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What is a Video CDN And Why Is it Important?

    Today, video streaming is one of the easiest and most popular ways to deliver and consume content on the internet. You can easily connect to your loved ones or with your audience all around the globe just with a click. This is why high-quality video streaming has become necessary in this digital world.

    With the popularity of the video streaming industry, the CDN (content delivery network) is also skyrocketing. If you want to stream and deliver or watch good quality videos, the choice of CDN for video streaming is vital. It is a network of multiple servers that helps deliver video content to many users.

    Video CDN

    If you don’t know what a video CDN is, keep reading. This article explains exactly what CDN video streaming is and why it is important for video streaming.

    Let’s begin.

    What is a CDN?

    CDN, or content delivery network, is a network that consists of a group of connected servers that deliver digital content, including audio or video, over the internet. CDNs are available all over the globe, and they cache the content to deliver it to the servers closest to the end user. Due to this, CDN can deliver the content as fast as possible.

    What is a Video CDN?

    A video CDN refers to a CDN allotted for video stream delivery which includes caching and delivering video content efficiently over the internet to a wide range of users.

    Besides these tasks, CDN can also deliver additional things such as CSS style sheets, JavaScript, HTML, images, and other web content. A Video CDN can be constructed exclusively to stream videos. For example, Netflix has its own distribution network, known as Open Connect.

    Why Use a Video CDN For Streaming Video?

    CDN has many connecting servers which help to deliver the video content quickly over the internet by truncating the delivery time from the origin to the end user. With the help of a CDN, you can make the entire streaming process easy and smooth, so your audience will get an uninterrupted viewing experience.

    Apart from these, there are also many other benefits of using CDN for video streaming, including:

    • CDN connects the nearest server to the user to deliver the video content fast. Due to this, the viewer can load and play the video quickly and smoothly.
    • CDN cache videos locally can reduce latency and engage your audience throughout the entire streaming.
    • CDN makes sure to provide high-quality video streaming to thousands of viewers.
    • It can decrease the time for a video to start and also reduce buffering to make the streaming experience more efficient and engaging.
    • You will get real-time analytics from which you analyze how your content performs online.
    • CDN also provides integrated transcoding to convert video content in various formats.
    • There is also integrated content delivery which is used to distribute the same video to different devices.


    If video streaming is essential to your business, choosing a good CDN is a must. Numerous video CDNs, such as Castr CDN for video streaming, are available in the market with various features and services. You can use a CDN service to deliver your content fast, smoothly, and efficiently to your audience.

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