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WorkIndia – A Free Job Portal, Log in and Registration Details

    WorkIndia is a technology-based portal or, we can say, a marketplace for hiring people with a particular purpose. With the help of this portal, one can have a meaningful livelihood, and there are more than 250 million people and a variety of companies and businesses who have connected to this portal and have benefited a lot.

    It is more like an ecosystem of the recruitment of people directly and eliminating various things like fraudulent and vulgar jobs, middlemen, and many other things, and providing genuine employers and employees.


    WorkIndia Company Overview

    To blue-collar workers, WorkIndia is an amazing platform that provides them with a meaningful livelihood, and the visionary behind this portal is Kunal Patil, who is the CEO and co-founder of this company. He was on the journey to power so many people, and around or more than 250 million people are engaged or have benefited a lot from this. Nilesh Dungarwal is the COO and co-founder of this company having varied and deep experience in the spurring growth of the organization. Moiz Arsiwala is the CTO and co-founder of this company and has good experience and leadership skills in web technology.

    For finding the most suitable job and meaningful employment, there are more than two crores of people who have gained various opportunities. By helping in the process of finding suitable jobs and empowering people, this portal provides help to more than one lakh people every month.

    Registration Process on WorkIndia Portal

    By posting a job on the working portal, one will be able to get registered on it, and for posting a job, you have to click on the option showing Post new job after reaching the home page of their portal.

    • To tell the job role, you have to fill out their form and post a job.
    • You should remember that changing job location or job title is not possible.
    • If you want to post a new job location or new job title, then you have to post another or a new job for it.
    • To get high walk-ins, you should give the range of your salary, which should match the market standards.
    • From the existing options, you have to select various details like your gender, minimum qualification, preference of language, experience needed, and those skills which should be a must for that job.
    • Now submit it by clicking on the submit button after giving your company name and details and accepting their privacy policy and other terms and conditions.

    The login process for WorkIndia Account

    To login in to work, you should have your registration number on this portal, and you will receive an OTP to this mobile number on your mobile phone, and you will be easily able to log in to their account or to access their portal.

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    How to login into WorkIndia Account as a Recruiter

    To log in or to have access to WorkIndia as a recruiter, you have to follow some steps, which are given below for you all:

    • After visiting there, you have to click on the recruiter icon, which will be given at the top right corner for you.
    • If you are unable to see or find the recruiter icon, then you have to click on the work icon presented there, and from their menu, you can easily select the recruiter option.
    • You have to choose a contact page if there is more than one access of contract or individual you have on the job posting account.
    • Under corporate, you have to click the select button if you have a recruiter, which will be given to you next to the particular recruiter contract you want to choose.

    Wrapping it up

    This article was wholly about WorkIndia, and we have given all the major details and information regarding it. We hope that through this piece of information, you will be benefited a lot and come to know about so many things related to this. If you have any queries left, then you can ask us, and we assure you that all of your doubts will be clarified.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is WorkIndia a good or a bad company?

    This company is well known for skill development and concerning the reviews of the employees we can say that it is a good company with 3.4 ratings. If we talk about job security, then it could be improved and have a rating of 2.8.

    When was WorkIndia started?

    The founder, Mr. Kunal Patil, was founded in February 2015. The other co-founders of this company are Moiz Arsiwala, Nilesh Dungarwal, Soumil Rao, Kshitij Negvekar, Jatin Jakharia, Lokesh Tiwari, and Aashish Mittal.

    Is the WorkIndia app free to use?

    Yes, the use of their app is free as you can sign up on this platform for free by contacting the department of the human resource of the company, and there is no subscription or hidden charges required.

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