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How To Change Google Pay Pin?

Google pay, popularly known as G pay, is the most frequently used payment app almost everywhere. It made a revolution among contactless payment methods. It is highly android friendly that supports all kinds of android gadgets. For users of Gpay, you must have complete knowledge of the app, and this page will guide you to gain an overview of google pay.

Google pay or Gpay

This payment app is a tool for the UPI payment process. It has collaborated features of google wallet and android pay, and so-termed with a unified name called google pay. The autofill features of chrome support the speed and make the users feel convenient. Gpay is an easy process of payment that is fast and secure. It provides an unimaginable amount of services and features in every simple payment process.

The payment and transaction process has been made so simple and updated with the services provided.

How To Change Google Pay Pin

Steps to change your Google Pay pin

The icon with your profile photo on the right corner is the place where you find the option for setting up your account.
You have to choose the privacy and security option within the settings.
And then move to the security option and select the mode of protection as per your wish.
When you find the forget pin option choose that and change your pin that is strong.

Ways to reset UPI pin in Google Pay

  • First Open Google Pay app on your phone.
  • Now, tap your photo In the top left corner.
  • After that select a bank account to reset the UPI pin.
  • Now tap on the Forgot UPI PIN option.
  • After that, you would have to enter the last 6 digits of your debit card number and the expiry date.
  • Now you can create a fresh or new UPI PIN.
  • Enter the OTP you get by SMS.

Technology services of Google Pay

For the complete service and advanced experience of the payment process, G pay mainly depends on technologies. The technology and the service provider as follows:

  • The Near- Field Communication technology NFC is used to convey details during the process of funds transfer. It is the main technology that gives you the experience of contactless payment in a secure way.
  • The point of sale terminal is the technology that provides you the service of including your credit and debit cards with google pay wallet, where you can access your funds linked with the payment UPI app.
  • Point of scale technology in google pay gives the most customized security during the payment process. It provides the security feature in contactless payment with two-factor authenticating. You can find options for both fingerprint and passcode.
  • In the technology of EMV, the concept of virtual account number makes sure the privacy of personal details like the card number. As a result of this technology, the retailer will receive just the payment code.
  • It also gives an interesting feature of find my device. That helps you in tracking your device at times when you missed it. This feature includes the technology of GPS accuracy.
  • The feature of the NFC reader in point of scale system gives you a set of options during payment or transaction. It allows operating the process by scanning or photo of the card, payment through the app, and manual inputs of the acceptor's card or account information.

User beneficial services

G pay system has been collaborated with many features due to its partnership and localization. That increases the opportunities for assessment of the app. Due to wide popularity among both the consumer and the retailer all-cash transaction has been minimized, and it is almost applicable in every retail spot. And this concept also brought the compulsion of tax payment which is highly appreciable for the nation's growth.

Usage of the app also includes the advantage of maintaining payment records by default. So the transaction records like time, location, the acceptor, and date of debit or credit from you are default maintained. It helps when you check and update your accounts without any manual effort.

It provides a platform for accessing some of the programs of other apps when it comes to travel, restaurants, funding, etc. It always refers to trustworthy places for spending and enjoying your money. The service of this feature is now extending towards job availability.

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Naturally, it promotes cashless transactions that ensure transaction security. It increases the concept of online banking, which is highly appreciable for busy people. You can even make regular expenditures like mobile recharge and bill payments through this app.

G pay can also guide the business for which you have a particular app called G pay business. It provides a financial guide for small-scale businesses. This service by the app is not much complicated and completes the process quickly. A simple verification and quick process are being followed for the initial enrollment.

Requirement for the app

To experience the features and services of the app, you should meet a few mandatory conditions that are said to be the requirement for the app. The first and common thing is to have an android device. Any funding accounts are needed to be maintained with the app, and the account must have the required amount for the transactions. The android device that you use must have a number that is operating, and that particular number must be linked with the source of funds.

Privacy and security steps

The icon with your profile photo on the right corner is the place where you find the option for setting up your account.
You have to choose the privacy and security option within the settings.
You have options to opt for your pin for your convenience, and it may be a fingerprint or pin.
Once you start to create your pin, make sure that it meets with the below points.

Creating a pin is one of the important processes to be done before you use the app. To ensure your secure transaction try to build a strong and unpredictable PIN for your google pay account. That pin you set must be highly confidential. Always confirm that your android device has a protection lock. If not, create one that protects the device from mishandling when it is separated from you. If you feel that the pin has been known by someone, change your pin without any delay with the following steps - 

  • First Open the Google Pay app on your phone.
  • Now tap your profile photo in the upper left corner.
  • After that select a bank account on the new page.
  • Select the bank account you wish to update from the list of possibilities.
  • After that choose Forgot UPI PIN option.
  • Enter your debit card number’s last six digits as well as the expiration date.
  • Now you can generate a new UPI PIN.
  • Now input the OTP that was sent to you through SMS.

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Bottom line

Protecting your fund resource is always in your hands, and it is important to learn the complete protection policy of every app and use it wisely. Make sure that your strength of the pin is good.

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