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Make the Most of Your iPhone X Box Accessories

IPhone X is an excellent phone for most needs. It’s one of the best modern iPhones on the market, offering a great way to upgrade your phone without paying for the latest model. It also has several must-have accessories included in the box. Before you go hog wild with ordering extra accessories, learn about how to make the most of the items that come with your new iPhone.

Listen Up

Make the Most of Your iPhone X Box Accessories
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Your iPhone X comes with plenty of cool accessories directly out of the box. One amenity that Apple fans have come to expect are the inclusion of headphones. Since most of us use our phones for listening to music, watching videos, and tuning into podcasts, the earbuds are a must. They’ve come a long way from earlier iPhones. The earbuds you receive with your iPhone X are designed to sit comfortably in your ears for long periods of time. You don’t have to worry about experiencing any pain if you listen to your favorite album nonstop for three hours, nor will you have to deal with sweaty ears.

You know that you can make the most of your headphones by enjoying the music you love, but your earbuds have even more potential than that. Wherever you are, you can plug in your earbuds and watch Netflix on your phone, check out your favorite YouTube channels, or queue up your favorite podcast. Because the earbuds are quiet, no one else is likely to hear what you’re doing, which allows you to entertain yourself at work, in school, or on the bus ride home.

Going a step further, you can also use your earbuds to make calls by keeping them plugged in while you’re chatting. This gives you the ability to talk on the phone hands-free without putting your iPhone on speaker, which can be disruptive to the people around you. The built-in microphone helps ensure that the person on the other end can hear you clearly.

It’s important to note that with the iPhone X, the headphones have a Lightning connector that fits seamlessly into the Lightning port. It replaces the regular headphone jack, but with the included headphones, you won’t even notice the regular jack is gone.

Hit the Road, Jack

The iPhone X includes a helpful accessory in the box: a Lightning port to 3.5mm adapter for your headphone jack. At the time of its release, a lot of people used regular headphones with a traditional jack on their iPhones. With the release of the iPhone X, users were afraid that they’d have to give up their expensive, noise-canceling headphones. That’s not the case at all. Perhaps anticipating those feelings, Apple took the initiative to proactively include an adapter that’s become affectionately known as a dongle.

The dongle allows you to plug your traditional headphones into one end and the new Lightning connector into a port on the other end. This port is small, flat, and somewhat rectangular. It’s more convenient as well, because you don’t run into as many risks as you do with the larger-sized regular jack.

Still, it’s good to know that you can plug in your Beats or Bose headphones without a worry. The sound will still be clear and crisp, as well. Theoretically, you can even use the dongle to connect your phone to bigger sound systems. Try hooking up to larger speakers to make your music heard.

A Little Lightning

Since we’ve spent so much time talking about the Lightning port, let’s go on to talk about the new Lightning to USB cable. The Lightning cable charges your phone faster than the traditional cable. It unfortunately isn’t compatible with all Apple products, but it will get the job done with your phone. Thanks to the USB connection, you can either plug it into the power block or into your laptop or personal computer.

Because charging cables are notorious for getting damaged or lost, it’s smart to think beyond the box here. You’ll need more than one cable, so feel free to purchase extra Lightning cables for your new phone. Since Apple cables tend to be rather short, it’s a good idea to look for a longer cable. Length is convenient, especially if you want to use your phone while you’re lying in bed or don’t have an outlet close enough to where you are. For added style, you can also consider getting a cable that matches the color of your phone.

Power On

Your iPhone X will also have a USB power adapter in the box. Often called a block or a brick, this adapter is essential for charging your phone. However, it’s only a 5-watt block. That’s not extremely powerful, although it will provide plenty of power if you’re charging your phone overnight or leaving it alone for an hour or two to charge.

The good news is that it’s easy enough to find 12-watt power bricks. You can look for a branded Apple brick or an off-brand block that’s compatible with the iPhone X.

Take the time to get to know your new iPhone X. Play around with the apps, and enjoy its features. How will you make the most of the accessories that come with it?



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