given below:

    • In this scheme, all the diseases are covered, which may be pre-existing.
    • It provides basic healthcare to family members up to 5 lakh of rupees per annum.
    • All the transactions through this scheme will be paperless and cashless, all will be smart card based, and the whole transactions will be through the IT platform.
    • No one has to pay any amount for the treatment, insurance premium, cost of a card or anything, and all the amount will be borne by the state government only.
    • After the enrolment, we can easily get a card that contains all the details of the family members, such as their address, mobile number, photographs and some more things.
    • If there is any type of blocking on the card, then they will get an SMS so that they will instantly know about that.
    • They also provide the Swasthya Sathi mobile app facility and a 24-house call facility which is toll-free.

    How to get registered for Swasthya Sathi Smart Card?

    To get our family registered for this scheme then, you have to take the enrollment for Swasthya Sathi scheme, for which we can visit the nearest community centre by making an offline appointment and have to give all the details related to our whole family like their photographs, ID card and many more things to register it so that they will provide you Swasthya Sathi card. Through this card, one can do all the hospitable transactions in a cashless and paperless way.

    After registration, one will receive the login details of the account on that mobile number which is registered which can be used by them for various other things of this scheme. You can receive so many benefits of this scheme by login in to your account and get much information about this scheme.

    How to Login on Swasthya Sathi?

    To login on to Swasthya Sathi you have to follow the given steps:

    1. Firstly you have to open their website, which is, by typing it into the search bar of any good search engine.
    2. Now you have to click on the login button, which will be on the right side of the top corner.
    3. With some time, the login page will open.
    4. Now enter your username and password there.
    5. Click on the login button present there.
    6. Now you can easily log in to your account in simple steps.

    How to do Swasthya Sathi URL Verification?

    You can simply do Swasthya Sathi URL Verification within some steps, which are as follows:

    1. Firstly open the website open the URL verification page by using this website.
    2. Here you have to select a state, so select the West Bengal state.
    3. Now select your district.
    4. Now enter your URL number of yours.
    5. After this, just click on the button showing submit, and you will see that your URL number will be verified.

    How to Find Our Name on Swasthya Sathi Registered Database?

    1. Open the website.
    2. Now click on the find your name page by using this website.
    3. Now you have to open your name, and from the options, you have to select find a name for yourself or for others.
    4. After this, click on the submit option.
    5. Now, if you see here that your name is registered, then you can apply for the card online.

    Wrapping it up

    Swasthya Sathi is a very helpful scheme for so many families in the west Bengal state and a good initiative for those people who don’t have that much money so that they can get health insurance, and by using this scheme, they can have free treatment in the hospitals.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the helpline number of the Swasthya Sathi?

    The helpline number Swasthya Sathi is 18003455384 which is a toll free number providing 24 hours of call facilities to the citizens of West Bengal state.

    Which hospital can be visited by the citizens under the Swasthya Sathi scheme?

    You can check it from the booklet which was provided at the time of enrolment and here both the public and private hospitals are involved. You can also call on their helpline number, use mobile app or can visit their website to know about this.

    Is there any hidden amount to be paid by the users for taking services of Swastgya Sathi scheme?

    No all the services are cashless which meant there is no need to pay any amount to anyone by the patient for taking the treatment of themselves in the hospitals.

    Is figure print verification compulsory in Swasthya Sathi scheme?

    Yes figure print verification is compulsory in this scheme so that there will be no or less chances of frauds by using this scheme and to avoid the misusage of the smart card.

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