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Meesho Seller, Meesho Supplier, and Meesho Supplier Panel All Details 2024

    There are several online platforms from where we can quickly get money just by sitting at our home, and one among them is Meesho, from where we can effortlessly earn revenue very conveniently. It is one of the best e-commerce platforms for all those middle-class people who want to get an income source for several needs of their life. In this article, we will be discussing deeply various things like meesho seller, meesho supplier, and meesho supplier panel. We hope that through this article, you will get the most helpful information, which will be very beneficial for you all.

    What is Meesho?

    Meesho is one of the most influential and significant indian platforms, which has a reasonable trust rate for all the resellers. Through this platform, sellers can sell various products by using whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, and many other social media platforms. There is so much increase in online shopping today, and that’s why things like this are generating. There are so many advantages or benefits of choosing meesho, and the process of using it is also not very tough and complicated. It is an easy process. Anyone can quickly become a meesho seller in just a few easy steps, and the requirements are also not very high.


    How to Become Meesho Seller?

    There are several ways of becoming a meesho seller. One can become a meesho seller just by following some trends and knowing those products which are in huge demand. One should have a generous amount of margin on their products, should deliver the product to the customer as fast as possible, and the quality of the picture provided should be good and more few things.

    Here are some of the steps of registration by following which one can quickly become a meesho seller:

    • One should have their GSTIN, and several bank accounts details like bank account number, name of the holder, IFSC code, mobile number, and some other things which are the basic requirements.
    • You have to download the meesho app on your device and then create an account on this platform by using the seller login of meesho.
    • There is a supplier application that helps in connecting the buyer and the supplier. By using this application, one mat quickly finds the buyers and can track the orders.
    • In meesho, all the products can be updated here in two ways, and that’s why you have to update the category.In the bulk catalog, you have to click on the catalogs upload and click on add new catalog in bulk and choose the category of the product from the drop-down list. After downloading the template, open the excel sheet and fill details and upload the file.In single catalog, click on the catalog upload and choose the add single catalog option. From the drop-down list, select the category on the drop-down list and upload the images of your product and upload all the details and you may now submit the catalog.
    • Now you may receive and deliver orders through this platform.

    Why sell on Meesho?

    There are so many reasons to sell on meesho, such as:

    • Wide variety of products
    • The commission rate on meesho is not very much high, and it is comparatively low.
    • This platform is straightforward to use and not complicated at all.
    • It is a good platform for earning income just by sitting at our home.

    Benefits of Being a Seller on Meesho

    • If someone wants to have their own company but don’t have enough resource to launch it, then this could be an excellent option for all those people.
    • On meesho, there is an affordable delivery rate, and payments are provided at a very rapid pace.
    • As compared to the other e-commerce platforms, meesho proves an excellent and stable competitive environment for sellers as well as small businesses.
    • For meesho sellers, there are no commission fees at all.

    How to Become Meesho Supplier?

    With the help of the following steps, one can quickly become a meesho supplier:

    • Firstly signup on to meesho by visiting their official website.Click on the become a supplier option in the top right corner, and after going to the registration page, fill in your active mobile number and then click on the start button. Enter the OTP and some other things like email address and password and click on the create account option.
    • Now you have to list all your products on this platform in different categories after the registration process.
    • Now the next step is to receive the orders from the buyers by giving them the products at a reasonable price and customized delivery options. The commission rate on meesho is nothing.
    • On meesho, one may easily make the payment by both the offline as well as online methods, and the product will be patched within 2 to 4 days.
    • If someone does not like the product, then they can also return it within seven days of delivery.

    How does a Supplier earn by using Meesho?

    When one shares photos of their products in good quality with all the details, the customer's stats liking those products and placing orders. When someone starts receiving orders, then they can simply add their margins on the development and some other things like shipping charges. Now they can share the final price of the product after adding all these things and can tell this final price to the customers. Now the customers may order these products, and thus, the seller earns money.

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    What is the Meesho supplier panel?

    The meesho supplier panel is a powerful and excellent tool through which meesho sellers can have various things like tracking their orders, discount, and some other stuff. Through this panel, one can easily contract or connects to the sellers on the mesh. This platform can help one a lot by expanding their business size and earning their income. Meesho supplier panel is straightforward to use and convenient to connect the buyers and the sellers at the same place.

    How to register on the meesho supplier panel login?

    One may quickly log in on the meesho supplier panel through the following simple steps:

    • Go to the official website of meesho and tap on the supplier button, and after opening their page, click on the become a supplier showing option.
    • Now you will see a blank form will appear in front of your screen in which you have to fill in specific details like your name, your email address, GST details, and some more things.
    • Now choose your city and your pin code from the drop-down menu.
    • Now after filling in the complete form, click on the button showing register now.
    • Now, after all these steps of the registration process, one will be able to successfully login on to the meesho supplier panel.


    By using or selling through meesho, one can get a good amount of earnings as well as an increase in their small business if they lack resources or capital. It is one of the most amazing online marketplaces, which is very trusted by the people and offers so many benefits and advantages to the sellers as well as buyers.

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