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Gojek Clone – Key Considerations to Consider While Launching With Latest Technology

A Gojek Clone app is a ready-made solution that offers different on-demand services to people. Equipped with rich features to provide services Taxi booking, Pickup, Parcel delivery, Grocery, Food, Handyman services, E-commerce services and more. 

Today, the generation reaches for their smartphones to order or shop. On-demand apps have made our lives easier and Gojek Clone App seems to be the right fit for businesses

Gojek Clone

Gojek Clone App offers the quickest ways to make profits, all the while making your customers happy. The on-demand multi-service business has become popular because people can access an end number of services at their fingertips. Furthermore, these services are affordable and can place orders from anywhere, anytime on the go. 

Working professionals, busy mommies, and college-going students, senior citizens that are unable to go out and shop can use Gojek Clone App to get their ordered stuff delivered right to the doorstep. This includes Babysitters, Food delivery, Pharmacy, Massage therapist, Handyman services, Pet walkers, Electrician services, House cleaning, Sanitization services, Car washing, Shopping, Parcel services, etc.

Still not convinced? There are plenty of benefits of developing the Gojek Clone App, and one of the primary ones is getting ROI back in a short time. 

However, before you go on to launch your Gojek Clone App; there are key aspects to consider.

Key Questions to Consider Before Developing Gojek Clone App

Technology sound app

Technology plays a vital role in making your app successful. From the day the on-demand apps have been launched to this date the technology has evolved a lot.

Do not develop your Gojek Clone App on yesteryear’s technology. If you are not a technological sound person, ask and discuss it with your app development team. They will be guiding you on the technology front. Also, when you partner with a reliable Gojek Clone App Development company, you get access to significant after-sales services such as Bug support, Technology up-gradation, Technical assistance for a year.

Visual appeal

When people describe the visuals, talking about visually appealing they don’t mean it by looking it pretty. What it means is that it should represent your brand. The color combination should match with the services you are providing. The content should be accurate and informative. Font size appropriate and images should be visibly clear and quick to load. Gojek Clone App is a multi-service app which means you have to be precise about the kind of deliveries you are providing and be visually appealing to attract your customers.

Easy interface

If your Gojek Clone App isn’t easy to use or the information is neatly written, your customers will be soon uninstalling the app. A good on-demand multi-service app has a user-friendly interface, along with advanced level features like Multi-currency/languages, Push-notifications, Multiple payment modes, In-app chat/call support, and Advanced search items filtering.

Gojek Clone App should make it easy not only for your customers but for your Admin to add/remove/modify the features, service categories, pricing, commission, get a real-time update on the stores/restaurants, etc. 

Instant Deliveries Vs Schedule Deliveries 

This is the key consideration when you are developing a multi-service app like Gojek. You might have a similar layout, navigations, and features but, wouldn’t it be interesting if you have something new to offer to your customers? Since you are dealing with a huge marketplace, know what kind of delivery option you will be providing. 

For instance, you can offer “Order now and schedule later date” or “Order same day deliveries”. This will depend on your target audience's preferences. You need to study in detail about their choices – if the target location has busy working professionals leading a fast life, offering them same-day deliveries, on-demand deliveries can be a good choice.

Partner or Own Delivery Agents

The next thing to consider is deciding on the terms of whether your service providers will handle all their business activities themselves or you will be supporting them? 

We can understand this with an example here. This can be seen in a grocery delivery market. There are 2 ways the grocery delivery business model works. – The grocery store will have their fleet to the deliveries or they will have an outsider a 3rd party delivery fleet that will only look into the deliveries. 

The above-mentioned are the primary considerations to consider when you are developing and launching an app like Gojek. 

Hiring the Best Gojek Clone App Development Company 

Now that you know the things to consider when building an app like Gojek all you need is an efficient and experienced Gojek App Development company. With so many options available on the Internet, it is tough to figure out the best company.

Choose a white-label Gojek App offering a licensed source code. It allows you to customize your app the way you want considering the changing customer’s needs. This way you will be able to align your business operations ensuring that your on-demand services are flawlessly working. The scope of the Gojek Clone market that you are going to enter, the way you will be choosing your services for your customers, and the revenue model you will be choosing can help you stay ahead in the competition. 

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