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What is Bizgurukul – Know Everything in Details

    Education is that thing which is needed by people to earn money as Earning money is one of the essential things in today's time, and people find so many ways to make money so that they will be able to fulfill their needs as well as the essential requirement of life. We all know that There are several ways to earn money. Here in this article, we will be discussing Bizgurukul, which is one of the best platforms to make a good amount of money just by sitting at your home. Here in this article, we will be telling you all the details of this platform very profoundly so you may continue reading this article.

    What is Bizgurukul?

    Bizgurukul was started on the 24th of march 2020, which is an online education platform that helps students by providing good quality education, several learning opportunities, skill-based learning, different strategies in real-time, a good community network, and a competitive environment. Ritwiz Tiwari is the founder of this platform, Rohit Sharma is the co-founder, and Keshave Lal is the business mentor of this portal. 


    This is located in delhi as a private company. By using Bizgurukul, one can have both personal and professional courses from basic to advanced levels and can also have an affiliate marketing program through them. By using the Bizgurukul platform, anyone can obtain knowledge and skills in any field they want and have an interest in. It saves so much cost for the students as they don’t have to go anywhere to learn different things and do not have to attend physically presented classes as all the information provided is through online mode only. Through this platform, one can have advice from different industry experts through their experience and skills.

    Features of Bizgurukul

    1. Bizgurukul is an excellent online learning platform that provides quality education to students and helps in improving their skills in different fields.
    2. The main focus of this platform is on learning which is based on skill.
    3. This platform also helps students and other people by making them financially independent by giving or creating earning opportunities for them.
    4. High potential for learning with a network of so many students with good trainers.
    5. This platform also provides several programs where entrepreneurs come and discuss their success stories with them, which educates and also motivates them.

    How to earn money by using Bizgurukul?

    Bizgurukul works as an excellent platform by providing so many fantastic opportunities for people to of earning money while becoming entrepreneurs after working on their skills and in several other ways. This platform offers so many marketing programs to individuals so that they will be able to earn money just by sitting at their home or in the comfort of any place. If one sells various online courses of Bizgurukul, then they will be able to get a good commission amount which could be 70 percent. Thus, they can quickly become independent financially. One can become an affiliate marketer and can earn money by selling products. They can become a freelancer and can provide services like web or graphic designing, writing, and many more in return for cash. One can create a website or a youtube channel and can do promotions and ads for different products and various services.

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    How to join Bizgurukul?

    Here are some of the easy and simple steps which you have to follow to join Bizgurukul:

    • Visit their official website and click on the option showing opportunities from the menu bar.
    • Now after this, click on the option showing join as an instructor or an affiliate.
    • You will see a registration form on the screen which you have to fill out by giving some details regarding yourself and answering some questions.
    • You have to give some personal information and a referral code of yours if you want to become an affiliate.
    • These all are easy steps, and thus by following these, you will be able to join this platform very quickly.

    What is Bizgurukul affiliate marketing?

    It is a marketing program by Bizgurukul in which individuals earns money by selling and doing promotion. The products of Bizgurukul and referring several customers to this platform and makes money if their customer purchases from them. There are specific steps in this process that you have to follow. There are different prices of the courses offered by them, which depend on their types like branding mastery, such as digital and Facebook marketing, Instagram and affiliate marketing mastermind, and influence mastery, such as sales, podcast, and course-flix. Traffic mastery, such as excel and google ads mastery, advances career education and many more.

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    Courses offered by Bizgurukul

    There are several courses offered by the Bizgurukul platform, which are as given below:

    • Branding mastery: it helps in making profit and sustainability and is a static building way of learning like affiliate marketing mastermind, instagram mastermind, digital marketing, personality development, spoken English, Facebook marketing video superstar, and so on.
    • Influence mastery: it is a type of skill enhancement that is online which are very useful;l for leadership qualities and so on, such as copywriting mastermind, podcast mastery, master public speaking, content writing, sales mastery, and many more.
    • Traffic mastery: it is an online program that helps in bringing traffic and boosting sales and so on such as Facebook ads masterminds, google ads mastery, email marketing mastery, advanced instagram masterminds, youtube mastermind, excel mastery, and so on.
    • Courseflix: it provides various programs related to health, wellness, and personality development, such as diabetes management programs, weight management, diet management, women's health guide, nutrition management, and so on.

    Is Bizgurukul a legal platform?

    We can say that Bizgurukul is a legal platform as it is registered under the companies act 2013 as a private limited company and registrar of companies in new delhi. It is not a fake platform, and in simple words, we can say that it is a legitimate platform.

    Is Bizgurukul a safe platform?

    Yes, Bizgurukul is a safe and secure platform, and there are so many students who are engaged with this platform and thus can be trusted by individuals. All the reviews given for this platform are almost positive and not a scam.


    Bizgurukul could be an excellent platform for educational purposes as well as for earning money just by sitting at home. In this article, we have given you all the details regarding this platform, and we hope that this information will be beneficial for all. After reading this article, all your confusion must be clarified.

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