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Google Home Max White Speaker – Features, Specifications, and Pricing Full Details

    If you are finding an all-in-one speaker for you with ultimate features and functionality and outstanding sound quality which can fit perfectly in your home space, then undoubtedly, Google Home Max White could be a fantastic option for you all. It has so many features to bring it for any of the music enthusiasts with an elegant design that looks great in appearance.

    Here we will be covering all of its features, performance, specifications, advantages and disadvantages, pricing, failures, and many other things to provide you with a detailed review of this product which will help you to decide on its purchase if you should go for it or to switch to any other speaker.

    Google Home Max White

    Specifications of Google Home Max White

    When you open the box of Google Home Max White, you will get a power cable and information regarding its warranty and safety with this product. This product has a sleek and modern aesthetic design and high-quality material used with significantly less design and hidden touch controls, which make it a fantastic option to purchase. It is effortless to set up, and without complications, you can connect it to the WiFi or any other power source and can pair it up with your smartphone or tablet.

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    This product has dual woofers of 4.5 inches and offers powerful audio and sound quality, and the listener will get an optimal listening experience with this product. With this, we will have the benefit of stereo pairing capabilities for immersive stereo audio or sound and Google Assistant, which can be used for hands-free calling, control over voice activation, access to music, and many more things. This product can efficiently work with various platforms and intelligent home devices and provides a multi-room audio feature.

    Key Features of Google Home Max White

    • It has a sleek and modern design that can easily fit in your home space and complements any décor.
    • It has intelligent sound technology and offers powerful sound performance.
    • With the use of Google Assistant, one can do hand-free calling and many usages.
    • The capability of stereo pairing provides multi-room audio.
    • Very easy to set up as only a few steps are needed.
    • It is a user-friendly product that is very comfortable in terms of usage.
    • There is no need to use buttons as all the work can be quickly done with your voice.
    • It has a feature of voice detection so that it will be able to understand different voices, and there will be no interruption from anyone while listening to songs constantly.
    • It supports Apple’s iTunes.

    Performance of Google Home Max White

    Google Home Max White comes up with a fantastic range of voice detection, and it will easily detect your voice no matter if you stand on the opposite side of the room. The change happens only if you stand more than a distance of five meters and you have to give a few high voice commands to the device. Then only, it will be able to function correctly and to get your voice. This speaker comes up with two woofers support which is 4.5 inches and provides excellent sound output.

    If we talk about the sound quality of the speaker, then, undoubtedly, the sound quality is excellent and considerable, with crystal clear and loud voice output. Both mid and low ranges through this speaker are reasonable, and all those people who love hip-hop and these kinds of music will low this device as it will provide them a fantastic experience of hearing beats.

    Process of Playing Apple Music on Google Home Max White

    If you want to play apple music on Google home max white, then you need to link your account apple music with the app Google home. After linking your device, you can simply say hey, Google play, or anything you want on apple music, and after then, the speaker will get the command of your voice and will play that particular song that you asked him to play. To connect your speaker to Wi-Fi, you just have to open their app and then any of your devices, like tablets or smartphones, and then just follow the series of instructions given by them. You can also control your TV with this if your TV is compatible, but make sure that both of them are connected to the same source of power or Wi-Fi network.

    Advantages of Google Home Max White

    1. Fantastic audio and sound quality
    2. Provides one year of warranty
    3. It comes up with LED light
    4. According to the surrounding, the internal microphones will adjust themselves
    5. The design of this product is perfect and modern
    6. Comes up with Google Assistant

    Disadvantages of Google Home Max White

    1. May you will feel that the base is a very audio purist
    2. As it is discontinued by Google, therefore it is not receiving new updates
    3. It could be expensive for so many users to purchase this product at this cost.


    Google Home Max White could be an excellent option for your home space which has so many unique features and provides good-quality of audio. It has a stunning design and excellent performance and is a perfect option for all those people who need a smart device. It also offers good commands over different voices and integration with other devices. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is Google Home Max White discontinued by Google?

    Yes, this product is discontinued by Google, and the official reason for the failure of this product is not provided by Google. Suddenly there is sold out shown on the Google store for this product, and various people say that this product will not be continued by Google as the existing ones will be supported.

    What are some alternatives for Google Home Max White?

    There are different alternatives to this product available in the market, such as Alexa, Jeedom, Gladys Assistant, Domoticz, Mediaportal, Android TV, and so many others.

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