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Software & Hardware for a Video Streaming Service

    To become an IPTV service provider and get involved in the video streaming industry, you need particular equipment and infrastructure. The quality of the software and hardware you will use influences the performance of your video streaming service. That’s why it is vital to do research to find an appropriate solution for video streaming.

    We recommend you contact Setplex. The company can provide you with all the necessary software and hardware to launch or upgrade your video streaming service.

    Video Streaming

    Let’s observe what is essential to run an IPTV video streaming platform.

    Software & Hardware Necessary for an IPTV Video Streaming Service

    The following software and hardware are crucial for a video streaming service operation: IPTV middleware, applications, CDN, IPTV encoder, and transcoder.

    => IPTV middleware

    IPTV middleware performs plenty of functions. Briefly, it is what helps manage the whole video delivery process.

    IPTV middleware is necessary for managing subscribers, video content, billing systems, applications, and devices. A content provider can set limitations for different factors. They define where viewers can access content and in which locations it is forbidden.

    Moreover, the provider can define monetization models via IPTV middleware. Generally, there are three common ways to generate revenue: subscriptions (SVOD), pay-per-view (PPV or TVOD), and advertising (AVOD).

    IPTV middleware is the core of a video streaming business.

    => Applications

    IPTV video streaming services operate through the Internet, which gives viewers the opportunity to stream content on any compatible device. When the content creator allows viewers to access videos on any gadget, they can watch content on Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and computers.

    It means that people can view videos whenever and wherever they want. Consumers can watch content in a cafe, a park, or a queue - wherever it is convenient for them.

    They only need an internet connection, a compatible device, and an application of a video streaming service.

    The absence of applications can reduce the number of subscribers. People use different gadgets in daily life and will switch to a video streaming service that offers applications for various devices.

    => CDN

    Delivering content over long distances is what CDN does. It is a content delivery network consisting of many servers distributed across the world. They are necessary for delivering videos without latencies.

    People don’t like interruptions during video playback. They tend to stop using the service that cannot provide a smooth viewing experience. Instead, they switch to other platforms with similar content that might appear to be your competitors.

    When a video streaming service is ready to expand and reach audiences around the world, CDN will ensure that viewers watch videos without latencies.

    => IPTV encoder and transcoder

    IPTV encoder and IPTV transcoder are necessary for delivering video content via the Internet. IPTV encoder converts RAW video files into digital format and compresses them into small chunks. As a result, encoding makes the video more suitable for transfer via the Internet connection.

    The transcoding process relates to encoding. It is similar, but still, there are differences. IPTV transcoder converts videos from one format to another so that receiving devices and browsers can play them.

    Transcoding may include changing size and video quality to meet the technical requirements of the user’s device.

    Final Thoughts

    We have described the necessary elements for operating a video streaming service. However, besides them, specific functionality is also vital.

    When looking for the right solution, check if it has fundamental features, such as analytics, customization, and monetization. These functions are essential for creating an outstanding streaming service and its upgrade.

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