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Optimizing Your Product Descriptions - Best Practices with Amazon Keywords Tools

    If you've ever seen an Amazon product listing with a super-long, universally applicable, keyword-rich, well-optimized product title, you might be wondering what kind of person would really read such a title and be persuaded to buy the thing. These lengthy titles are used by vendors to increase the number of searches for which their goods appear. To determine the precise search phrases they wish to target, they do keyword research. So, in this article let's know about the 5 best Amazon Keywords Tool.


    Why Is Amazon Keyword Research Important?

    Amazon generally does an excellent job at making product recommendations for you. However, they consistently exhibit a lack of assurance. They ask you to confirm that what they suggested is the exact thing you were seeking when they make a recommendation.

    Although they are excellent at speculating what you need, they first lack confidence. They won't start to believe you until many thousands of others have informed them what Amazon indicated is the right solution. They must use the descriptive terms that have been given to them up until that point, which are known as keywords.

    The main thing you should concentrate on when launching a product on Amazon is keyword research. Your product will appear higher in the search results when Amazon's algorithm believes that your keyword is pertinent to a particular product search.

    5 Best Amazon Keywords Tools:

    It's time to research your top possibilities now that you know what to look for in an Amazon Keywords tool. We've included a list of 10 Amazon keywords tool that will assist you in finding fresh and well-liked search terms associated with your goods or company.


    A free Amazon keywords tool is available at Zonbase. For your product listings, you can utilize it to determine the most common search phrases. Current search terms can be found in various Amazon categories and marketplaces.

    Continually changing keyword suggestions are made based on popular topics and search trends. You can discover hot keywords using this tool before your rivals.

    Additionally, the application has the ability to search Amazon using reverse ASIN. It displays the search terms for which a competitor's products are currently showing up. Best of all, the sophisticated Amazon Keywords Tool from Zonbase is accessible for life.


    Along with the other most well-liked keyword research tools, such as Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends, Semrush was listed in Forbes for SEM in 2022.

    Software called Semrush provides six different keyword research tools. Keyword Overview, Organic Research, Keyword Gap, Keyword Manager, and Organic Traffic Insights are some of the tools available.

    Both singly and as an SEO Toolbox are available for purchase. Additionally, a free trial is available. Semrush is worth the cost because they have 13 years of experience. That should give you enough time to get the keywords you require to expand your Amazon listing and become familiar with Semrush's operation.

    You can stop your free trial at any moment, however, they do require a credit card to make sure people don't just open up new accounts every time their trial period ends.

    Ahrefs Site Explorer

    You may get complete and reliable data for your keyword research from Ahrefs. It may display the organic keywords, backlinks, and pay-per-click efforts of the rivals.

    A large database that contains more than seven billion keywords makes up the Amazon keywords tool. Ahrefs Site Explorer is an excellent option if you need comprehensive and precise data for your keyword research.

    Only paid options, which you may either pay monthly or annually, are available. Although it isn't the most affordable choice available, it is one of the most comprehensive. You might wish to use their trial for $7 before committing to a premium plan. For no more than seven days, you'll get complete access to all of the features.

    Helium 10

    For Amazon sellers, Helium10 makes keyword monitoring and research easier. You can track both organic and paid keywords in real-time from a single dashboard. You can view product ranking information for boosted keywords by the hour for a period of 10 days using a function called Rocket Boost.

    You can use the tool to get important information about your chosen keywords. For instance, you can monitor percentage changes in keyword ranks on Amazon. You can foresee monthly searches and trends. Additionally, you can compare your SEO strategy to that of the opposition.

    The learning curve is eliminated with Helium10's straightforward, intuitive design. You can quickly maximize your results and get the most from the instrument. In contrast to many other Amazon keywords tool, this free edition is perpetual. It does, however, have some drawbacks.


    Sonar is a free Amazon keywords tool offered by Sellics. It features a database of more than 180 million keywords and includes search terms from every Amazon product category. It may also estimate the number of times each keyword is searched.

    You may see which product listings want upgrading by using this Amazon keywords tool. Even suggestions for product titles, descriptions, and bullet points are offered by the application.

    The program can monitor the position of your chosen keywords so you can gauge how well your efforts are working. Using a reverse ASIN search, you may compare your product listings with those of your top rivals to determine how you might increase your conversion rates.

    Despite the fact that its free edition can provide you with cutting-edge insights, monthly trends, and performance analysis, its subscription plan can offer much more. The Advertising Advisor plan can provide you with dedicated PPC coaching, performance reports, and individualized software onboarding for $259 per month. All of that, as well as campaign setup, continuing PPC optimization, and budget optimization, are all included in the Managed Services package, which costs $999 per month.


    There is no ideal, all-purpose tool for researching Amazon keywords. Thankfully, we have a wide range of tools that provide comparable features presented in various ways. Users and organizations are still responsible for determining which programs work best for them and their workflows.

    Select the tool that fits your budget and is best compatible with your system. Use the free tools if you can't afford to sign up for a monthly plan. You're not obligated to decide or commit straight away. Utilise as many different keyword research tools as you can before deciding which one is best for you.

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