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PBS Kids Games – Know Everything in Details

    Today children are very addicted to mobile phones and other devices as they are a good source of entertainment by playing different games and watching cartoons. Still, their parents are becoming more and more aware of the content they are watching on mobile phones. Most parents think of providing them with a handy platform that can improve their knowledge, skills, and creativity but also provides them entertainment at the same time so they will keep learning while doing activities or playing games on different devices.

    In this article, we will discuss a fantastic platform for all children, which is PBS Kids Games, with all its details and deep knowledge so that you will come to know about this and can benefit your kids with this portal.

    What is PBS Kids Games?

    PBS Kids Games are a famous band of children’s programming by public broadcasting services. It is one of the most fantastic platforms which is proving more than hundreds of games that are free to play and provides some kind of informative learning for kids in different subjects like maths, science, creativity, social, language, reading, recipes, skill, emotional, crafts, cooperation and many more. All the characteristics used in PBS Kids Games are from their famous kids' shows like the dinosaur train, odd squad, and Daniel tiger, the cat in the hat knows a lot about that! pinkalicious, wild kratts, and various others. These games are a good source of entertainment as well as education at the same time for our kids who are till eight or ten years of age. 

    PBS Kids Games

    It was launched on the 11th of October in 2004 by the PBS kids network and through the united states, whose official language is English, and their official website is

    In the first cartoon, there was the cat in the hat who knew a lot about that! And the oldest show which was there is Arthur. These games are straightforward to play and provide extra fun and exciting lessons.

    Some famous games of PBS Kids Games

    The Cat in the Hat: Corn Maze Craze

    This is one of the famous PBS Kids Games in which a cat is living in the hat, and we hear some audio directions which are straightforward to follow with unique and fabulous colorful and bright interfaces. There is a corn maze craze that helps a lot to recent learners to solve problems. In this game, kids have to help the cat in finding the way through the maze, which brings fast logical thinking in their minds and builds good thinking power into them.

    Arthur’s Animal Home Builder

    This PBS Kids Game helps the kids by teaching them how to create different types of homes for other animals. It is one of the most famous and most played games on this network through which kids can develop various creativity and skills into them. Kids will have a virtual idea of the shelter that is preferred by different animals to live in and can also learn a lot of things through this game, like painting walls, tap nails, and many more, with a good entertainment source as well.

    Dinosaur Train Jurassic Jr.

    There are so many excellent games offered by PBS Kids Games, and one among them is this. While playing this game, it encourages the children to use several concepts of mathematics with lots of colorfulness and animation so that they will not even realize that you are learning something while playing those games. This game is all based on dinosaurs, and the kids have to measure their weight, height, and many other things by listening to different verbal instructions and following them.

    Some PBS Kids Games

    Here are some of the most popular games available on the PBS kids Games Platform, which are as given below:

    • Wild kratts rescue run animal
    • Play and learn to engineer
    • Corn maze craze
    • Jet’s bot builder robot games
    • Odd squad blob chase
    • Xavier riddle and the secret museum
    • The cat in the hat builds that
    • Play and learn science
    • Curious George, busy day Spanish
    • Kids crafts world adventure
    • Explore daniel’s neighborhood
    • Oscar’s rotten ride
    • Ready jet go! space scouts
    • Wild kratts, baby buddies
    • Clifford the big red do
    • Pinkalicious and terrific

    To whom does these PBS Kids Games are for?

    PBS Kids Games are for those kids who are under eight to ten years of age and want to play games on mobile phones and other devices as they have a habit of playing them, which is a good source of entertainment for them. There are several benefits of choosing and playing these games over others, such as they are very educational and they encourage a lot to our children to develop various skills, creativity, and learning into them in different fields like maths, science, language, and many others. These are the best for our kids as they provide the safest environment for them and a fantastic experience of playing games which is child friendly and straightforward to use. Kids can get various excellent opportunities to create new ideas in their minds and can explore different things by just playing these games. These are very safe to play, and there is no recommended surfing around there while playing games, and one can learn very safely and have fun.

    Is PBS Kids Games free to use, or do we have to pay for them?

    There is no need for any login as it is not required. We can quickly get these games freely on the app of PBS Kids Games for 24 hours. There is streaming available on the app where you can get all the things life, and hence there is no need for having any subscription after spending any amount of money at all and no need to log in. Everything available on this platform, like hundreds of games in different subjects and fields for children, is free to use and play, and anyone can easily play them by just visiting there. All the videos available on this platform are of high quality and very age-appropriate so that the kids will engage in educational matters and development very informative knowledge among them and also provide entertaining content to the kids while gaining information. You can easily play these games on your android as well as IOS iPhones, tablets, computers, laptops, and other devices.


    Here in this article, we have given you beneficial information about a fantastic platform and different PBS Kids Games which can be played both by the kids and by the parent as they are a good source of learning other subjects and also provides us a source of entertainment with lots of colorful and bright animation and good features. We hope that this article will be beneficial for you all and that after reading this article, you get the most appropriate information.

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