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PDF Drive - Know Everything in Details

    Nowadays people can find almost everything on the internet for example if you want to see any digital version of books or any kind of information that you need, you can easily find it, but yes find that thing which is strictly required by you could be a difficult task.

    One can find so many options at a single time in PDF files, and yes, after a few minutes, there could be nothing at all. This is where the search engine of PDF comes in. Today there is a high amount of research online, and there is so much interaction of people with digital documents.


    In this article, we will cover almost all of the aspects related to PDF files, and we hope that it will benefit you a lot and you will get all the necessary and valuable information.

    What is PDF Drive?

    With the help of PDF files, one can search, download and preview PDFs online as it is an online search engine for PDFs. As per data, there are more than 70 million articles, ebooks, and magazines directly discovered on PDF Drive.

    One can find a long list of titles under PDF files and in various categories such as environment, Lifestyle, business and career, biography, art and many more. There are multiple varieties available, and one can choose any of them as per their choice. If you are someone who is not finding any particular thing at all and just browsing around, then you can also choose something or the most popular items, which can help you as there are categories available, like Editors Pick.

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    Using PDF Drive

    Using PDF Drive is very intuitive as you can search for anything there just by doing a simple, manual search, or you can find things of your interest by just scrolling and perusing through the categories available. One can simply click on the PDF Drive in which they are interested, and they will provide you with some sets of options.

    If you want to save the file on your computer, you just have to click on the download option and with this, you will be able to view the file directly on your computer in any of the PDF readers of your choice.

    There is an essential pop-up viewing interface available for the users on the site, with the help of which they can preview the eBook. You can click on the option showing go to remote file for visiting the original location on which PDF is published.

    If you want to convert PDF to MOBI or EPUB, then you can also click on expand your additional options and then can easily send it through email, or they can report the file.

    Accounts on PDF Drive

    Using the PDF Drive search engine is free, and they offer two types of accounts to their users, which are as given below:

    • The first one is a free account which can provide a highly personalized experience and so many options to the users. While searching, you will see multiple options and details to make the search process and scan much easier.
    • They will provide you with statistics related to the file and various other things like the size of the PDF, the pages they contain, the times in which content is downloaded and many others.
    • To add it to the list of my dive, you have to hit the button showing save to my drive, and you will be able to create a type of directory of all those PDFs you want on the tips of your finger.
    • They provide you pop-up viewing interface, and you can also download them by clicking on the option showing Quick Download.
    • You can also add them to the list of my likes by clicking on the like option so it will be easy to locate or provide them a bookmark.
    • There is also a search icon with the help of which one can search according to their needs.

    The other account provided by them is a premium one which provides you with a free trial of seven days, and it may change on a monthly or yearly basis, and you will get so many features which are as given below for you:

    • There is an unlimited number of cloud storage.
    • Provides you with a unique and exclusive experience.
    • The download speed is maximum.
    • You will be able to download the PDFs very quickly.
    • Previewing them will be very fast.
    • There will be no interruptions of advertisements at all.

    Opening and Viewing PDFs

    For viewing PDFs downloaded by you with the help of PDF Drive, you should or must have a powerful desktop application.

    Here are some of the popular browsers and their comparison to the solution of a dedicated PDF reader:

    Google Chrome: it provides options like Zoom, printing and downloading. Allows view rotation and page navigation.

    Microsoft Edge: it provides several options like read loud, highlight text, zoom options, draw freehand, view rotation, printing, downloading and page navigation.

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    Mozilla Firefox: with this, you will get modes like presentation and options like attachment, document outline, layers, view rotation, downloading, printing, page navigation and more.

    Slim PDF Reader: it is one of the best among all of them as you will get so many things like dark them support, view rotation, single as well as two-page view, feature of search PDF, snapshot tool, verification of digital signatures, form filling of PDFs very interactively, page navigation, zoom options, attachment and bookmark management, feature of copy text, print and save many more.

    Is PDF Drive Legal or not?

    To know if they are legal or not is one of the most crucial questions. With their help, users can download all those files from those websites which are proxies. They collect all the data for you at a single place, but the thing is that they don’t even have any control over this data. Thus we may or may not say that with this, you have the legal right to get all those contents with the help of those sites.

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