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UPI Full Form - Features, Registration and Advantages

    In this article, we will be telling you all the details regarding UPI's full form, its features, it works, banks that provide UPI services, its advantages and many other important things. To know all these things, you just have to continue reading this article, and we assure you that it will be very informative and helpful for you all.


    UPI (Unified Payment Interface)

    UPI full form is a Unified Payments Interface which is a technology which helps in combining various banking services for payments and smooth functioning with the use of mobile apps by several bank participants.

    About UPI

    UPI is a smartphone app, and UPI's full form is a Unified Payment Interface with the help of which one can easily do various bank transactions and move their money from one account to another. This system of mobile payment is made by the NPCI, or we can say the National Payments Corporation of India, and by using it, customers can easily eliminate all the complicated processes of typing information and other things while every transaction as it is very easy and simple to use.

    For transferring or moving money from one account to another, you just have to use their mobile app, and by just using their authentication process, they can easily send money to each other. In people's opinion, this method is very safe and secure to use for transferring money without using complicated bank transactions and real cash.

    Starting of UPI

    NPCI, which stands for the National Payments Corporation, RBI, which stands for the Reserve Bank of India and the Indian Bank Association, was the one who started the UPI or, we can say, the Unified Payment Interface. It helps most people with the easy transaction or moving of money from their bank account to others in just a few easy steps.

    Working of UPI

    To ensure the payments between various people and different accounts, the UPI use various technologies like Aadhaar Enabled Payment System and the Immediate Payment Service for smooth functioning. One can make many types of payment with the use of this, such as barcode payments and can pay a variety of bills like school fees, subscriptions, utility bills and many more.

    By linking their bank account and authentication process, people can easily do various transactions in a very safe and secure way, and by using it, there is no chance of fraud and many other risky things.

    Banks Supporting UPI Services

    There is a list of banks which supports a variety of services by UPI, and some among them are given below:

    1. ICICI Bank
    2. Axis Bank
    3. United Bank of India
    4. UCO Bank
    5. Karnataka Bank
    6. Bank of Baroda
    7. State Bank of India
    8. HDFC Bank
    9. Bank of Maharashtra
    10. Vijay Bank
    11. Federal Bank
    12. Yes Bank
    13. Punjab National Bank
    14. South Indian Bank

    Getting Money Through UPI

    Getting money by using the system of UPI or Unified Payment Interface is called pull. The users or the customers choose the option of getting their money by easily logging into the system. Various details like virtual ID, amount to be collected, where the money is going to be put, and the account of the sender must give by the user, and then a message is sent by the sender asking to pay. If they want to make a transaction of payment, then they permit by giving their UPI PIN.

    Sending Money

    For sending money with the use of UPI or Unified Payment Interface, the term Push is used. Users or customers use the option of sending money or payment by just easy logging into the system. Users get the confirmation PIN after putting in several personal identifications. From which account the money is taken is chosen by the sender after putting the amount and the virtual ID of the recipient.

    Advantages of using UPI or Unified Payment Interface

    • It is an easy and simple system or interface for doing a variety of transactions with just some clicks.
    • You can make a variety of purchases by using UPI, such as purchasing at grocery stores, restaurants, departmental stores and others.
    • One can make a variety of payments by using UPI, such as paying utility bills, school fees, cell phone charges, rent, subscriptions, and many more things that vary quickly and in a non-complicated process.
    • Provides a safe and secure digital wallet for simple and easy merchant and bill payments.


    The full form of UPI is a Unified Payment Interface which is widely used by so many people for doing a variety of transactions and having easy access to mobile banking services very safely and quickly. It functions in a very smooth way and is very secure to use, and one can use all these services with easy logging and authentication.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What are the programs that can be used with UPI?

    There are a variety of apps for which UPI is used to pay, such as PhonePe, Mobikwik, Google Pay, and FreeCharges, just by verifying your bank account.

    What is the full form of UPI?

    The UPI full form is Unified Payment Interface.

    For what purposes is UPI or Unified Payment Interface used?

    For a variety of transactions or for moving money from one account to another, UPI is used by various customers for sending and receiving money.

    Who made UPI Bhim?

    The NCPI, or the National Corporation of India, made Bhim, and it was started on the 30th of December 2016 by our respected Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, as a step for a digitally empowered India.

    What are the features of UPI?

    With the help of UPI, one can access different bank accounts on their mobile phone, make money transactions, code payments by Quick Response and make various bill payments and purchases.

    What is the reason for UPI being so successful?

    UPI is very successful due to many reasons, like easy, simple, secure and fast money transactions between different accounts without the need for different profiles for every transaction.

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