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Strengthening Connections - 5 Team Bonding Activities Your Company Will Love

    Some team bonding activities can be a bit on the nose and cliché, not really bringing any joy to your team or helping them bond in any way. However, some activities can make a complete difference in your workplace and help you strengthen connections between your employees. If you’re looking for “actually” successful bonding activities that your company will love, consider the following ones below:

    Fun Activity

    Throw holiday parties

    If you want a team that lasts for years to come, you’ll want to consider the importance of throwing office holiday parties. We’re not just talking about Christmas parties either. From Thanksgiving to Halloween holidays, there are plenty of great days to celebrate with your team, just because.

    Plus, who wouldn’t love an office Halloween bash, where everyone gets to dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes and have a spooky and fun office party? Some of the most successful companies know that celebrating together can go far in building a great team together.

    Resort style retreats

    If you want to do something that makes your team feel valued and seen yet also like they deserve a little “vacation,” consider investing in a paid vacation for your team. This kind of resort-style getaway may cost a bit but if you have a team that you can rely on and who deserves a little extra time off, consider it an investment that will bring you a return.

    Allow for downtime so that your employees can actually have some R and R but also include a few team bonding activities so that you can continue to inspire connection between your team members. Do some research to find the best corporate retreat getaways that bring you the best bang for your buck.

    Happy hour

    When it comes to a simple activity that can still go far in helping you create team bonding opportunities, there’s something to be said about the office happy hour that is popular the nation over. Happy hours where coworkers get off work to enjoy drinks or food nearby before heading home have fast become a way for colleagues to connect, although mostly on a more individual, casual basis.

    However, as a leader, you can always create more opportunities for your team to enjoy happy hour outings, on your dime. This allows them to feel appreciated and can help you enjoy being a part of the experience, which in turn can lead to more connection between you and your team.

    Escape rooms

    When you have a team of brainy individuals who don’t mind having to figure out clues, then what you want to do for this type of team is create an experience where they have to work together to figure things out. Escape rooms are quite popular in this day and age so if you’re looking for something that your team can do together outside of the office, this is a fabulous option to consider.

    Dinner out

    Something as simple as a reservation at a happening restaurant can go far in helping your team to feel like they’re valued. It can also be a fun experience for everyone. Meals on the company dollar can allow your team to enjoy food at some of the best restaurants in town, which can be a relaxing experience for everyone.

    Dinner out

    Whether you’re celebrating a goal achieved in the company or you’re rewarding a project completion, many employees won’t complain about enjoying a dinner out with their co-workers, especially when it’s an all-time favorite restaurant. In some cases, you can get great deals at local restaurants as a corporate guest, so look into options that can work for your company credit card.

    In Conclusion

    If you’re looking to create a more motivated workplace environment with more satisfied employees, don’t ignore the importance of team bonding activities. These are just a few of the activities you can think about doing that are bound to bring your team together!

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