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Social Commerce Platform: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?

Are the increased bounce rates on your website and decreased conversions and sales giving you a hard time? Does your website have an exceedingly long checkout process that leads to irritation amongst customers? Are you looking for the perfect solution to the mentioned problems? 

Social Commerce Platform

Well, you have landed at the right place, and Social Commerce can surely solve all the issues and significantly increase your conversion rate and sales. 

Clueless about Social Commerce? 

In this blog, we shall be telling you about the definition of Social Commerce and how incorporating this marketing strategy can benefit your business. 

Let’s get started! 

What Is Social Commerce?

To put it across simply, Social Commerce means promoting or selling products/services through Social media platforms

Simply put, Social Commerce or Social eCommerce provides possibilities to the brand to sell their products and eventually increase their conversions and sales using various social media platforms. 

Moreover, Social Commerce also allows users to shop through social media directly. Overall, Social Commerce is a brilliant opportunity for brands to increase their brand awareness and visibility and increase user engagement! 

Key Benefits Of Social Commerce

Social Commerce = Social Experience  

While Social Commerce mainly focuses on social media platforms, it can be merged with the overall vibe of the social media platforms, i.e., people are already interacting with other users and brands and are in a mood to socialize. 

This gives brands the chance to communicate with their existing and potential customers easily. 

Since users on social media take out the time to convey what they feel by liking, commenting, or sharing the posts, it changes the vibe. It makes it more social or open compared to when the users visit your website and go through your products. 

Easily Influence Buyers To Make A Purchase 

Since Social Media is a platform where your buyers are mostly present to take purchase-related inspiration, it is an incredible way to tap into their interests and convince them to purchase without making extra efforts. 

Compared to the regular online shopping scenario where the customer adds the product into the cart and later on leaves the website, Social Commerce can raise the urge amongst your buyers to make a purchase instantly. 

Give Your Customers A Smooth Buying Journey

Providing a simple, hassle-free shopping experience to customers is a must for any brand to climb the ladder of success. All customers wish for is a seamless shopping experience till they receive the final confirmation mail. 

An irritated customer can abandon the shopping cart at any moment irrespective of how much they like the product. Thanks to Social Commerce, you can give your customers a smooth shopping experience, and a quick and easy checkout experience will make them your regular and loyal customers. 

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is a priority since the customer is king! 

Increase Your Reach On Social Media

Social Media is growing at an extremely fast rate, and some platforms already have billions of active users. 

Hence, it gives brands the opportunity to increase their reach to the maximum number of users by selling their products on the platform. 

Leveraging social commerce is a golden opportunity for brands to engage with their audiences to maximize their growth prospects. 

Instill Trust & Loyalty 

Having loyal customers is the biggest boon for any brand and defines the quality of products or services that the brand has to offer. 

Through Social Commerce, you can gain the trust of your customers by displaying positive reviews on your social media handle. 

The theory here is that people trust other people much more than they trust the brand’s content. Reading positive reviews will make your potential customers confident about the brand and make them buy your products, and compel your existing customers to make another purchase. 

Therefore, as a brand, you must utilize positive reviews since loyal customers can be the biggest ambassadors of your brand! 

More Impactful Marketing Through Visuals

As you are aware, Social Media is all about stunning pictures and attractive infographics, which can be highly effective for creating an impact on the scroller. 

Through the power of visuals and Social commerce, brands can interact more effectively with their customers and also compel them to hit the share button to spread the word about the brand resulting in more attention from potential customers! 

Moreover, surveys suggest that customers find visuals 10 times more attractive than written texts and relate much more with pictures. 


Summing It Up

Social Commerce is rapidly making its place as it has proven to be the most result-driven form of marketing. 

This marketing strategy is a win-win situation for both brands as well as their customers. 

It provides brands the opportunity to maximize their sales by increasing user engagement, improvising their brand visibility, and ultimately growing their conversion rate and sales.

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On the other hand, it provides customers the chance to scroll through their social media and shop at the same time. Moreover, it gives an easy, quick, and seamless shopping experience and checkout process to them!  

If you a brand and are not utilizing Social Commerce for your business, then be assured that you are missing out on a lot. Now that you are aware of everything related to Social Commerce, what are you waiting for?

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