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How To Use Twitter For Your Business

    Social media platforms are a fantastic way for brands and small businesses to market their products and gain loyal customers. Recently there have been some substantial changes to the social media platform Twitter. A lot of brands are wondering how these changes will affect their marketing strategies. Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he has been renovating multiple features on the social media platform. Even though a lot of users are still on the fence about these changes, there is a possibility that these changes can prove to be beneficial to brands.


    ExpressVPN’s research states that Twitter might end up losing a substantial amount of users globally by the end of 2024. Currently, Twitter is still thriving, with newer users joining the platform and older users still using the platform daily. However, if we look at predictions, Twitter will lose about 6% of its US users by the end of 2023. Elon Musk has introduced a premium version of Twitter for its users and has also laid off about two-thirds of Twitter’s employees. Despite all these changes, it can not be denied that Twitter is still beneficial to brands and businesses.

    Twitter For Businesses

    Twitter is quite a popular social media platform. This implies that brands can reach a huge amount of people if they create a good enough presence on the platform. Even though Twitter is undergoing major changes, the platform is still quite important for brands if they want to market themselves.

    With the introduction of Twitter Blue and gold badges for official brands, it can be said that Elon Musk is repurposing the social media platform to make it more friendly for brands and smaller businesses. Let’s take a look at the benefits of marketing on Twitter and how brands can create a good Twitter account to gain more customers for themselves.

    Why Twitter Can Be Useful For Businesses

    Twitter has a massive amount of users that can help brands reach more people easily. Let’s take a look at some tools on the social media platform that can help businesses in expanding their reach.

    First and foremost, Twitter is quite huge on hashtags. Hashtags allow brands to reach people interested in getting products from a certain category. This also allows brands to target a specific customer base. Hashtags are not only beneficial to increase the visibility of content for brands, but the use of trending hashtags can also help brands in creating viral content.

    It is not uncommon for brands to have quirky social media accounts. Most of the brands on Twitter tend to tweet about any ongoing viral issues, and users can also see some interesting conversations going on, on the official brand pages. These tactics help brands in gaining more customers by creating a buzz through their social media pages. One o the biggest examples of brands using their Twitter to gain traction has to be the Twitter account of the food chain Wendy's. Wendy’s Twitter account is popular for replying to tweets and comments in a quirky and sarcastic way.

    Additionally, Twitter allows brands to create Live tweets so that they can effectively interact with their consumers. This is also helpful for getting feedback from customers if a brand is launching a new product. Similarly, brands can also make use of popular memes to create buzz around their Twitter account.

    It is also beneficial for brands to create Twitter chats or participate in ongoing Twitter chats. The best way for brands to grow on Twitter is to find the right people to interact with. A brand’s popularity can be heavily affected by the help of other influencers and brands. It can be said that collaborations with the right creators can help boost a brand or business easily on Twitter.

    How To Setup A Successful Business Account On Twitter

    Multiple factors need to be considered while creating a business account on Twitter. To set up a successful business account, brands must create a solid marketing strategy to utilize all the features of Twitter to reach the maximum number of people. Additionally, brands should stay aware of all ongoing trends that they can use to boost their content reach.

    Other than uploading regularly and interacting with your customers, it is also beneficial for businesses to collaborate with the right influencers. Additionally, the use of newer features like Twitter Blue can help brands in getting all the perks that they might need to grow their account. Businesses must understand that to maintain a substantial following and customer base; they need to consistently provide content on their Twitter account.

    Twitter also allows users to create ad campaigns and promotional videos for their accounts. Businesses must use this feature to boost their reach, especially if they launch a new product or provide a new service to their customers. Smaller businesses might not know this, but they can embed their tweets on their websites and blogs if they want to. This will help them redirect their customers to their Twitter accounts easily.

    To ensure that your brand keeps on growing smoothly, it is important to research new ideas to present to your customers. Additionally, businesses can also research their competitors on Twitter to understand what works best on the social media platform. If brands focus on their target audience and use marketing practices to boost their brand, they will see a positive change in their customer base. Most importantly, the more unique your brand is, the higher chance it will have of succeeding.


    Many factors help brands in marketing their products on social media platforms like Twitter. The most important factor is the easy availability of many viewers. Brands can also create ad campaigns on social media platforms for a small amount of money. On the contrary, creating commercials for other spaces can be quite expensive for brands.

    Twitter has also introduced some new features like gold badges that can help brands become easily recognizable. Features like Twitter Blue can also help brands repurpose their content and upload better content for viewers. Creating a successful account on Twitter can help brands gain a lot of traction for themselves. It can also help small businesses in boosting their product sales.

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