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5 Free Google Review Plugins for WordPress Website In 2023

Let us begin with a fun statistic. After conducting extensive research, surveyors suggested that more than 85% of potential customers of a brand go through and trust online reviews and recommendations more than any other source. That’s the power of positive reviews.

Over the years Google Reviews have emerged to become a reliable source of spreading information about a brand and its products. Positive Google Reviews in favor of your brand can work wonders to spread more brand awareness as it enables the users to make the correct choice of products.

If you are doing business and have users who vouch for your products or services on Google reviews, and not making use of them, then you are surely missing out on a lot. You can Embed Google Reviews on your website and take your brand multiple steps closer to success.
Wondering how to go about it? This blog post has your answer.

Plugins for WordPress Website

WordPress is a favorite website-building platform amongst brands due to its user-friendly interface and other beneficial functionalities. The WordPress directory has over 50,000+ plugins, many of which are designed to embed Google reviews on website.

Selecting the perfect fit from such a wide spectrum of options can be a daunting task. Hence, in this blog, we have listed the best Google review plugins for your WordPress website.
Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Review Plugins for WordPress That Are Unmissable-

1. Google Reviews Widget Plugin by Tagembed

The first on the list is the Google Review Widget Plugin by Tagembed - a leading social media aggregation platform. Tagembed enables its users to collect content as per their preferred source from over 15+ social media platforms including Google Reviews from the Google My Business page.

The collected content can be displayed on the WordPress website in the form of a Google review widget. The plugin offers various additional features. The Google review widget can be customized and make more impactful and visually appealing by presenting it appropriately. Users have the option to choose from a variety of styling options, templates, layouts, themes, etc.

Internet users can be nasty and leave inappropriate comments unnecessarily. Such feedback and content may tarnish the image of your brand. Keeping this in mind, the plugin offers an advanced content moderation panel to its users. The users can remove any unwanted content from the widget and maintain the topmost quality content.

Furthermore, the users can analyze the performance of the Google review widget and get detailed insights into crucial information like engagement, likes, clicks, and overall impressions.

Lastly, the plugin is extremely easy to use and does not require any coding or technical skills to install and be fully functional.

This no-complex structured plugin offers a robust back support service to its users. If you ever come across any technical issues while using the platform, the team would be happy to help till the issue is resolved.

2. WP Product Review Lite

Another best review plugin for WordPress is the WP Product Review Lite and it is free of cost. This plugin enables you to collect and display your customer reviews in a readable format. To make the reviews more impactful, you have the option to add a Buy Now button below every review. This works well to tap into impulsive buying.

The colors and settings of the plugin can be changed as per the needs and requirements of the users since it is completely customizable.

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Other features include the ability to edit and change the color scheme of the reviews, create a pros and cons list for comparison, and much more.

3. Site Reviews

This plugin enables your users to leave their reviews and feedback on your website using the rating system. Site Reviews has a complex free and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, this plugin allows users to pin the high-rated reviews on the top of your website.

Additionally, the plugin requires the users to be logged into the website to leave a review on the website. The plugin has additional settings like a restore option and a backup option.

As a part of added functionality, the plugin also uses the re CAPTCHA when a user submits the review forms.

4. Reviews Plus

Another efficient plugin that allows you to display customer reviews on your website easily is Reviews Plus. The best part about the plugin is that it enables you to integrate the plugin with E-Commerce platforms like WooCommerce to aggregate reviews from that platform as well.

Overall, the plugin has a user-friendly interface and can be operated easily by beginners as well. Other functionalities include the ability to moderate the content, etc.

The reviews summary feature of the plugin is an added advantage that helps brands in boosting the SEO of the website.

5. WP Review

Another plugin that is exclusively free for WordPress users is the WP Review plugin. This plugin is extremely lightweight which makes it lightning fast. The users can customize the plugin exactly how they want and also have the option to add custom fields if required.

Even though the overall design of this plugin is quite simple and minimalistic, it can be made more interesting and appealing by changing the settings. The tabbed widget option of the plugin lets brands showcase the most popular reviews and highlight reviews as per their choice.

To make the reviews more vibrant, the users can give different colors to individual reviews.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, we are sure that you are now well familiar and all motivated to display customer reviews on your website.

A customer who is new to your brand would be apprehensive to try out your products. When you display the reviews of your customers, you instill faith and confidence in your customers to go ahead and purchase. This happens because you display social proof of your brand!

Now that you are aware of the best plugins, what are you waiting for now? Go on and build your brand’s reputation using the voice of your customers! If you have any confusion, then please write for us here.

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