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5 Ways Contactless Hotel Software Can Improve Your Hotel Business Right Now

Technology continues to be a major disruptor in the hotel industry, providing opportunities for hotels to evaluate their business models and communication with guests. Contactless technology such as contactless hotel software (a hotel management software with comprehensive contactless features) is one of the latest innovations that will bring further changes to the hospitality industry.

The growth of mobile technology and online chat applications has led to a rise in the use of contactless hotel software technology. Hotel guests can now easily research, purchase, and plan trips without having to interact with anyone face-to-face. As more customers are used to automated, self-serve experiences in other sectors, hotels are finding that they must adopt the same approach to remain competitive. In a recent report by Medallia Zingle, “COVID-19 and the Future of Commerce,” based on a survey conducted in May 2020, it was found that 87% of consumers would like companies to continue offering online services that limit in-person interactions. And 77% of consumers said the level of in-person interaction would dictate what businesses they patronize going forward. 30% of those who agreed with this statement said it “greatly” influenced their decision.

Hotel Software

Why should hotels adopt contactless technology? And why is contactless a more efficient approach to meet the changing demands of guests? Let’s take a deep dive into how contactless technology is empowering businesses in the hospitality sector.

1- Gain Real-Time Customer Insights Using Contactless hotel management software

Contactless technology is not a new invention, but the Covid-19 pandemic has surely accelerated the widespread adoption of contactless solutions across a wide range of service sectors including hospitality. Nevertheless, for hotels, contactless is more than just a method to provide hygienic services; it's also a tremendous source for gathering real-time consumer feedback, which leads to offering better service and happier guests. After all, hotels have long depended on guest surveys, feedback forms, and, more recently, online reviews to evaluate how satisfied the guest is with their service. But, with Covid-19 aggravating the difficulty of guest communication, feedback is more valuable than ever.

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Today's contactless solutions provide significantly more immediate feedback data, allowing hotels to make up for shortfalls while the guest is still in the hotel. According to the "2019 Guest Service Report," 42% of respondents would return to a hotel if a negative experience was immediately handled and turned around into a positive one. Hotel management can easily ask visitors for input early in their stay via two-way messaging, highlighting possibilities for service recovery and enhancing post-stay happiness.

2- Guest Messaging Will Weave an Omnichannel Customer Journey

If the Covid-19 dilemma has a silver lining, it is that businesses have been forced to implement contactless services, which has allowed them to keep up with evolving customer expectations. However, contactless is also assisting hotels in improving the customer experience by allowing them to communicate with guests in a more seamless, reliable, and personalized manner during their stay.

Using guest messaging, contactless hotel software allows your staff to connect many of the different aspects of the hotel experience, such as check-in, concierge services, housekeeping, and room service. These messaging solutions make it easier to create consistent, personalized interactions that offer the best of online and offline hotel experiences.

3- Artificial Intelligence and Personalization Will Raise the Bar on Guest Experience

Hotels will need to find methods to elevate themselves and give a unique guest offering as contactless becomes a more widespread (and required) element of the travel experience. One option is to use the automation features of the contactless hotel software. Automation, when used strategically and thoughtfully, may minimise friction at many points throughout the visitor journey. And by incorporating artificial intelligence to further customise those interactions, hotels can do it in a way that would feel more human, assisting in elevating the customer experience.

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The more they use it, the more hoteliers are realizing that AI is enabling their personnel to simplify guest communication more intuitively. This frees them up to focus their time where it will have the greatest impact, elevating the most essential guest encounters so they receive the personal touch they deserve. And, most of all, this automation is a tool they can tailor to meet their own property needs, adjusting the amount of AI support and automation as needed. According to a 2019 survey from Starfleet Research and Oracle Hospitality, 86% of hotels believe AI enhances employee satisfaction too. Sounds like a win-win.

4- Contactless Hotel Software Will Allow Hoteliers to Implement the Highly Desired Contactless Guest Experience.

One of the most crucial and paradoxical advantages of contactless is that it allows hotels to continue to provide human-centered service. Contactless technology helps hotels optimize operations by combining automation and personalization, allowing them to focus on what is important- delighting guests. Some hotel functions that have always taken a long time, such as, check-in, responding to frequently asked questions, and more stand to gain from automation, allowing staff to focus on the tasks that truly earn guests' appreciation, such as the concierge, and other direct communications. This human-centered strategy also benefits hotel workers by allowing them to accomplish their duties safely during a period of greater uncertainty. And, as the infection risk posed by Covid-19 decreases in the future, contactless' function will continue to change, becoming not only more beneficial but also more personal.

5- Use of IoT to deliver an exceptional guest experience

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an important aspect of providing a personalised experience that meets the needs of guests.

For hotel room developments, IoT integrations are in high demand.

The following are some ideas of how hotels may use the Internet of Things to construct smart rooms that guests love.

  • Install smart light fixtures that offer light dimming, changing colors, and adjusting light temperature and hue.
  • Offer a digitized room service menu that your guests can access through the smart TV in the room or the hotel app. You can even save guest preferences for future visits.
  • Add smart thermostats in the room that allows visitors to customise their room's comfort level.
  • Digital water temperature sensors that provide visitors control over water temperatures according to what they like.
  • Motorized and automated window coverings that allow guests to regulate curtains, drapes, and shades with the touch of a button or an app.
  • Many people are already accustomed to having smart TVs in their living rooms, and having one in a contemporary smart hotel is virtually a prerequisite.

Hotel guests will undoubtedly be the first to experience these IoT-enabled smart devices when staying at world-class hotels as smart technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives.

Guests demand the most up-to-date technology, and they're eager to express this desire in surveys. In the meanwhile, contactless technology will assist hotels in achieving significantly better efficiency through simplified procedures. What counts most, though, is how hotel personnel are utilizing this technology to give excellent service and create lasting memories for guests. Above all else, guests will remember how well you treated them. Remember, contactless technology is an ally and an upgrade to customized service, allowing hotels to free up resources and focus on what matters most.

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