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Top Off-page Content Ideas That Will Help You to Increase Engagement

    You need to drum up fresh and engaging off-page content ideas along with your website content to keep your audience interested and attracted to your brand. Off-page SEO is a technique that will help your website gain more popularity on the internet by increasing its visibility. Whereas on-page SEO helps you to rank better in search engines, off-page SEO strategies will help you improve your brand’s website in SERP.

    If we want to describe off-page SEO in very simple language then we can say that it is something which develops backlinks from other websites. It is the actions which are taken off your website. Off-page SEO plays a major role in building your brand’s reputation. But, it is not easy to come up with the best off-page SEO techniques every day to increase your website’s ranking. Therefore, here we are guiding you with the top 10 off-page SEO content ideas that can be implemented by various businesses to increase their website ranking and domain authority.

    Creating Effective Content

    Create shareable content

    We know that content is the king of digital marketing and attractive content always tops search engine optimization. Creating content that is relatable, engaging, and amazing content often makes your audience happy and they might even share such content on their social media handles. Shareable content happens to be the smartest way to generate a lot of natural backlinks to your website or blog. Publishing shareable content will help you to increase your website’s engagement and popularize your brand.

    Also, if you are creating share-worthy content, you must not hesitate to reach out to relevant social media influencers and convince them to share your content. Ask for backlinks from their blog and check that you get the backlinks from completely relevant sites.

    Link Building

    Another interesting off-page SEO technique is link building. As per many expert digital marketers, off-page SEO is highly synonymous with link building. Building high-quality links are likely to increase the authority of your brand’s website and it also affects your ranking on the search engines.

    The main motive behind link building is to generate high-quality outbound links for your website from another site. It works as a medium to provide signals to Google’s Pagerank Algorithm to make the other similar domains recognize your brand and consider it as a noticeable figure. But, always make sure to keep your focus on natural link-building. Natural link building involves producing and uploading content which seems to be worth sharing and linked directly to your domain. It might either be a guest post or influencer content.

    Create and invite guest posts

    Guest posts are one of the most important factors of off-page SEO. When it is done correctly, it seamlessly builds outbound links from your domain to a similar site. This is very beneficial as it helps in verifying the site authority and also attracts referral traffic. Guest posting is considered to be an effective link-building strategy as per a survey by SEMrush.

    Guest posting can be done in two different ways. You can either create a guest post on an industry publication, or authority blogs in your niche or you can conduct influencer outreach and invite them as contributors.

    When creating a guest post the first way you must look at their content and figure out where you can contribute similar content pieces that seamlessly include brand content such as direct links to your products and services. Once you are done, you can publish and promote it over all your channels.

    If you are opting for influencer outreach then get in touch with the experts of your industry, customers, and digital platform influencers of your niche. Ask them to produce their brand content which mentions your business and includes links to your domain.

    Get social with Social Media Networks

    Social media networks continue to remain the perfect way to reach your potential clients and grow your business. Your targeted audiences exist on social media; therefore, it happens to be the best communication platform to interact with them. It might not be a factor affecting your Google ranking but it is very much effective to gain attention. And more attention is beneficial for your website as more attention leads to more browsing and mentions of your brand.

    Social media is the new off-page SEO. In this era of Smartphones, around 97% of digital consumers use social media handles per month. Therefore, by spending more time on social media and frequently posting content, you will get a better understanding of your targeted audience. You must have great social media skills to improve your off-page SEO. Your social media presence will help you flourish your business as you will start receiving more and more backlinks.

    Social Networking Sites

    Domain Authority

    Page Authority











    Create YouTube Videos

    You might be wondering how YouTube is related to off-page SEO. It is because YouTube appears to be the largest video platform and the world’s second most popular web domain. Moreover, the links from YouTube Meta descriptions are very effective to enhance the off-page SEO of your blog posts. YouTube is the most popular video site in today’s date and digital marketers profit greatly from uploading videos on this video platform.

    However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you are willing to use this off-page SEO strategy to grow your business.

    • Before creating video content, you must understand what the latest trends in your niche are and how to create such videos that would make you differ from your competitors.
    • Do not keep the expectation of driving traffic immediately. Create and publish creative content on a weekly or daily basis to keep your audience engaged with your business. Also, focus on the quality of your content as high-quality content is more likely to get more views.
    • Make sure you have at least created 15-20 top-quality videos to gain more and more followers to promote your business. This is a way to indirectly promote your business. Also, notify your followers beforehand when your next content will be released.

    Use images and infographics to make your content attractive

    Simply written content might not fail to attract your audience at times. But, when you use appealing photos and correct infographics, there are more possibilities to form high-quality connections from other similar domains which would help to boost your total off-page SEO. You can make your content appealing and attractive using the correct facts, smart color combinations, icons, charts, and graphs.

    Nowadays, infographics are very popular on the internet. You can use infographics submission websites to submit your infographics and then provide reference links to your blog or domain. A few infographics sites that you can use are –

    Infographics Submission Sites

    Domain Authority

    Page Authority










    Today, there are approximately 850,000 podcasts in the world which makes them extremely popular. It is stated that 32% of the US population listens to a podcast at least once a month. Podcasts have turned out to be a vital part of the digital marketing strategy. It is one of the off-page SEO strategies which can be used to rank for specific search terms.

    Podcasts are very effective for reaching audiences and popularizing your brand through various sources that are not just limited to browsing engines. Moreover, podcast marketing is not used by much of content marketers yet, so this can be extremely beneficial for you.


    Off-page SEO is very important to help your brand gain more popularity on the web and increase your brand's visibility. It is reported that off-page SEO makes up around 75% of a good content marketing strategy. If you are planning to grow your business, digital marketing is something that you cannot avoid and you must avail the best content writing services to reach your potential clients and grow your brand digitally.

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