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What is Textnow? App For Free Calling and Texting, Check all Details

    As human is a social animal who loves and enjoy being in touch with other people so that they may stay connected to them, and for this, they use various means of communication technologies and ways. To fulfill these needs of individuals, there are a variety of companies available in the market offering multiple innovative communication services and products.

    In this article, we are going to discuss Textnow, which is a free app that helps users to send texts and to make calls. There are no hidden charges or additional fees required for using its services, and it works on mobile virtual network operators. If you want to get all the detailed information about it, then you should read this article carefully and after reading this you're all doubts will be clarified.


    What is Textnow?

    Textnow is a free app or a service providing data through which we can make free calls and have the benefit of texting with the use of eligible devices. There are many other similar apps available in the market for the same thing, but it is a little bit different as we can also use this with or without a WiFi network not, like others such as Telegram and WhatsApp.

    It provides us with a US mobile number that can be used for calling by choosing the area code for your new virtual caller ID, and after this, you make simply have the benefit of free calling and texting. If someone lacks appropriate coverage of WiFi, then they may merely switch to a Textnow sim card and can have nationwide mobile networks around the United States.

    It offers us so many excellent features and services through which we can easily communicate with our friends and family around the globe. There is no charge at all for sending messages, stickers, photos or for doing calls, and you can also do video calling. There will be no harm to your data as it comes up with various safety protocols, and there is a personalized signature option available.

    Key Features of Textnow

    • By using a US phone number, we can call anybody and can avoid fees for international calls and messages.
    • One can operate this on various devices as it is not restricted or limited to one device only.
    • You can do unlimited messages and voice calls and can send pictures, videos and stickers to Canada or US.
    • International free calling.
    • By turning the audio message into text, you can transcribe your voicemails.
    • By having the benefit of conference calling, you make communicate with many people at the same time.
    • It works as a backup for emergencies. If there is no internet connection in your phone, then you can use this to reach out for help.

    Working of Textnow

    Textnow work very simply and allow users to do unlimited phone calls and messages. One can have use of all the services provided by it simply in two ways the first one is through its app, and the other one is by using its SIM card. It will help you to stay in touch with your family members and friends around Canada and the United States, and for this, there are no monthly fees required as they allow you to have these services for free, even at their basic plan.

    If you choose add-on services, then only you have to pay a certain amount, and once you have subscribed to them, then you will be able to use all their services, like making so many phone calls and texts. If you want to, then there is also an option available for buying premium plans, as premium numbers are a good choice for so many people in business that it will be easy for their customers to remember these numbers.

    If you are also wondering how they can offer all these services free and without charging any amount of money, then let me tell you that through advertisements in their app, the company cover all of the cost of its services, and that is why you don’t have to pay a monthly phone bill.

    Pros of Textnow

    1. Across Canada and US, there is free calls and text facility available.
    2. You can sync or operate it with many devices, and it is not limited to a single device only.
    3. It is straightforward to use.
    4. You can earn international credits by simply watching advertisements.
    5. One can send photos and stickers by using it.

    Cons of Textnow

    1. The quality of the call is not very good, and it is average only.
    2. Due to inactivity may lose your phone number.
    3. Can face situations like call dropping.
    4. Chances of receiving scam calls.
    5. Restricted to Canada and US only.

    Wrapping it up

    Textnow is a great service provider with the use of which we can stay in connection with our friends and family by using various ways of communication. All the facilities and features provided by it are free of cost, and in return for their essential play, you don’t have to pay anything at all. One can use this legitimate platform without having any fear of safety-related issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    In which country is Textnow available?

    It is available in NA countries like Canada and US.

    Why should one download Textnow?

    If you only want to communicate with your family members or friends who are also living in Canada and the US only, then you may download it so that you can have the facility of affordable call plans.

    Is Textnow free to use?

    Yes, its basic version is free to use by the users, but it supports advertisements, and to avoid them, you may purchase their premium plans.

    Is the Textnow app legitimate?

    Yes, it is a legitimate app to use, offering free unlimited calling and texting services to users living in Canada and US.

    Can we use Textnow without WiFi?

    Yes, you may have the benefit of all the services provided by it without using WiFi simply by using your SIM card or app, which is available on the Play Store.

    How to download the Textnow app?

    This app is available for both Android and iPhone users, and to download it, you have to open Google Play Store or Apple Play Store, respectively, then, in the search bar, write the name of this app and simply download it.

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