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How and why quickly convert into a digital society?

The world is moving towards an age of hyper digitisation in 2021, where the physical world will merge with the digital world to create a more digital-first society. Not only will businesses transform traditional methods and move to digital solutions like cloud computing and remotely located global workspaces, but our daily lives as citizens would increasingly start relying on online solutions rather than brick-and-mortar ones. 

How and why quickly convert into a digital society?

From contactless payments to connected devices, we've all adopted the new wave of digital transformation which is now being designed to be more empathetic towards a human-centric society. Some popular examples include on-demand rides like Uber, digital wallets like Google Pay, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and smart home assistants, and security systems. 

If we've made a collective leap into accepting personal and ubiquitous use of technology for daily activities, nothing should stop us from digitizing entire community operations in a housing society.

Why digitise a housing society?

So you don't have to do the least physically and virtualize your work with a few clicks, e.g. 

  • No pen and paper registration at the gate
  • No need to collect rent from house to house
  • No manual accounting errors due to excessive physical invoicing and receipts
  • No conflict caused in amenities sharing due to the old first come first serve system. 
  • No fear of Covid infections due to sanitization protocols at the gate.
  • No need to worry about tracking domestic help and their whereabouts
  • No need to worry about parking mismanagement
  • No late maintenance payments
  • No anxiety while creating extensive annual financial reports

How to achieve digitisation in a housing society?

1 -Remove old mindsets and traditional security processes

Invest in modern security solutions like smart security cameras with motion detection technology at strategic entry and exit points. Get a subscription to an intelligent society management app that can automate gatekeeping via a passcode verification system that's rooted in a behavioral intelligence augmented authentication solution. 

Yet the practical application is elegant and easy to use:

A resident sends a one-time password to the visitor on their mobile. Visitors can verify the code at the gate on the guard's version of the app. Frequent visitors and domestic staff are given a unique passcode for daily entry. Residents get real-time notifications no matter where they are in addition to features like panic alert feature and child security protocol. 

2. Automate financial activities of the society

Delayed payments happen when there is no auto-regulated system that makes dues collection and consolidation when it comes to society's incoming and outgoing finances. It's not practical to approach each home and collect cash and cheques considering the general unfavorable Covid lockdowns. Also, it's a waste of time and resources. 

Instead, use a society management app that includes a fully embedded accounting suite allowing digital payments and customized for multiple tasks and store them in the cloud. 

You can create targeted maintenance invoices per flat/tower with a preconfigured formula and send reminders near the due date so that no payments are defaulted or delayed. You can even charge penalties with different rates for violations and access collection reports, advance/arrears, credit/debit details with easy search. 

Society's financial admin team can manage a transparent workflow for getting MC approval for various financial expenses like paying monthly utilities or hiring professional repair agencies. Admin can accomplish time-consuming tasks like GST calculations, tax filing, creating reports like BS, P&L, GST Report, TDS Report, etc. in minimum steps. 

Self-regulating community management 

Tired of messy parking management? Too many residents fighting overbooking clubhouse, swimming pool, gym? Complaints about broken plumbing, electrical failures, and elevator malfunctioning? Don't bother running around, coordinating with facilities managers and guards to fix the problem. 

Society/Apartment management app, MyGate offers

1- Integrated calendar
For residents to book amenities online and find suitable slots

2- In-built complaint desk
For residents to raise tickets in case of breakage or operational oversight straight to the facilities manager/admin. Residents can track the status of the complaint while admin/helpdesk managers can have a streamlining benefit to provide a speedy resolution. 

3- Parking assistance for guards
The app provides the guards with the feature to retrieve the vehicle owners if vehicles are not properly parked and automatically update them with the number of available visitor parking spots based on incoming and outgoing vehicles.

4- Attendance and movement tracking
Admin can get remote attendance check-in through facial recognition technology and residents get alerted when maids, cooks, drivers enter the premises. 

MyGate offers Covid-19 related Emergency Response Services, discounted medicine at home, and a notification alert system that broadcasts important updates about quarantined apartments and containment zones through a digital noticeboard. 

Overall, intelligent society management apps are the digital version of any physical activity that would have taken time and effort. Digitisation is at its finest when it's the simplest. 

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