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7 Useful Tools for Education

    Tools enable people to learn effectively. AI tools can harness the overall writing process. And they can be used for handling common writing mistakes.

    Moreover, personalization is the top benefit of technology. It enables teachers to create individual schedules for each student. Grading and providing customized student feedback is an overwhelming task for teachers. But with the emergence of AI, every process is automated.

    7 useful tools for education

    This article describes the importance of AI tools in education and the seven best tools to help learners and educators.

    Importance of AI Tools in Education

    Artificial intelligence is slowly changing the education grounds. It is revolutionizing the learning abilities of students. It is providing personalized experiences for the students.

    It helps in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Some tools are providing distinct benefits in the education sector. These include:
    • Providing feedback to the students.
    • Ensure access to the information.
    • Keeping track of student's performance
    • Better communication between students and teachers
    • Enhancing the learning process.

    7 AI Tools for Education

    Teachers can use AI tools to ensure a better learning experience for students. Students can get help with the tools to write and research properly. Every professor and student needs to know how AI tools can be incorporated into their work.

    Seven tools that can enhance the experience of teachers and students are described below.

    Slides AI

    Slides are a usual form of sharing lessons and lectures with the students. In slides, the information is present in the form of bullets, making it easy to digest. It may include visuals or links to enhance the learning process.

    However, creating slides from lengthy texts and books takes a lot of work. The teachers keep the students' learning ability in mind before creating slides. Slides AI can assist the teacher in creating interesting slides for students.

    Slides Ai is a powerful tool for teachers to create presentations or slides. Teachers can generate slides with important information rather than asking the students to learn the whole book.

    With Slides AI, you can convert any text into slides to make it appealing and easier to understand since visualization is the best way of learning anything. Slides AI can add both text and visuals.
    • It has a wide choice for customizing by providing pre-made templates.
    • This tool suggests graphics and images that are relevant to the text.
    • Users can generate slides from any form of text.

    Chat GPT

    Chat GPT is the most hyped AI tool, and no conversation is complete without talking about chat GPT. It is based on generative AI and is mostly used for generating content. It made the researching and writing process hassle-free.

    Chat GPT can be used as AI assistance for gathering information from different resources. It has made content generation easy.

    This AI tool can generate essays, articles, coding, or information. It is quite useful for students to get help making assignments. Teachers can get assistance in making personalized lesson plans for students. Or extracting educational material to teach students.

    Since it has a conversational interface, users can ask follow-up questions. Users can edit the query to provide more concise input if the output needs to be more relevant or specific. So, the answer is customized according to the user's preference.
    • Chat GPT understands the context of the text.
    • The content generated by chat GPT is customizable.
    • It is a Chabot so that the user can ask back-to-back questions.
    • Gather information from the authentic resources on the Internet.
    • You can be trained to get personalized content every time.

    3. Rephraser

    Plagiarism is a common challenge faced by students. Originality and accuracy are two important factors while writing any content, like a research paper, assignment, thesis, or dissertation.


    With tons of online information, writing unique content is getting tough. The process of writing is itself very lengthy. And to add accuracy is yet another hectic process. is AI tool that can help students write plagiarism-free assignments.

    With the help of an AI rephrasing tool, students can paste plagiarized text, and it generates a completely unique text. This tool will keep the context of the text the same. Text generated by Rephraser is precise, to the point, and unique.

    This tool removes plagiarism and adds a specific tone and style to the whole content. It can be very useful to add a flow to the sentences. This online rephrasing tool has six modes to paraphrase content for different professionals. Two of which are quite useful for students.

    Anti-plagiarism: This mode uses different synonyms and sentence structures to provide unique content without changing the core meaning.

    Academic Mode: This mode is designed for students to attain an academic tone. It also helps to preserve the citations and references.
    • Paraphrases text up to 2500 characters in a single go.
    • Proficient in Spanish language.
    • No sign-up is required to paraphrase text.
    • Keeps data secure and confidential.

    Paraphrasing Tool

    Paraphrasing Tool

    A lot of data is available online, making it difficult to acquire the required information. Lengthy books and these take time to read. However, with the summarizer tool, students can learn the important points relevant to their assignment.

    Professors can use a summarizer tool to know if the students' assignment is relevant to the topic without reading. Also, generating a summary of different source materials will enable them to teach effectively.

    The summarizing tool is integrated into the Paraphrasing tool to help students extract the core information from essays or complex paragraphs. It extracts the important points from the lengthy text. And make concise text accessible to the users with no unnecessary details.
    • Online paraphrasing tool provides a concise summary in seconds.
    • Analyzes the pattern to provide abstract summaries.
    • Saves reading time by removing extra details.
    • The point of view of the original text is not changed.
    • Paraphrase tool has other integrated tools to assist in writing.


    Grammar mistakes can alter the context of the text. It makes the content vague and needs to create a better impression. It gives the intuition that it is not original. Correct spelling, proper punctuation, and grammar are important for graded assignments.

    While writing any content, it is clear that everyone can make spelling or grammar mistakes. The tone of the content needs to be consistent and specific. To remove ambiguities, you can use the online AI tool Grammarly. It can detect all spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. It also suggests corrections based on AI.

    Open Grammarly in any search engine and download its extension. It will suggest corrections whenever you are writing something. You can also upload your file and correct your mistakes, staying true to one writing style.
    • Suggests full sentence rewriting.
    • Corrects spelling and grammar mistakes.
    • Adds proper punctuation in the text.
    • It has a desktop and Chrome extension to assist in writing online and offline.

    Copy leaks

    When students submit assignments, the teacher or professor checks plagiarism and AI content before evaluating the assignment. So, students must check and remove AI content or plagiarism from the content. An accurate tool for checking plagiarized or artificially generated content in assignments is Copy leaks.

    AI is helpful in planning, writing, and editing content. However, the written content must not detect AI. However, too much online information makes it difficult to think of a unique text that is not already discussed.

    To be on the safer side, always check your written text using a tool called Copy Leaks. It can help teachers to identify the originality of students' work.

    It is an algorithm-based tool that highlights which part looks like AI-generated content. It analyzes the text word by word and sentence by sentence to detect Ai in the text or pattern. Copy Leaks has an easy-to-use interface with many tools integrated into it.
    • Copy leaks give 99% accurate results.
    • It can determine if the text is modified or not.
    • The free version allows users to detect AI content without signing up.

    Grade scope

    This tool is specially created for teachers to provide feedback to the students. Grade scope can help the teacher to grade the assignment effectively. After the students have submitted their work, teachers can evaluate their assessment, quiz, or exam with the help of this tool.

    It has different parameters for evaluating the submitted work. So teachers can give detailed feedback on the student's progress. It provides a complete analysis of the student's overall performance, making it the best tool for online learning.

    Grade scope can help teachers to create and grade worksheets, quizzes, exams, and assessments. For multiple-choice questions, teachers can provide bubble sheets to the students. Grade scope will auto-grade the bubble sheet according to the answer sheet.
    • Grade scope can create assessments and quizzes for computer languages.
    • Provides assessment for all the science subjects like computer science, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and economics.

    Wrap Up:

    In the education sector, AI is making groundbreaking changes. AI tools help students improve their learning processes by providing relevant information.

    Students must use Cha GPT, grammar checker, and paraphrase tools to develop critical thinking, creative writing, research, and time management skills. Teachers are suggested to use AI tools for creating and grading assessments and test papers for students.

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