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Best Fitness Bands Under Rs.2,000

People all over the world have taken fitness seriously during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home has made people step out less and most have restarted their fitness journey at their home. To make the journey even more efficient and time-saving, one can invest in a good fitness band to keep track of their schedules. 

Although there are premium brands in the market, users do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good reliable gadget. In this blog post, you’ll read about 5 of the best fitness bands that are available just under Rs.2,000 in India. 

The best fitness band is the one that is accurate, long-lasting, and lets you flaunt fashion while wearing them. There are some good offerings from some of the top names in the country, so read till the end to figure out what’s best for you. 

Best Fitness Bands Under Rs.2,000 In India 

Logicalshout came up with the last after hours of research and study. All the bands included in our list are some of the top choices under Rs.2,000 in the market today. To find out what is your best pick. To get more features and build quality checkout best fitness bands under Rs.3000

Mi Band 4 

The Mi Band series has grown in popularity over the years, and the latest Mi Band 4 is an affordable and feature-rich fitness band that safely takes the top place on our list. 

Mi Band 4
Source -

Design & Build Quality - The Mi Band 4 has the normal looks of a fitness band and is made of plastic. It doesn’t shout premium, but it is well built and comfortable to use for long hours. In fact, you can use the Mi Band even while sleeping to keep a better check on your health. 

The band has the charging pin at the bottom and you’ll have to remove the cover to get the smartphone charging up. 

Display - The Mi Band 4 features a 0.95-inch AMOLED display which is really great. The colors are good and you get nice viewing angles even under direct sunlight conditions. 

Battery Backup - The Mi Band 4 has incredible battery life. Xiaomi’s claims of 20 days battery life weren’t false as the fitness band easily manages to last over two weeks with regular usage. In short, it has incredible backup for the price. 

Features & Sensors - The fitness band includes a lot of useful features such as sleep monitoring, tracking through various activities, heart rate monitoring, and more. The tracking features are disabled by default and users are forced to find them and activate the feature to get the best experience. 

With every feature turned on, the battery life depreciates, but that compromises users will have to make to get the best out of the product. 

The Mi Band Companion app is fairly good. Options are plenty and the interface is friendly. Users can change the watch face or even create a custom watch face through the app. Furthermore, reports and adjustments can be made easily through the app. 

The Mi Band 4 does a really good job of tracking and measures. It is accurate for the most part except with distance as it does not have a built-in GPS tracker. Other than that, for a price under Rs.2,000 in India, the Mi Band 4 is an excellent fitness gadget. 

Key Features:

  • 0.95-inch AMOLED display 
  • 20-day battery life 
  • Swim-proof
  • Heart rate monitor 
  • Sleep monitor
  • Mi Smart Companion app  


The Mi Band 4 is the best fitness band under Rs.2,000 in the market. The tracking, usability, and battery life are all impressive and it certainly deserves stardom. 


  • The display has accurate colors and good viewing 
  • Accurate reports with tracking 
  • Battery life is significant and users won’t have to charge the band often


  • Default disabled tracking features.

Realme Band 

Realme has been competing for neck-to-neck with Xiaomi in the affordable gadgets segment. The Realme Band is an alternate option that provides as much value as our top pick. 

Realme Band

Design & Build Quality - The Realme Band features a very common design. The band is very light and you’ll hardly feel it on your wrist. 

Charging the band is also easy but you will have to detach the silicon strap and plug it into any charging port. 

Display - It features a 0.96-inch LCD screen that is really not bright. Under direct sunlight, it is very hard to use the fitness band, and that is a major issue for anyone who loves being outdoors. 

Battery Backup - The Realme Band has a 90mAh battery that can last a little over a week. Battery life is decent considering the price and an entire week of usage sounds good enough for a fitness band. Charging the device will only take about an hour, so the battery in the Realme Band is decent overall. 

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Features & Sensors - The Realme Band allows users to track a wide variety of activities. The step-tracking is near accurate, but Realme does not provide the most accurate numbers and it counts a few extra. 

Heart-rate monitoring and sports mode provide somewhat inaccurate numbers because of the lack of a gyroscope. Sleep monitoring is taken care of well, but we wish all the tracking was far more accurate than what the Realme Band provides.

Key Features: 

  • 0.96-inch LCD display 
  • Detachable  strap 
  • Heart-rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor 
  • Various sports mode 
  • 90mAh battery 


The Realme band is also a great option for Rs.2,000. It does require some software improvements but it is a value for money product. 


  • The lightweight design does not give the feeling of weight to your wrist


  • The display could have been even more color accurate and brighter
  • Activity tracking needs improvement as actual figures aren’t measured

Noise Colorfit 2 

Indian brand Noise has also been doing well in the gadgets market and the Noise Colorfit 2 is one great fitness band for those not interested in Xiaomi or Realme products. 

Noise Colorfit 2
Source -

Design & Build Quality - The Noise Colorfit 2 follows a similar design pattern as other Fitness bands in the price category. The watch looks stylish but doesn’t fall under the premium styling. It comes with an IP68 rating, so you don’t have to worry about bringing the watch near water. 

The Colorfit 2 has a detachable strap that allows for charging similar to the Mi Band 4. 

Display - The TFT-LCD display is bright in most cases. It does not reflect the same quality as an OLED, but for the price, it works well and is smooth. 

Battery Backup - The 90mAh battery lasts about a week in the Colorfit 2. It is surely not the best fitness band in terms of battery backup but manages to give in respectable battery life. The charging time takes anywhere between 2-2.5 hours to take the band from 0 to 100 percent. 

Features & Sensors - The Noise Colorfit 2 supports multiple sports modes and users can choose up to 3 modes at a time. Users can also track their heart rate, steps, and sleep to improve their daily routine. 

You also get notifications for calls and messages but do note that you cannot attend calls or text back as this is not a smartwatch. 

The Colofit 2 also has woman's centric features such as a menstrual cycle tracker that will help them keep track during tough times. 

Key Features: 

  • TFT-LCD display 
  • Detachable strap
  • Multiple-sports mode 
  • Heart-rate monitor 
  • Call and SMS notification 
  • Women-centric features 
  • 90mAh battery 


The Noise Colorfit 2 gets a lot of features right but the display should have been much better. Battery life is forgivable but when compared to some of the top fitness bands, the Colorfit 2 is way behind. 


  • Attractive design that clicks among buyers
  • Multiple features for fitness and health tracking keeps you on the fitness loop


  • The display is a bit disappointing and not the most viewable 
  • Battery backup compared to the competition is below average 

Fastrack Reflex 3.0

Fastrack has always been a big player with watches. After the success of the first Reflex fitness band, the company has brought the Reflex 2.0 model that has been doing great in the market. 

Fastrack Reflex 3.0
Source -

Design & Build Quality - The latest entry in the Reflex series follows the same design as its predecessors, with no modifications. The strap is silicone, but it still proves to be comfortable wearing for hours. You also get a dual-color strap which is something to flaunt. 

The watch also comes with an IP68 rating so you can take it out for a swim without worrying about damage. 

Display - The fitness band comes with multiple watch faces which is good for those of you who love customizations. The display isn’t OLED so it isn’t too bright or color accurate. 

The band is also fully touchscreen so there are no physical buttons to interact with. The haptic feedback is also great and navigating through the interface is easy and user-friendly. 

Battery Backup - One area the Reflex 2.0 could have done better is the battery life. The battery drains quickly with usage and barely manages to last about a week. Fastrack could have offered a band with much better backup seeing the advancement their rivals have made. 

Features & Sensors - Users get a total of 10 sports modes to switch to and fro. Other tracking includes heart-rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and notification alert for incoming calls and texts. It isn’t exactly feature-packed as it misses out on some key features such as Oximeter which could have been added. 

Key Features: 

  • IPS panel
  • 1-week battery life 
  • 10 sports mode 
  • Heart-rate monitoring 
  • Call and SMS notifications  


The Fastrack Reflex fitness band offers a good spec sheet for the price. It is disappointing to see an IPS panel instead of an OLED which would have been given a much better appeal. Users who loved the earlier Reflex models will still be satisfied with the buy. 


  • IP68 rating makes the band outdoor-friendly 
  • Multiple sports mode and notifications for users are present


  • No oximeter despite the price range
  • No AMOLED display is present in the fitness band 

Honor Band 5

Huawei sub-brand Honor has done incredibly well in the smartphone market and has made a successful impact in the fitness band industry as well. The Honor Band 5 is a premium-looking band at an affordable price tag. 

Honor Band 5
Source -

Design & Build Quality - Honor Band 5 follows a similar design pattern as its competition. The design looks fit for the budget and we can’t really say if it is good or bad. 

The straps are detachable and the band is also swim-proof so you can easily take it for a dive or splash water without worrying about major damage. 

Display - The 0.95-inch AMOLED display is a solid offering. It is bright and packed with colors that make way for good viewing even outdoors. There are multiple watch faces to choose from too. 

Battery Backup - Micro USB charger ships with the band and we do wish Type C was made available. The charging takes about 1.5 hours to go from 0 to 100 and the band only manages to last a whole week. 

Better battery life was expected from the gadget. The fitness band ships with a cable in the box which is quite handy. 

Features & Sensors - Users get different sports tracking; both indoor and outdoor, so no matter what sports you play, the fitness band has you covered. 

The watch will also vibrate if the user remains idle and inactive for a while. This is a great addition as people who take fitness seriously will benefit a lot during work hours. 

Apart from that sleep, Oxygen level tracking and more are present but the figures are massively inaccurate. There is no native GPS as well, so step counts were wrong as well. The fitness band could have been ranked much higher had it gotten the accuracy right. 

Key Features: 

  • 0.95-inch AMOLED display 
  • Multiple sports mode 
  • Oxygen level tracking 
  • 1-week battery
  • MicroUSB charger 


The Honor Band 5 would have been a great value for money gadget only if it was more accurate. The watch serves basic functions but fitness enthusiasts might choose to stay away from this option. 


  • The AMOLED display is bright and accurate with colors in this price range 
  • Swim-proof design allows the wearer to seamlessly take the watch everywhere. 


  • Poor battery life compared to the competition. 
  • Inaccurate tracking numbers throughout different modes 


Those are all the options currently available for users looking to buy a fitness band under Rs.2,000. Those looking for the best option should opt for the Mi Band 4, a great fitness companion with a bunch of features. 

Users who choose to stay away from brands such as Xiaomi and Realme can opt for the Noise Colorfit 2 which is another great fitness band for the price segment. 

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