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Best SEO Tools for Small Business

The Internet has revolutionized our lives. Almost all the things that we nowadays do with our devices involve the internet in some way or the other. The Internet has brought us various things that have made our lives convenient. Emails and Websites were one of the very first things that we were introduced to on the internet. The internet, as we know, has developed a lot since then, but the services that made the Internet widely enjoyable and convenient to use are the Search Engines.

The feature that enables users to find anything on this immense network of computers just by typing some phrases related to it might seem trivial to people nowadays. However, it certainly wasn’t the case for those using the internet for the first time without any significant prior knowledge. Soon after the internet was introduced to the public, search engines were developed- Excite in 1993, Yahoo in 1994, and later Google in 1997. Nowadays, nearly every website that we come across offers search-based results.

Top SEO Tools in 2021 for Small Business

Though the search engines have been immensely useful for the users looking for relevant content, the content creators have availed the benefits as well. Search engines work on algorithms that are run on web crawlers to maintain and deliver information. The algorithms differ in different search engines, and the knowledge of their working can help content creators modify their content to be able to come up at noticeable positions when a user searches for the relevant information.

This practice of improving the content quality in accordance with appropriate search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through the years, various techniques have come up for optimizing content, however, with time, search engines improve the algorithm to deliver good quality and relevant information to the users.

With Google becoming more demanding with their algorithm updates, it is crucial that you stay ahead of the game and keep tabs on what's best for your marketing strategy in order to optimize your business. There is a plethora of tools that you can take advantage of in order to grow your business. One way to do this is by using a white label reporting dashboard. It helps businesses generate reports to measure traffic, conversions, and other metrics. This software is specifically designed to work with your website in order to help you monitor and gain insight on how well it is performing. You can also hire a dedicated team consisting of developers and SEO specialists to look after your project.
 You can also hire a dedicated team consisting of developers and SEO specialists to look after your project.

Here are some SEO tools that can prove helpful for content creators and marketers-

*HubSpot Marketing Hub-

Search engines analyze several aspects of a page to rank them. Some of these aspects are the quality and relevance of landing pages, the number of relevant backlinks, and the volume of appropriately used keywords. Apart from this, certain other relevant factors are the Meta Description, Page title, and link. To rank the page higher, it is important to optimize these aspects of the page.

HubSpot is a prominent platform that offers marketing and sales tools. Within the marketing section, it offers SEO tools that can help content creators optimize their pages and content. HubSpot offers SEO tools to analyze the pages and recommend changes to optimize the content. The content editor allows users to edit their content according to the recommendation.

HubSpot also recommends relevant SEO optimize keywords and phrases as per the topic of the content. By connecting the domain to HubSpot, we can publish optimized landing pages to the domain through HubSpot. All these features have made HubSpot a popular platform for SEO and Marketing professionals.
Through the years, various techniques have come up for optimizing content, however, with time, search engines improve the algorithm to deliver good quality and relevant information to the users. You can use the help of a lot of software to guide you on this task, and our suggestion is that you do your research well as there is always a solution. Be sure to also read up on the software reviews and really see what's best for you!


SEMrush provides tools for researching keywords for adverts and content. Users can research keywords and get to know the potential traffic and the cost per click for utilizing those keywords along with several other metrics like keyword difficulty rate, bidding rate from other sites, etc. SEMrush helps track the visibility, traffic, and positional trends for the relevant domain.

Moreover, the SEO audit tools analyze the site for SEO optimization and provide scores and improvement suggestions. SEMrush’s content template allows users to develop content with a lot of LSI keywords by recognizing the content type and thereby suggesting the keywords. Apart from these, SEM offers several other tools as well. Though SEMrush tools can be used by all kinds of content creators, it is majorly used in integration with Google Ads and Analytics to monitor and optimize PPC ads.


Ubersuggest is a popular platform that provides SEO and content marketing tools that can help users get an insight into their competitors’ strategies and average metrics using competitive analysis. These data can then be used to optimize one’s own content using other SEO tools on the platform and accordingly published to get a lead in the market.

Ubersuggest is owned by Neil Patel who professes the platform to be significantly cheaper than its other competitors. Apart from competitive analysis, other tools that Ubersuggest provides are- Keyword ideas, content ideas, site audit, traffic analyzer, and Backlink checker. These tools provide all the necessary ideas regarding keywords, or content based on a topic, and helps analyze and improve landing pages.


Ahrefs is a Singapore based company that provides SEO tools essentially for entrepreneurial purposes. It is one of the top platforms for website optimization and domain analysis. The platform emphasizes backlinks, which are links from one website to another. Backlinks are considered important as they tend to bring organic traffic. For this reason, generally, sites with a high number of backlinks are ranked higher by search engines.

Aherf provides information on the competitors’ use of keywords, number of backlinks, and relevant traffic among other metrics, and provides strategies to outrank them. Other tools provided by Ahrefs include- Site Audit tool, Broken link checker tool, Keyword generator, Website Authority checker, Keyword rank checker, content explorer, and SERP checker.


Yext is a New York based company offering advertisements services. Even though Yext was originally a local advertisement company during its early foundational days, it now is a prominent platform that helps companies grow their brands. Yext offers several tools to serve its customers- Knowledge Graph provides essential information about the competitors and market. This information can be used to come up with plans to leverage against the competition.

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Yext answers can be used to provide an interactive search-based browsing experience to the traffic. Reputation management allows users to react to the queries and reviews received by the site/service across the internet to improve their reputation. Yext offers several other tools including- advanced analytics, app directory to integrate third-party apps, integrations to publish content, and so on.

*Moz Pro-

Moz Pro offers its users a suite of SEO tools that help users in analyzing their domain, and traffic. The Keyword research tool helps understand how the keywords contribute to the traffic. It also provides information regarding website and keyword rankings and helps fix SEO issues with the site through the SEO audit tool. Apart from these tools, Moz pro offers suggestions to optimize landing pages, find link opportunities, analyze backlinks, and create custom reports.

*SE Ranking-

SE ranking is a platform that provides SEO tools that are focused to empower individuals in improving their content or website to appear as top search results. SE ranking offers in-depth website audit tools that find issues with the page and suggest relevant fixes. The backlink tool offers discovery and management of backlinks. Keyword ranking and tracking tool provides information regarding ranking positions of the website’s keywords across different search engines. Other tools that SE ranking provides are- Social Media integration, On-page SEO checker, and page changes monitoring.

*Google Search Console-

Google Search Console, formerly called the Google Webmasters, offers several tools that allow users to check the keyword indexing status of their websites and optimize it for search engines. It offers many tools that are helpful to webmasters. It lets webmasters modify the crawl rate and robots.txt files to access pages that are accidentally blocked in robots.txt. Other tools that Google Search Console offers are- SEO audit tool, search queries and search keywords tools, and sitemap feature.


Majestic is an England based platform that maps and surveys the internet and professes to have created the largest Link Intelligence database in the world. Its analytics serve SEO professionals, affiliate marketers, and other marketing experts and aspirants. For SEO professionals, it offers several tools that include the SEO audit tool, Backlink checker, Keyword tool, website rank checker, and custom reporting.


Whitespark is an SEO platform that provides optimization strategies for Google and Bing across different geographical regions whereas analytics review the metrics related to website and content performance. It offers several tools that make local search manageable and accurate. The tools include- Local Rank tracker, Reputation builder, Local citation finder, and Citation building, audit, and cleanup tools.


Search Engine Optimization is an important marketing strategy especially when digital marketing is involved. The way the public rely on search engines to find information on the web, it can be easily inferred that Search Engines control the digital market in a way. To make the results relevant and maintain trust within the users, Search Engines use algorithms to bring up the best quality search results each time. It is therefore essential to optimize the content so that it ranks higher among the competitors. The above-discussed platforms provide all the necessary tools that one would need to improve their website or content. If you are into SEO, go ahead and check them out!


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