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A Guide to Hosting Memorable Parties with Tech

    Event planning is a different ballgame in this day and age. Pre-Covid, things looked a bit different than they do now, and event planners and industry leaders are now looking for new ways of delivering the best results, whatever the event may be. Here are a few ways to take advantage of technology for your next event:

    Parties with Tech

    Live stream it to a larger audience

    If you’re looking to reach a larger audience than you normally would with an in-person event, consider how beneficial it can be to do a hybrid event where you can reach your local audience as well as those who are attending online. With the advancement in live stream technology, it makes sense to use it to be able to appeal to more people than just those who are in your local vicinity. It’s wise to use the most advanced livestream technology so your audience doesn’t miss a thing.

    There’s some great new tech in the world of iGaming and live streaming technology, so when planning an event, take your time to find the right options for your vision.

    Use QR codes

    If you don’t want to use paper tickets, which can be a hassle and, to be honest, are simply outdated, it’s time to start looking into the benefits of QR codes for attendee check-in. Not only can they be beneficial for check-in, but you can also include other QR code features that make it easy for your attendees to get the most out of the event.

    You can include updates and more through technology like this one. This type of feature could be something that attendees download on their phones or can also be used through tech badges designed for easy information sharing.

    Social media is a great tool

    While not a brand-new tool in the world of technology, social media certainly has a place when it comes to advertising your event, engaging with your audience, and staying in touch with your followers. It can help any hybrid event become a hit simply because your following has all the details needed to make their choice to attend the event. If your event is small-scale, you can always consider using various built-in social media tools that make connecting easier than ever.

    Use extra tools in your event

    Whether you use VR to help explain a more in-depth idea or concept in your industry or to provide an interactive experience that makes the event more exciting and engaging for attendees, there are so many ways to use technology to ramp up an event and make it an unforgettable experience for everyone.

    If you’re hosting a corporate event for informational and networking purposes, immersive and interactive technology is a great way for you to make it an event that attendees walk away from feeling that much more connected and informed in the industry.

    Technology you wear

    A recent development in the event technology space that can be supremely useful when it comes to networking events is to provide your attendees with badges that can provide relevant company or contact information so that making connections and building contacts can be easier than ever before.

    A simple touch with the badges transfers relevant information from one to the next, so before you know it, at the end of the event, you have a plethora of information ready to go for networking purposes. Not only can these badges be used for sharing information, but they can also serve the purpose of checking in and receiving important information regarding the event.

    In Conclusion

    Whatever industry you may be in and whatever type of event you may be planning, don’t ignore the importance of using technology to make your event more interesting and engaging. It can also benefit everything, from the number of attendees to the way that your event attendees check in. Consider the abovementioned technology for your next big event.

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