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PLDT Home WiFi Settings - Change Password and All Settings Steps

    Many people use PLDT home WiFi solutions as it is the common solution for WiFi requirements. A WiFi router has very few challenges, but one of the biggest challenges for new users is to know how to change the PLDT WiFi password on the router.

    Continue reading for instructions on how to alter the WiFi password on both configurations as well as some helpful advice for improving the ease of use of the routers:

    PLDT Home WiFi Settings

    Login Guide for PLDT Routers

    1. Open the internet browser
    2. To reach the router's web-based user interface, type the most popular IP address for PLDT routers ( into the address bar of your web browser.
    3. There should be two areas where you can type in your username and password.
    4. adminpldt is the router's default user identity, and 1234567890 is the standard password.
    5. After entering the password and user name, press "Enter," and your router's control panel will appear.

    How to alter your PLDT WiFi password?

    Step 1: Open your browser on your smartphone or computer and go to

    Step 2: In the username and password section, enter "admin" and "1234," respectively.

    Step 3: Depending on the PLDT modem model, this next stage might be different. However, the main thing to do is to locate the "Wireless" or "WiFi" options, then choose the WiFi name you want.

    Step 4: In the "Pre-shared key" section you can enter the new password. After selecting "Apply Changes," your modem should restart. Look for the WiFi name in your device's WiFi settings on your desktop or smartphone. Make sure you select "Forget This Network" so you can enter the new passcode.

    How to make a secure WiFi password?

    It is important to understand that you should avoid using easy passwords when setting up new WiFi passwords. You should follow a few recommendations in order to create a secure and good password.

    Make sure that it is long enough. It is advised that the password should have at least eight characters long, but making it 12 will significantly boost its strength.

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    Combine numbers, punctuation, small and capital letters, and special characters. Just have some fun with them. The final smiley face will make the password stronger.

    Settings for Pldthomewifisettings.Net website

    To update your WiFi name and password in PLDT Home WiFi Settings, simply go to Network on the Pldthomewifisettings.Net website after logging into the router's settings. You must control two networks under the WLAN option.

    Select the Advance Tab under the 2.4 GHz network configuration. New names should be entered in the SSIS Name box, followed by new passwords in the Passphrase field. A password should have a minimum of 12 characters, including letters, numbers, and special symbols.

    Dashboard Balance for PLDT Wireless

    By going to while connected to your home WiFi network, you can view the dashboard. Through the myPLDT Smart program, you can also manage how it is used.

    Suggestions to get the best experience from PLDT Home WiFi

    Here are four suggestions to help you make the most of your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi:

    → Position it strategically

    For the strong signal, place the PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi close to a window. Keep it away from objects that can interfere. Even water and moisture, which may be present in plant pots, floral vases, air conditioners, or an open bathroom door, can degrade wireless signals.

    → Use it indoors

    In contrast to normal Pocket WiFi, which you can use anywhere, PLDT house Prepaid WiFi is made specifically for house use and performs best in a fixed and stationary indoor location.

    The device is able to deliver high-speed connection inside the house because it supports the LTE 700MHZ band, a low frequency that easily penetrates houses and buildings.

    → Create a solid passcode

    Up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices, such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones, can be connected by PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi. Make sure to give a strong and secure password that only your family knows to prevent WiFi hoggers from slowing down your connection.

    → Set a spending limit for top-ups

    One of the best things about PLDT Home WiFi is it helps you in controlling usage based on the budget. Set a budget for frequent top-ups on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis to ensure a much better experience.

    Final thoughts

    Changing the WiFi password in PLDT is described in the simple steps above. You can regain control of your home network in less than five minutes if you follow those simple steps. Don't forget to create a more secure password.

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