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How To Write an Attractive Blog Post for Social Media in 2023

    Social networks provide many tools to interact with users. A page post is one of them. It is a short publication that contains interesting material on a topic related to the company's activities. At first glance, it may seem that creating a social media post is simple - it is enough to write about certain thoughts and add a few emojis.

    However, in practice, this approach does not work, as the author needs to consider many aspects and be guided by some recommendations. Everything changes. There are already enough changes in social media trends in 2023. And this must be taken into account, because. if you don’t keep up with the times, you can stay in the past for your audience and lose everything. Let's figure out together how to write engaging blog posts for social networks and find a couple of working tools.

    Post for Social Media

    What is the value of posts on social networks?

    Before breaking down specific writing tips, it's important to understand the benefits of these types of posts. In 2023, they are not just interesting material for readers, but a way of attracting their attention, building trust in the brand and also stimulating some kind of action (comment or like). All this directly affects the image, conversion, and sales. The latter is significantly increasing, as a wider audience is involved.

    This is not surprising, because every year the number of users of social networks is constantly increasing. According to estimates from Statista, in 2023 the figure will exceed 4 billion. It is worth noting that the majority of users of social networks are actively interested in commercial accounts and willingly go to official sites to perform targeted actions. All this clearly explains why writing posts on social networks should be treated responsibly.

    What should be considered when creating an attractive post?

    All social networks are essentially platforms where users exchange certain information. Despite the common principle of work, each of them is somewhat unique. It is about functionality, rules, a publication order, and many other features. For example, LinkedIn is a platform aimed at supporting professional activities and establishing useful work contacts.

    Well, Facebook is a universal social network, users of which can add friends, chat, exchange funny videos, etc. This aspect must be taken into account if you want to write a really interesting post for users. In addition, other factors are important:

    • character volume requirements for publication;
    • an audience that is users of a specific social network;
    • the appropriateness of using emojis, special characters, videos, and photos.

    In addition, the format in which publications are submitted on the network is important. This will help to understand in which part to make the main emphasis.

    What tips should be followed when writing publications for social networks?

    Writing posts is not an easy task. It requires a creative approach, accurate knowledge of the audience, compliance with publication rules, as well as strict adherence to the brand's tone of voice. To harmoniously combine all aspects and make your task easier, you can use several valuable tips.

    Writing posts in the language of a specific social network

    In this case, it is important to understand that it is different in each platform. It all depends on the audience, as well as the type of social network itself. As an example, you can consider Facebook. Statista research has shown that it is the largest social network in the world. Its users are more than 2 billion people of different ages. Among them are students, adults, and even the elderly. In this case, you need to focus on a writing style that will be understandable to all these users. In addition, the direction of the social network is important.

    For a better understanding, you can give an example of LinkedIn. This is a platform where users mainly exchange information of a professional nature. Therefore, it is important to create intellectual and educational content. But here you can also work effectively to attract potential buyers.. In any case, you must also follow the rules of publishing on the platforms and the existing restrictions.

    Allowed number of characters

    A post on Facebook can include more than 2500 characters, for LinkedIn there is essentially no limit, but for Twitter the maximum allowed is 140. Based on this, the text on the same topic in each social network will have a completely different look.

    For example, according to Buddy Media Twitter audiences prefer short sayings with less than 100 characters. Moreover, it is necessary to add hashtags and mentions to them to facilitate the ability to share. And this may already exceed the allowable volume.

    But the most retweeted tweets are those that contain only a few words. An example of the most iconic post -

    Obama Post

    Over 750,000 retweets in just 3 words.

    Building an idea around a reader's need

    This tip addresses one common mistake many authors make. It consists of the fact that the brand's advantages, its features, and other characteristics are taken as the basis of writing. In this case, the user may not have an incentive to do something, since these are template posts. There is nothing in them that could attract attention.

    If the basis of the post is to use precisely the "pains", needs, and problem situations faced by the readers and describe their solution with the help of the company, then such a publication will give a result with a higher probability. Such a result is ensured by the fact that the user sees a complete solution that can improve his life.

    Establishing a clear goal for the post

    Before writing a post for a social network, you should clearly define the purpose for which you are creating it. It's about what you want to offer readers. There may be several options here:
    • leave a comment;
    • go to the official website;
    • take part in the discussion;
    • add a post to your page, etc.

    Whichever one you choose, it must be added to the publication. This is usually called a "call to action" and is placed at the end of the post. At the same time, such a text should be organic and not linear. It is better if it is a question that logically follows from the text of the post.

    Availability of publications

    The point is that every reader should be able to view the publication and understand its content using any program. The fact is that there are many gadgets and applications with which you can view posts on social networks. In most cases, the text is displayed correctly in any form. However, in some programs, individual emojis, or even all characters of this type, may not be displayed when viewing posts.

    This should be taken into account by those who very actively use these icons in posts and even convey a certain part of the content through them. Separately, it is worth considering cases when images with text are added to the account. In this case, you must duplicate the text under this picture. This is the only way to convey meaning to everyone without excluding users.


    Any text must have a structure. It provides readability, maintenance of meaning, allows you to indicate the end of one thought and the beginning of another, etc. Yes, for Twitter, with its optimal number of characters per post, this is not so relevant, but on Facebook and LinkedIn - the structure will help to establish communication with the audience. For example, a post from the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa:

    Lowry Park Zoo

    Do you understand what it's about?

    One continuous text with three different details of events, each of which is extremely important. But due to the lack of separation, they all form a huge clump of data that falls for the user, who obviously will not be able to immediately understand what they want to convey to him.

    This post should be structured by breaking all three main components into paragraphs or forming a list. But if time and budget allow, you can just make 3 different posts. In the first, tell in detail about the sale of decor and props, in the second - about the opportunity to queue in advance, and in the third - about the sale of large goods. All this is backed up with colorful pictures to evoke the necessary emotions in users for the desire to attend the event and voila - you have attracted the attention of the audience.

    Consideration of behavioral factors in each social network

    Confirmation of this aspect can be easily found in practice. To do this, it is enough to create a post on the Facebook network and then share it on Twitter. Interaction with him in each case will be different. This is because each social network has an individual format. It is he who attracts users who have chosen this or that platform and they expect to see publications that fully correspond to this format.

    If you want more engagement and active interaction, you need to create posts in the style of each of these platforms. Here are some examples:

    • LinkedIn. When creating posts for the network, you should use an official business style, as well as take into account the specifics of a specific field.
    • Facebook. To create an attractive publication for this social network, you will have to work. After all, users have access to an unlimited amount of different information. Therefore, you need to choose words that can create an emotional connection.
    • Twitter. When creating posts for the platform, you should not stretch the thought to a large volume of characters. A short, informative, and concise presentation is appreciated here. Also here it is very important to consider the time of exhibiting your short story.

    Considering these features, you will be able to create really interesting content that can attract attention.

    A blog should stay a blog

    Don't try to sell too aggressively directly on your blog. It should still be informative, engaging and interesting. If you constantly send posts to it with the same type of calls to buy a product, advertising and meaningless epithets, they will not read you.


    There is a handbags and accessories store that puts up a lot of blog posts every day with photos of their products and prices. The purpose of blogging is to increase conversion, attract customers and just an audience. The result is a meager number of new customers, the absence of a stable audience and a slight increase in conversion. Yes, users will never be interested in such a blog!

    But fixing everything is easy. It is enough to reduce the number of publications to 2-3 per day and post information on the following topics:

    • How to choose a bag for a wedding?
    • How to choose sunglasses?
    • What bags are popular this season?
    • Difficulties in choosing jewelry for college prom.

    And so on. And already, along with these “useful” posts, demonstrate that you have everything for a graduation, wedding, going to a restaurant, and for other occasions.

    The more you focus on your blog on solving the problems of your customers in 2023, the larger your audience will be and the conversion will increase.

    What tools can I use when creating posts?

    To facilitate the process of writing publications for social networks, you can use special programs and applications.

    Essay Writer Pro

    This is one of the best services for those who want to create not only attractive but also properly structured posts. It is aimed at helping authors in writing. For example, you can order proofreading and editing services here. If you have a draft, but you are not sure that all the wording is correct and the punctuation marks are appropriate, you can contact the experts at Essay Writer Pro.

    They will gladly check publications for any social networks and correct errors (if they are present in the text). The process is thoroughly analyzed, including syntax, spelling, and grammar. By using this service, you will be able to reduce the likelihood of awkward situations and comments from the customer.

    Easy Writer


    This program is available in a desktop version for free. It is suitable for those who want to make posts on social networks clear and concise. The application helps to determine the following aspects:

    • passive condition;
    • unnecessary adverbs;
    • too long sentences;
    • overly complex phrases and words, etc.

    In addition, processing the publication in this program allows you to determine the level of readability, which is one of the important criteria for evaluating the quality of texts of any format.



    Taking into account the specified information, we can conclude about the importance of an individual approach to writing publications for each social network. To write an attractive and interesting post, you need to carefully study the features of each platform, the conditions for posting posts, the audience of a particular social network, as well as user requests. To improve the results, you can additionally use special services and programs. These can be Essay Writer Pro, various applications to improve readability, as well as sites where you can check the uniqueness of the publication.

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