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Troubleshooting Common Issues in a Triple Monitor Laptop Setup

    It is the year 2023. The world is all about productivity and getting things done super fast. Technology is the word on everybody's lips, and we are all adapting and evolving with the times.

    On the Gitnux website, some recent discoveries and trends in technology were stated. One of them is that “77% of society relies too much on technology to succeed, indicating an over-dependence on technology”. This statistic is ideal for how much the world depends on screens to perform daily tasks and jobs. But, over the years, it has been discovered that what used to be the typical— single-screen setup— was one reason why many could not give the optimal performance that they needed.

    single-screen setup

    The emergence of multiple-screen setups began with tech-savvy people and did not find its way into the general public until recently. However, unless you plan to design a stationary workspace, it will not be the best for you. Then came the time of laptop screen extenders like the Mobile Pixels Trio triple portable monitor for laptops which allowed you to attach screens to your laptop and serve the same purpose that full setups would— only this time at a much lower cost. Have you heard of it?

    What's the triple portable monitor for laptops?

    Have you wondered what it would be like to travel anywhere in the world and still maintain your productivity streak? Your answer is yes. You are also thinking, “I would love that, but I can only take my laptop and other smaller devices like my phone and tablet.” Don't worry; that problem has been solved for you with the triple portable monitor. What's that, and what does it do?

    The triple portable monitor for laptop is a set of screens that you can attach to the back of your laptop as some form of screen extender. And it gets sweeter to know that you can fold it and pack it up in your bag. Another benefit of its foldability is that you can turn the extra screens backward for another person participating in what you are doing to see conveniently.

    The long and short of it is that it will help you be more productive anywhere you are. But as with all other technological inventions, you might encounter some troubles when setting up and using the triple portable monitor.

    Fixing these issues

    If you are not tech-savvy, the issues that come with these portable monitor extender may begin to trip you up. Whether you have encountered them or not, we will identify some and show you how to troubleshoot common issues in a triple monitor laptop setup. We have grouped them generally into two. Let's dive in!

    Monitor issues

    There are lots of challenges you can face just by connecting the monitor. Speaking of connecting, one of them is the connection issue. They could develop when your cables are not well connected or are in the wrong position. Here's what you should do: check your cables to make sure they are well connected.

    Your trio laptop monitor may not be powered for different reasons. It could be that your laptop battery has no charge (since it will be the power source). So, make sure that your laptop battery is strong enough to power additional monitors, or get a power bank instead. It will be of great help.

    After connecting and powering your triple portable monitor for laptop, you might encounter some issues with the display. One of them is a tiny dot on your monitor. This is called a dead pixel. It could be a manufacturer error or a result of harm done to your screen. So, guard your screens, people.

    Lastly, other issues with your monitor’s display may not be what you can solve by making physical adjustments. We'll cover all things software under the driver issues.

    driver issues

    Driver issues

    What are drivers, anyway? Microsoft says, “In the most fundamental sense, a driver is a software component that lets the operating system and a device communicate with each other.”

    There are different drivers for different things—audio and graphics, for example. One thing that could hinder your portable monitor from performing like you want is the absence of drivers. You can do that by searching your taskbar for the device manager. A list of available drivers is there.

    Another little challenge may be that your drivers are not up-to-date. You will find an option to update them there. Also, there's an option to do that automatically. You only have to set it.

    Final words

    Most of the issues here affect the display. Maybe you do not hear sounds from your triple portable monitor for laptop. You can fix that by checking your audio settings and clicking unmute.

    As with all technological inventions, you might encounter problems while setting up or using your portable triple monitor for your laptop. With these troubleshooting tips, you will be able to fix whatever issues you come across.

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