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Learn about Security in Mobile Application Development

What is Mobile Application Security?

It focuses on the software security posture of mobile applications on various platforms like iOS, Windows phone and android. The mobile security application can easily run on mobile phones and tablets too. Mobile applications are the most important part to run any online business and as businesses, these days rely a great extent on the mobile application.

Mobile application security is the primary concern because the data that is residing within the application could be vulnerable and at danger, if there are no proper security controls applied to the designing. The mass usage of the application in today’s world has made the applications vulnerable.

Hackers have found a way in to the personal data of the people and which is through the applications. The personal information and details are maliciously used by hackers and developers need to make sure that they cannot find their way into the personal space of people via their applications.
A few points here might help you to save your privacy and precious data from hackers:

Learn about Security in Mobile Application Development

Try to write a secure code

The code of the mobile application is the most important feature of a mobile. The mobile application code is the thing that can easily be exploited by hackers. It is very important that you get a highly secure code developed. The hackers can easily reverse and engineer an app code and further use it in a bad way so, you need to build a hard code that cannot be easily broken and follows an agile development plan that can patch and update your code easily, time to time. You can practice code hardening and sign in order to the best quality of code.

Encrypt the data

Encryption is the best way to convert the transmitting of the data into a form that cannot be read by anybody else without the decryption.  It is an efficient way that can help you to save data from getting used in a malicious way.
If you have encrypted the data of your application then the hackers cannot decrypt it. You can develop an application in a way that the data encrypted in the application cannot be hacked.

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Be careful when you use the libraries

Most of the time the mobile application code needs a third-party library for the building of the code. You must never trust any library for the building of your application as many of them are not even secure. When you have used various kinds of libraries, you must thereafter try to test the code.

Use an authorized API

Always make sure that you use an authorized API in your application code. When you do this it will give the hackers the privilege to use your information. Authorized information caches are used by hackers to gain authentication of the system. The expert application developers recommend having a central authorization for the entire API to gain the maximum level of security for mobile applications.

Use a high-level authentication

The authentication mechanisms are the most important part of mobile application security. Weak authentication is the top vulnerable thing in the mobile application. If you are a developer then high-level authentication must be your topmost priority considering the security point of view.
One major mode of authentication is through a password. Therefore, the password policy should be very strong so that it cannot be broken easily. Another thing to take into consideration is the multi-factor authentication which can be achieved by the means of OTP login or through the process which requires authentication code on emails; for even more high-level security even the system of biometrics can be used.

Provide the least privileges

Give the access code of the application only to a limited number of people, keeping the count minimum. The network must be the least.

Use a good set of cryptography tools and techniques

Key management is a very important step when it comes to encrypting your data. Always make sure that you do not hardcore your encryption keys.
Use good protocols for the encryption and remember to never store your keys on the local devices. You must use only the trusted and the latest encryption methods.

Run your tests repeatedly

A very basic and simple solution for the application is that you must run the test of the application repeatedly according to the changes as the security aspects do change day-by-day.

Have a proper session management

Session handling is very important as it is an in-app building feature which needs the extra precaution as the sessions on the mobile are generally longer compared to the desktop sessions.


Here are a few best practices that a mobile application developer must strictly abide by in order to develop a fully secure and hard to crack mobile application.
Author Bio: am David M. Herd working as a Marketing Manager at eSaiTech Inc. eSaiTech is an online store selling various hardware, peripheral devices, networking products & can buy security products online from various biggest brands like hp, dell etc at attractive prices.

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