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Apna Job Portal – Find a Job or Post a Job for Other

    After completing our studies, we all think about a perfect job that can satisfy our needs and can give us a comfortable life with all the basic facilities and recognition in society. Most college students are dependent on placements only, which are provided by the college, and with this, some get their favorite jobs, and some of them don’t. There are a lot more employees who want to switch their jobs but are unable to find a perfect and suitable job for them.

    Looking at all these things, there are many startups in India which had started helping so many students and other working professionals to find their dream job. One among all these startups is the Apna Job Portal, where you can find almost every type and category of job, from driver to executive and writer to manager, etc., concerning your studies and experiences. They help you to provide the perfect job for you.

    Apna Job Portal

    If you are also searching about the APNA job portal, then you are at the right place as here in this article, we are going to discuss this platform in a deep and detailed way so that it will be very helpful for you all to get all the information related to this platform.

    About Apna Job Portal in Details

    Apna Job was launched in the market by Narmit Parikh in 2019, and it is an online portal or, we can say, an app which helps us to provide suitable jobs for us. With the use or help of this portal, you can find the best job for you. Anyone can apply for a position on this portal based on their educational qualifications and experiences in various fields.

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    The very special thing about this portal is that it recommends the latest job as per the profile of the job finder, and thus, there is no need for you to search for jobs separately. With this, you can find your workplace in any favourable location from driver to manager. This platform is very suitable for students, homemakers and youngsters as they can have work a home feature by benefitting from it.

    Some Silent Features of the Apna Job Portal

    • Help you to provide the best job for you.
    • You can also join various groups on this platform.
    • You can make multiple connections by using it.
    • You can have different information regarding card views, relationships and claps with this.
    • They also provide you with the facility of invites, messages and notifications.

    Installing the Apna Job Portal

    To install Apna Job, you must open the Play Store on your Android mobile phone. Then, in the search bar, type apna job, and you will find favorable results. Now, you will see the official app of their portal, which you have to click on. Now, an option showing install will come on your mobile phone screen on which you have to connect, and the process for installation will get started. Within some time, their app will be successfully installed on your mobile phone.

    Account on Apna Job Portal

    To make an account on the APNA job portal, you have to follow a series of steps, which are given below:

    1. The first step is to install the app apna job on your mobile phone and then open it.
    2. After opening their app, please provide them with their mobile number, as this option will come.
    3. Now click the next button after providing them with your mobile phone number.
    4. On the next page, you will see an option showing OTP where you have to give them the OTP that came on your mobile number.
    5. With this, your basic account on this platform will be ready, and an option will come for making your visiting card.

    Process for Making a Visiting Card

    Here are the easy procedures for making visiting cards on the Apna Job portal for you all:

    • You have to make a visiting card after verifying your account on this portal, for which you have to click on the option showing Let Go.
    • Now, on the next page, provide details like your name, your gender and your city and then click on the next option.
    • Now you have to select your language and click the option showing continue.
    • On the next page, choose your profile photo, as this option will come which can be selected from your gallery or instantly through the camera also.
    • After putting the photo, click on the next button.
    • Now select yes or no from the options which ask you about your work experience if you have or if you have not.
    • Now, please provide them with all the information about your education and click on the next button.
    • On the next page, you have to choose the type of job and category in which you want to job.
    • Now, finally, click on the option showing as done.
    • Your visiting card will be ready now.

    Benefits of Apna Job Platform 

    • You can work at any favourable location or area you decide with this portal.
    • As per your profile, it instantly recommends you jobs.
    • You can also grow your business here by making your professional network.
    • You can take the facility of work from home by using this app.

    Final Words

    We hope that this article will be very useful for you to know more about the Apna Job portal and to find a suitable job for you as in this article, we have covered almost all the major information for you.

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