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Relevel – Get Your Dream Jobs

    Jobs play a very important role in everybody's life because in return for work only we will get paid for it and earn money. Money is a very important element for an individual to fulfill the necessities of life, such as food, clothing, and a house, and to achieve whatever they want; that’s why to prefer to do jobs.

    If you are also someone who is looking for a perfect job which will be suitable for you, then this article will be very appropriate for you as today in this article we will be telling you everything about Relevel, and thus you may continue reading the above information.


    What is Relevel?

    Relevel is one of the most popular skill development platforms for all of the people by unacademy, offering a variety of jobs to people in need once. One has to give a test, which is entirely objective based for achieving a job position. On their platform, their courses are available, which are designed for everybody or, we can say, for all students ignoring their experiences and educational background.

    For using this platform, there is no degree of graduation or anything required, and also, there is no need for anyone to have experience in any field at all. They say that any of the people or students who have cleared their test will get a guaranteed job within 15 days of the company.

    Skill requirements for different tests on Relevel

    There are certain skills required for various tests, which are as given below:

    For attempting a business development test, one should have good communication skills, presentation ability, objection handling, and negotiation ability.

    For a fronted development test, one should have data structures and algorithms, code quality programming fundamentals, and knowledge tools like HTML, CSS, etc.

    For the business analytics test, one should have applied fundamentals, good communication, data interpretation band analysis, and SQL ability.

    For the digital marketing test, one should have the ability to analyze data and content marketing and proficiency in SEO.

    Jobs you will get after clearing Revelel tests

    There are many jobs available provided by Relevel if you can clear the test provided by them. Some of the job positions are discussed above:

    • Relationship manager: a person whose profession is to assist in maintaining and developing good relationships with customers within the company or outside the company.
    • Software engineer: a person who is responsible for designing, developing, maintaining, and testing various software applications.
    • Sales associate: a person who is engaged in business-to-customer selling and performs several duties like interacting with customers, answering their questions, promoting sales, and many more.
    • Business analyst: a person who assists the organization in performing the best to improve everything.
    • HR associate: a person who maintains all the human records, such as keeping applications and resumes up to date.
    • Data analyst: a person who examines data and maintains all the records of the data to solve a variety of problems.
    • Digital marketing associate: a person who will assist clients in various ways, like marketing their products and services by using the internet, mobile phones, and other means of technology.

    Elegibility criteria for Revelel test

    Except for creating an account on Revelel and getting yourself registered on it, there are several other criterias for eligibility which are given below for you:

    One should have an age of atleast 18 years and not exceeding 35 years and a legal work permit in that particular country. You should follow the test criteria and achieve a minimum grade, and after accepting the job position, you should be able to join within thirty days of accepting the offer. There are only entry-level job positions available that are facilitated by them, and you will be able to accept the job location provided by them. They will ask you to submit some information which is required. If you can pass the test, then you will get an email for the interview.


    Revell is one of the excellent portals by unacademy, which helps in providing various job positions to students and other people without having a graduation degree and experience and just by clearing their test. We hope through this article, we will be able to provide you with all the necessary details regarding this platform.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who will be able to apply for Relevel?

    Anyone who is having minimum age of eighteen years and not maximum age of more than ten to 35 years and has a legal work permit from the country will be able to apply on the platform very easily and simply.

    Can Fressers apply for Relevel?

    Yes, fressers can also apply for this platform, as there is no requirement for any type of work experience or graduate degree at all.

    Is the test of Relevel difficult?

    Somehow concerning the opinions of various people who have attempted this test, we can say that the test provided by them is a little bit challenging and hard to crack, and they were told that if they take their courses, then they will be able to crack them very easily.

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    What is the average salary of Relevel?

    The average salary that is offered by this platform may vary from post to post, and the salary one can get for the post of business development associate they can get six lakhs per year, five lakhs per year for a content editor to 25 lakhs or more per years for software engineer and others.

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