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Review of Top 5 Online Excel to PDF Converters

Many users find it hard to find the best online tool as it takes time to check every tool and select a top one from there.

If we talk about Excel to PDF converter, it has the same scenario as many users don’t have an idea which tool can be beneficial for them.

Here we will talk about the best online converters that can help users to change the format of files without losing the text style.

PDF Converters

Top Excel to PDF converters

The search engine is full of Excel to PDF converters so you can’t guess that which tool will be worthy for you and help you manage the tasks in a better way.

To make it easy for you, here we will discuss the best tools that can quickly change the format of your file for free.  
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In the list of most trustworthy online tools, this one always leads the chart due to its reliability. Moreover, users can get access to this tool on any platform they want.

This online tool is full of advanced features. Here we will talk about the best one that is actually valuable for you.

Quick results

Users can get the instant result by using this online tool. When a user uploads the Excel file in this tool and clicks on the convert button, it shows the results in a few seconds.

Secure to use

This is another main element that forces users to consider this online tool. It doesn’t keep the data of its users and make it a reliable option for everyone.

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Compatible everywhere

You can get access to this online tool on every platform whether you are using it on a laptop or tablet, or you are using Windows or Mac. This tool can be accessed everywhere.

Simple interface

The interface of this online tool is very simple. So, new users can easily understand all the features and their work without creating any mess.


If you are looking for Excel to PDF conversion with a simple interface and quick results, the will always be a handy option.

The best thing about this online tool is that it offers all the features for free. Let’s dive deep and talk about the top features of this online tool.

Upload files

To change the format of your file, users can go for the upload option. Here you have to select the document from your device and upload it on this tool.

Single-click conversion

Once you upload the file to this online tool, the next thing is to change the format. You can quickly do this task with a single click.

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No hidden charges

This tool is totally free to use. Users can get access to all the basic and premium features for free. There are no hidden charges for all these things.

Download files

After converting the format of your files, the next thing you have to do is click on the download button and it will save your new documents in the system.

3. is another top online tool that can provide you with results quickly without disturbing your privacy. That means users keep their data secure in this online tool.

Here are some of the best features of this online tool that users can avail of and make their tasks easy.

Supports Dropbox and Google Drive

Along with computer folders, this tool also allows you to upload files from Dropbox or Google Drive. This makes it easy for the users to upload files from everywhere they want.

Completely private

All your data will remain safe in this PDF converter. This tool will keep your documents private and doesn’t share them on other platforms.

Quick action

The working of this online tool is very fast. Users can get results from this tool very quickly and increase their productivity.

Share option

This is another top option that is not supported by every Excel to PDF converter. You can share the PDF files with others using the share button.


Users can also try this converter to change the file format. The reason is that it offers the users to upload the file URL in this tool.

Here we will talk about the top features of this online tool that users can avail of to make the working easy and alter the file format.

Upload via URL

Users can upload their files via the URL option. That means if the file is available on the browser, you can get access there and change the file format.

Easy to use

This tool is very easy to use as it offers a simple interface. Because of this feature, users prefer to use this online tool as they don’t have to struggle while understanding the working of its features.

Supports multiple Excel formats

This online tool supports multiple formats of Excel. Users can convert XLS, XLSX, XLSM, and XLXB files here and change them to PDF format.

Upload multiple files

Users can upload multiple files at one time and change their format quite easily. It can alter the format of 10 files at once.


The converting tool by is another safe option that users can use to make their working easy and convert heavy files.

Let’s dive deep and talk about some top features that users can get from this online tool and make their workflow better.

Simple interface

This tool offers a very simple interface that makes it easy to use and a handy option for the users. Therefore, users can go for this Excel to PDF converter and change their file format.

No threat of losing data

Most users are afraid of losing their data while using the online tool. But this tool is very reliable to use as it doesn’t misplace the files of users.

Upload 100 MB file

You can upload a single file of up to 100 MBs at once. This is a big relief for the users who need to convert the heavy files to PDF format.

Compatible everywhere

You can get access to this online tool on every platform. No matter which browser or device is used for the tool, it can be accessed and used.

Bottom Lines

To convert your excel files to PDF format, you can directly go for a converting tool and make the changes there that you need.

But the problem is that people don’t have an idea which tool can be helpful for this task. Often they select the tool with fewer features and high prices.

Here we have talked about the best online Excel to PDF converters that can help the users to change the format of files and make them more secure. Hope these tools will prove worthy for you and help you manage the work more easily.

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