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Polyglot Programming Five Programming Languages To Learn

The importance of well- rounded coders and polyglot programmers is not hidden from anyone in the industry. To grow a good programmer and to increase employability, a person must learn more than one programming language. A polyglot programmer can write codes in multiple languages like JavaScript, HTML, Python, C++, YAML, SQL, and many more. This helps in front and backend development.

Polyglot Programming Five Programming Languages To Learn

A custom iPhone app developer tries to learn many new programming languages and frameworks; this helps them in better solving intricate problems. For a custom iPhone app developer learning more than one programming language provides better alternatives and advanced programming skills. For programmer and engineers learning numerous programming languages helps in many ways a few of which are listed as follows.

 1.It gives them the best of everything:

For a programmer who knows how to make use of many new emerging technologies helps significantly in personal development. It helps a programmer in collecting many tools and putting them to good use.

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Every prevalent technology brings along with itself an ideology and methodology, having many of these methodologies, tools and techniques along with a consideration of all the available doctrines allows a programmer to use better and advanced programming skills.

Allows them to use the right tools for their job:

For a programmer who only knows one specific language, switching to a different style for a particular task is impossible. However, for some operations, one language does not work. As jQuery is a great tool, however, it is not great for writing Single page applications. For a programmer who only knows how to work with jQuery writing a SPA will be difficult. If only the programmer had knowledge about Angular or React, it would not have been an impossible task for them.

Increases employment opportunities:

Being proficient in many languages adds to your employability, it looks great on your resume. It also shows your experience and flexibility. For programmers who have honed their skills as multi-lingual programmers, there are many employment opportunities available. Polyglot programming allows a programmer to work with various tools in different conditions.

It allows programmers to mix and match:

When a programmer knows both Python and Bash scripting, swapping out a bash script with a Python equivalent becomes easier. Beautiful Soup is Python’s library that is used for extracting data out of HTML and XML files, and it works better than the customized HTML parsing routine that works in BASH. It means that for a programmer, who knows more than one programmer languages, working with dynamic libraries and support tools becomes easier, and it also delivers better outcomes.

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It makes iterations faster:

For programmers reducing TTM was a challenge. However, through polyglot programming, time to market can be reduced. Domain-specific languages (DSLs) help in improving the speed of new code to be released into production. DSLs can also be used for defining commands, which are to be executed; they can also be used for describing documents or some of their specific aspects.

Lastly, it increases confidence:

Knowing more than one programming language helps a programmer in feeling more confident. It increases productivity and efficiency and the programmer can produce better outcomes and deliver better results. It allows the programmer to develop flexibly and agility as they work with different syntaxes, and they encounter many intricacies while testing their programming skills. It will enable them to learn and grow more.

Five most popular programming languages for programmers to learn:

Out of the many programming languages, there are a few that, every programmer must consider learning:

1.      Java:

It is one of the most prevalent programming languages available. It is excellent when it comes to saleable server-side development. This language works best. It also has a sizeable market share in mobile app development agency san Diego for android phones.

2.      JavaScript:

Ruby can replace Python and C++ can replace Java; however, when you talk about java, script there is no alternative. It is a client-side scripting language, and it allows programmers to work on JSP and Servlet-based applications.

3.      Scala:

It is a functional programming language, which is easy to learn. There are many other functional programming languages like the Haskell. However, Scala works for Java developers, and Haskell works well for developers who work with C++

4.      Python:

It is an object-oriented programing language, and it can be used for scripting too. It is used widely in web development. It makes compiling, packaging and using additional steps. Programmers working with python do not need many steps they can write an ad-hoc code, and that makes the process faster.

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5.      C and C++:

You cannot become a good programmer without knowing C or C++; it teaches a programmer many essentials like pointers, structure, arrays, memory management, etc. C is highly preferred for system programming and C++ is quite similar to C, learning any of the two languages will help a programmer in developing better programming skills.


The programming languages mentioned in this post are highly preferred and in demand. If you want to enhance your programming abilities or if you want to become a senior developer in a reputable company then you should give polyglot programming a serious thought.

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