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Novopay – Aadhar ATM, Bill Payments & Recharges for Retailers

    With the use of Novopay, millions of customers can withdraw their cash., remit money, can do a variety of purchasing, and can have access to so many banking and customers related services and goods. It is one of the AI-powered SaaS-based platforms of core banking, which is driving the most revolutionary banks in India currently.

    Today Novopay is growing day by day by creating a more comprehensive distribution network, driving many requirements for the technology of banking and with a wide range of goods and services offered to the people and making it possible for everybody living in every part of the country to have an access over banking.


    The initiator of IDFC & Sun Microsoft who is Vinod Khosla, funded this, and its headquarters is on Sarajpur Road, Bangalore 18/2A, 2nd floor, GRS Tower, above the Cafe Coffee Day. It is designed in such a way to keep in mind the innovations which are changing and the usability of the network of banking to provide all the services like various transfers, stylish dashboards, and many more.

    Novapay company is helping a lot by offering a variety of banking services to towns and villages and every part of the country with the help of the retail network. Some so many retailers are trusted partners of this company due to its reputation and the services it offers. This company is increasing day by day and covers over 25 states with safe and secure transactions.

    Some Highlighted Features of Novopay

    • If you become a partner of the Novopay, then you can get upto a commission of rupees fifty thousand.
    • It provides so many financial solutions and options for your retail store.
    • As all the primary or leading banks are supported by Novopay, thus it offers you various services like money transfer, where you can deposit and transfer money from any of the bank accounts.
    • It offers more than 20 services with the cash service facility, and it enables a collection platform.
    • You can recharge the mobile of your customers, can pay your utility bills, and do many other things with only some easy steps.
    • You can have the facility of withdrawing cash from any bank account by using the Aadhaar ATM facility by doing Aadhaar authentication.
    • Offers income reimbursement to customers from unfounded hospitals and secures their wellness.

    Novopay for Retailers

    Novopay is one of the fastest-growing platforms in India, offering a variety of services and income stability to customers. Presently there is more than one lakh of retailers who are connected with this platform, and every month there is an increase of more than one thousand retailers. It has a partnership with most of the central banks and various leading financial organizations so that the customers can have easy access to the payment process. They have a Novopay retailer app for them which can be used easily by the customers.

    Features of the Novopay Retailer App

    • For your customers, you can quickly transfer money from any of the bank accounts.
    • You can pay a variety of bills, postpaid and prepaid recharges, can do DTH recharges on Airtel, DISH TV, Tata, and many others for your customers.
    • You can receive an excellent commission of rupees fifty thousand by transferring your store to Aadhaar ATM.
    • By using Aadhaar authentication, you can transfer or withdraw money from any of the ATMs.
    • It is like a cash collection hub for services of more than 20.

    KYC on Novopay

    The Novopay App was launched in 2015 and can be easily downloaded by anyone from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After completing your KYC, you can easily withdraw an amount upto one lakh per month, and if you are not a KYC user, then this amount is only ten thousand for you. Thus all the KYC users will get a much better-withdrawing facility as compared to the non-KYC users. There will be a fess charged on the total amount, which is one percent.

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    For the verification of the customers, their app uses the Aadhaar forum for validating banks as well as two-factor Aadhaar authentication security. If you have an excellent internet connection, then you can simply be done the Aadhaar authentication process from any of your mobile phones or other devices.

    Process of Online KYC on Novopay

    For doing online KYC on Novopay, you have to follow a series of steps which are given below for you:

    • Open Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for Novopay App by typing it in the search bar there.
    • By clicking on the install button, download the app on your device.
    • If you are a new user, complete the registration process after downloading it, and if you are an existing user, provide them with your mobile number and click on the login button.
    • Login to the Novopay app by providing or entering an MPIN of four digits.
    • Click on the bill payment option, and after this, click on the button showing active now.
    • There will be redirection for you to the complete process of KYC.
    • To upload a copy of your PAN Card, click on the tap to scan the document under the section of PAN Card.
    • To upload a copy of your Aadhaar Card, click on the tap to scan the document under the section of the Aadhaar Card.
    • Tap on the option of complete KYV.
    • After the verification of your uploaded documents, your KYC process will be completed.
    • Now you can become a gold retailer after completing the process for KYC and can perform a variety of services like bill payments.


    In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary details regarding Novopay Company and its app, along with the services it offers to customers. We hope that this article will be beneficial for you all and that after reading this article, you came to know everything about it.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is the Customer Care number of Novopay?

    They have professional customer care services to handle all the queries of confusion of their customers and to submit feedback and for making any complaint regarding their services. Their customer care number is 09243192431, with the use of which customers can live in contract with them.

    Who are the founders of Novopay?

    It was founded by Vinod Khosla, trusted by Srikanth Nadhamuni, who is the founder CTO of Aadhaar and Gautam Bandyopadhyay, who is the head of the Financial Innovation Hub at Infosys.

    What does Novopay do?

    It provides online banking services and systems for banks and a variety of services like money transfers, cash payments and withdrawals for its customers.

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