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Security Threats and Opportunities

With the advancement of technology, the speed at which information is distributed to people has been undoubtedly unparalleled. The internet has been influential in making such a feat possible, as it has offered people a faster way of sharing information through a cloud of web resources.

While the internet has been immensely beneficial in this regard, it has also opened up opportunities for exploitation which may cause damage to the way by which information is shared. However, through experimentation and innovations like software, for example, minimizing instances of cybersecurity threats have become more novel. The field has also made it possible for information and computer scientists to experiment on ways by which quantum technology can be utilized to produce innovative cyber security opportunities.

Living in this day and age begs each person to stay connected and remain connected with the rest of the world. In line with this, sustaining cybersecurity should be on the top of the list. Continue reading to learn more about 2020 cybersecurity threats and opportunities that everyone should keep a lookout on.

what is security threats

More Sophisticated Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are perhaps some of the most common cybersecurity threats that people who utilize this highly-efficient cloud of information on a daily basis. Simply put, phishing attacks refer to deceptive e-mails of messages which lure people into giving out personal information which can potentially be used in mischievous opportunities.

One may think that one can easily protect oneself from being deceived by legitimate-sounding emails, but phishing attacks have actually been becoming more and more sophisticated. These messages are able to convincingly give people the idea that they’re dealing with a reputable organization. Purveyors of these types of attacks may falsely tell people that they owe a certain sum of money to a certain organization until the victim finally falls to their knees.

The real organizations which the phishing attackers have been masquerading as have become aware of such problems and have developed mechanisms to combat them. However, the attackers themselves have made themselves abreast of these mechanisms - rendering the organizations’ efforts moot. They have since invested in machines and other bot-generated messages to make them sound even more convincing to the untrained eye. With just a few clicks, a person’s or an organization’s most valuable information is stolen.

State-Sponsored Attacks

Another one of the most relevant security threats in 2020 that people should keep an eye on is state-sponsored attacks. If this is the first time you’ve encountered such a term, then it would be in your best interest to read up more about it because nothing is as ever fear-inducing than knowing another country is able to compromise your country’s national security.

While the trend of globalization is not something new, the fact that the world is becoming smaller, and smaller and people are becoming more connected might sound absurd. Geographical lines and boundaries have become blurred because of the endless opportunities presented by powerful clouds of information able to distribute pieces of data virtually anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, this has also allowed countries with highly-advanced security systems to infiltrate another’s. In a type of cyber warfare, they can gather information such as state secrets, which can potentially dismantle and disorganized a state’s entire government and potentially make them at odds with another country.

Suspicion and fear reign supreme in the world of geopolitics. It is largely important for states to continue or to begin investing in more advanced security systems to protect their national security.

Vehicle Hacking

While the first two cybersecurity innovations have largely focused on threats, this the third one can be considered as an opportunity for both threats and opportunities to foster.

Everyone is aware of the increasing popularity of more advanced vehicles. Hybrid cars, while not a new phenomenon, have provided people with a more sustainable and more efficient mode of transportation. Continued experimentation in hybrid technology has also enabled the invention of different types of vehicles that rely on electrical energy. Aside from this, people have also been introduced to the concept of driverless technology in automotive. In some countries, trials of driverless modes of transportation have been conducted, with the plausible conclusion that these vehicles reduce the instances of road accidents.

It won’t be farfetched to imagine that driverless vehicles have also opened up opportunities for vehicle-hacking. In fact, police force systems in some countries are continually experimenting on vehicle hacking as a way to stop criminals in their tracks, for example, if they’re maneuvering a getaway vehicle.

On the surface level, vehicle hacking is largely beneficial to prevent instances of crime. But it also opens up a can of worms which can cause an abuse of power. Nevertheless, regulation remains to be an important key in the responsible use of this type of technology.

 Key Takeaway

Cybersecurity is a massively important field that organizations, governments, private groups, and public groups should continually invest in. People need to keep up with the times and need to consider more efficient ways of protecting their personal information which is kept in databases all over the world.

Simple things like weak passwords can easily lead to security breaches. There are tools out there that can minimize the damage to businesses, such as customer identity and access management, but people have to take some responsibility for protecting themselves.

There is no doubt that advancements such as quantum technology can provide more effective techniques in the preservation of cybersecurity. Information is ever-evolving and likewise, cybercriminals are also becoming cunning and sophisticated in their methods.

The guide above has hopefully equipped you with just some of the cybersecurity trends you should be aware of in 2020. There is likely more to come, but the most important piece of advice is to always remain informed.

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