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Beginning Guide for Extract text from image

How many times you wanted to extract text from image took you way more time than it should have been? Converting that particular piece of information makes a big chunk of your time & efforts. Even now if we try to select any paragraph, copy it: you would be able to paste it in a word processor, but it wouldn’t be possible to choose a particular piece of text from an image.
Let’s say you want to forward a beautiful piece of a quote from a Pinterest, pin to a friend, or there is a cool paragraph you wish to use from an image. You would either have to write it down or can use a vast verity of Image to text converters available online.

Extract text from pdf

Now software is made more intelligent and sophisticated to understand alphabets and numeric digits in an image. It is then converted to an editable text document in a matter of seconds.
This complex AI not only understands the standard English language but 50 languages. It’s made possible by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. This technology is used everywhere to convert any images, i.e. pdf, JPEG, screenshots and could convert it into an output file you desire.
You don’t need any expensive software or fancy tools to do so. Let’s try to help our self create a text file using one of those free tools.
So how to extract text from images? It’s simple,

1-    If you are using Windows 8 or above, click on the Start Manu and find Microsoft’s NoteOne. It is free software, and it even comes pre-installed in all Windows 10 operating systems as well.

2-    Find the image you want to extract text from it could be in any format.JPEG .jpg.PNG or even .pdf file. Open the image (containing the text) from NoteOne.

3-    Using your mouse, hover over the image and right-click on the image.
4-    You will see a menu box option “Copy Text”. Click it

5-    Text including in the image would be stored as text in the clipboard and would be ready to be pasted in any word processor.

6- Paste (CTR+V) in Word processor and you will find the desired text would be posted there.

Image to text is completed in 6 easy steps.
NOTE: If you are using the old version of the Windows App store, you might come across text errors but updating them would solve the issue.

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If that’s too complicated for you, then you can also use a free online OCR service. With 99+ language support, you can convert your image’s text in any language you want. Any document you upload gets deleted from the website for an extra layer of security. You can also choose from 4 different output file format, whichever suits your needs.
All you have to do is to Click on “Choose file” from Input. It will open a Dialog box, from where you can choose the image you want to extract text from. Choose language & output format. Press “Convert”.  We found it to work great with various formats of images, but sometimes it adds some additional words which could be edited to make it more presentable. 

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