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NREGA – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Know Everything in Details

    On seven September 2005, the launched Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act or NREGA was. The main aim of this act is to provide hundred days of guaranteed wage employment to every person who can volunteer to do unskilled manual work or those people who can work in a financial year.

    This act was regulated in around two hundred districts in the first face, and then in so many more communities, it was notified. Only those districts are excepted from this act who have a total percentage of the urban population.


    What is precisely Mahatma Gandhi NREGA?

    The NREGA scheme guarantees a minimum of hundred days of guaranteed employment to all those people in rural areas who can work and require work in all the districts of India. This scheme helps all the poor individuals a lot by providing them a chance to work with the help of which they can earn money for their livelihood and can fulfill the necessities and requirements of the family.

    With this scheme, rural households can earn a living with the right to work as they can demand work from the government and, in return, can get paid a monetary amount for doing that work.

    Objectives of NREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee)

    1. This act provides a guarantee which is legally related to hundred days of wage employment.
    2. As compared to other wage employment programs in history, it is one of the largest.
    3. There are various legal provisions regarding compensation and allowances if the government is unable to provide this guaranteed employment or if there is a delay in the payment of wages.
    4. It is a self-targeting employment mechanism to provide most of the benefits to people experiencing poverty who need the work.
    5. The resources in this scheme are transferred from the central government to the state government according to the demand for work in every state.
    6. Promote social inclusion.
    7. Institutional Strategy Panchayat Raj.

    Process of Registration under the this scheme

    One can make the application for registration at a local gram panchayat or can register themselves through various modes such as prescribed form, plain paper, or orally. As a unit, households have to register under this scheme. Prescribed forms for everyone are readily available at the gram panchayat for free of cost, and if anyone is charging money in return for this, then it is illegal.

    Advantages of the this Scheme

    • With the help of this scheme, all the poor populations of rural areas can earn minimum income by doing work.
    • Helps a lot in rectifying the problem of unemployment.
    • Provide equal chances of work for low-caste people and womens.
    • Through direct bank transfer, all the wage payments are made, which promotes opening bank accounts and having all the facilities of banking.
    • Wages are paid to the workers within 15 days when they complete the task that is given to them.

    Process for Verification of Application under NREGA

    The process of verification is carried out with the help of the gram panchayat and on the basis that the applicants of the household should be adults and have a local domicile. A woman who is living alone is eligible to apply for this scheme, and during the registration and verification process, no discrimination is done, and after the completion of the verification process, they are provided job cards.

    Coverage under the NREGA Scheme

    Under the NREGA scheme, a variety of activities are covered, and some among them are as given below:

    • Rural sanitation projects
    • Irrigation and flood management works
    • Fisheries and coastal areas related works
    • Construction of Anganwadi centres
    • Agricultural and allied activities
    • Watershed works
    • Livestock related work
    • Rural drinking water projects

    Job Cards under the NREGA Scheme

    After the verification of your application form, job cards are provided to the applicants. It is for each rural household and contains their name, photographs, and some more information about all the members of the family. Exercising the right to vote will work as a legal document under this act. These are issued within fifteen days of the application by the applicants.

    Process of Applying for Work under the NREGA Scheme

    Once receiving your job card, you are fully eligible for work. After the application, you will receive a receipt that contains the date on which you have demanded work, and within 15 days of demanding work, you will be able to get it. The applications can be made by using different modes such as telephone, written application, or online portal.

    Facilities Provided to Workers Under this Scheme

    Under NREGA Scheme, there are a variety of facilities provided to the workers, which are as given below:

    • They have provided basic facilities like safe and clean drinking water, the proper place for resting for workers and their children, to treat primary and minor injuries of the workers there are medical facilities available.
    • You can check the details of the measurement.
    • You can demand a wage declaration compensation if your wages are not paid on time.


    NREGA is one of the most beneficial schemes for poor persons living in rural areas as it helps those people a lot by providing them with the work they need and can work. We hope we can give you all the essential information regarding this in this article and it will be very informative for you all.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the limitations or challenges of NREGA?

    There is caste-based segregation, and in funds dispersal, there is delay and insufficiency. Incomplete work is at a large scale, and the fabrication of job cards is also one of the significant points.

    What are the achievements of the NREGA scheme?

    There are more than eleven crore households who have benefited from this scheme and various initiatives like amrit sarovar, jaldoot app, and Ombudsperson app, which helps a lot in smooth working.

    Which is the first state to implement NREGA?

    Under Mahatma Gandhi, National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Tamilnadu is the first state in which it is implemented.

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